%65 done now

SO I just finished this months work... AND I must say my work is definitely is getting better as the film goes along... I think it will really show the advantage of making a film in sequential order...at least thats how I do it... its like NOW after doing over 1000 shots I have finally like figured it all out... like all the right settings for lights, materials, etc... So when I'm done with animation before COMP I'll go back and update and re-render the shots from early on that don't live up to the standards I have established now... thats also why I have comp'd anything yet because I knew that if I did that there would be a lot of wasted revisions and recomping and comp renders as I update the 3d renders...

I have DEFINITE deadlines for myself to FINAL the film... BUT I'll tweak and try to shine it up and as "perfect" as I can until that time comes... I know nothing is ever "perfect" but I believe you have to do your best to try to get to whatever your idea of greatness is...time/money constraints and deadlines withstanding...

Part of me just keeps working away with his head down toward the goal... the other part is anxious show off my new stuff ^ ^ BECAUSE it is so far beyond anything anyone has ever seen me do people probably won't believe I did let alone any one person ^ ^ BUT I have to curb that enthusiasm because if you start craving feedback and receiving it before the hard work is done it will affect your vision and ultimately your work ethic which I cannot and will not let happen.

I've tried really hard to be a professional in the way I work on this film... not let amateur mistakes slow me down and so far so good.... as I wrote about before in this blog I quit drinking because I know it would affect my work and it is just a cowards crutch the way I was using it... I looked the fear in the face and have dealt with it with no alcohol which is what a professional should do....  I've tried to be objective as possible with this film... not having a problem removing things I thought were lame or cliched after more consideration... getting over the fact that a film is not me showcasing shots I made or weird shit BUT a whole living breathing thing that I need to keep healthy by cutting all the fat off IF it is to survive in the wild on its own... I know I could get by making mediocre stuff saying "BUT I'm just one guy" I won't stand for that so I'm making a film a studio would be proud of and I'm pretty sure its working ^ ^

Its really odd when your making a film your constantly telling yourself "ok is this it??.... is this what I wanted?! IS THIS THE STUFF?!?!?" NOW if I didn't do the pre-production madness that I did... 40+ script revisions...40+ Storyboard revisions + 30 something animatic revsions.... than those questions would cause me to STOP production and like make sure that I'm doing the right thing... since I KNOW I squeezed the best film I could out of this thang on paper I trust my pre-pro and just execute on completing the shots...

NOW I still do re-storyboard every sequence AGAIN right before I animate it and I keep changing the script till its SHOT but they IS mostly minor changes....mostly omissions...

Its funny I saw some thread on some message board somewhere while image searching for "Scary faces" or something and it made me laugh because like even the "good guys" in HSM are more terrifying looking than the like "bad guys" in everything I see... I know its going to be a hard thing for a lot of people to get over... they'll miss the narrative cause they'll be going "LOOOK AT THAT FUCKING THING WHAT IS THAT?!?!"

The best way I can explain HSM is like this... So like you know there was that bad live action Silent Hill movie.... I love the games myself...but yeh the movie so like all the people in it are terrified of the freaky environments and creepy things right like thats the point of the film? People being scared of the freaky things... NOW imagine that same place BUT the characters pay no mind to the freaky shit..its just the place they live in and THERE IS A BIGGER BETTER STORY other than "OMG FREAKY STUFF LETS RUN FROM IT" going on in that world... I just use the world as the set for the film because thats all it is... Its liek that animated feature film 9 that I and everyone else who saw it forgot about it the next day cause it was so mediocre but anyway... they could have haD some cool story shit going on there but instead just decided to go for the WOW LETS LOOK AT THE COOL SETS and LETS RUN FROM THE THINGS IN THE SETS because apparently when making a mainstream film thats all you gotta do?

BUT I realize many people will not be able to get over the world, the style and the freaky shit in HSM but for those of you who want more its there... like a lot of it ^ ^

And thanks to all of you who have supported me... I hope to surpass your expectations as to what you think this weirdo has done with your hard earned donations ^ ^


  1. Massive post, and hats off to your approach in all of this. You've got more than passion and a crazy angle on things driving this, you've got a real sense of guts and sacrifice as well. Can't help but look up to that.

  2. I really LOoooooooVe the session magic practice #3 ^ ^
    SUPERRRRRRR! !!!!! yeeeaah..yeaah ^_^
    Heeey why have you stopped ???0_0

    0_0 your neighbors probably were dancing slow^ ^ ...the craziest thing ya know
    Believe M. or not...BUT I THINK^^ ! yeh actually I think^ ^ something about HSM.
    Yeh I was upset because of Reyori
    Please People dont use the Hypnosis!.. its not fun!...
    take care of your RNA..
    M. why didnt u warn me?-_-

  3. @16 bits
    i don't even know what i did o.0
    but i'm sorry i upset you (quite literally i have no idea whats going on)

    @m dots post and such
    I'm still not even done getting over WATS I've watched it so many times and try to imagine what each scene would look like through a view port
    where key frames were and all that
    i find doing that in any movie is fun ^_^

  4. Oh yeh and about blog^ ^ :
    ..Normal world..I think its normal not to react on something freaky..
    I can say..I see a little girl sitting on a hospital bed..eating her leg..
    her head wound round with a bloody rag ..and her dried blood holes instead of her eyes look at me..
    yeh she looks alittle freaky but..and what should I do, should I scream:"AAAHH!!!"? and how it ll help?
    ..now more I care what happend with her..cuz I dont know what is she doing here..but she doesnt talk..
    cuz she is eating her leg..
    after 3 nights she looks even natural^ ^..
    so more I care now of the philosophy of her appearance here..
    I see her 3 nights that's Reyori what u've done^ ^ its not a joke

  5. @Reyori/@16 bit

    Well I'm not sure I understand all of what you two are talking about..but from my point of view.

    It seems the problem is that Reyori said :Trollface: and 16bit thought it was a name directed at her. Is this correct?

    @Blog post
    So is it still looking like a 4 hour movie? It sounds like it's gonna be awesome! Just another thing for me to wait impatiently for! XD

  6. I really wish that 16 bit kills bunnys and reyori would take to e-mail!

    Seriously, M Dot's blog is not here for you to post your fights, or for the rest of us to sort out what the fight was about. It's about M Dot and the progress on his film, and it's a wonderful thing that he's sharing that with us.

    Don't screw it up!

  7. 65% and climbing.. im follwin the process.. and it always gets me juiced to get better at what im doin. cant wait till you reveal all this shit and let us see the behind the - behind the scenes.

  8. thats alot of work. be sure your backing up to multiple external drives....

  9. Congrats on stopping drinking, dude!! I stopped over a month ago for the same reason you did...

    Drinking is something that seems like it helps you, but it really only makes everything worse.

  10. Man, at the very unleashing of this film, around that time, heavens and earth shall be shaken. Like this is of cosmic proportions!!!

    This film could really deeply affect my life! And those of others! Bring it! Let's do it!..


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