So I wrote about Seth Godin's new book "Linchpin" a few weeks ago after I heard him interviewed on The Accidental Creative... and I must say after going through the whole thing WOW! Its like all the choices I made in life that everyone around me FOUGHT with me about and told me were wrong my whole life were apparently the best choices I could have made according to master marketeer all around awesome d00d Seth Godin.... YOU MUST read LINCHPIN!

 All this stuff I've been ranting about and dancing around in regard to being an artist and living in this current world full of backward thinking people... dis book is all about that... BUT he breaks down the history...the whys, the hows... people got like they are now... and WHY being an "artist"... is the best thing you could be doing right now in this changing world... BUT to survive you have to be a REMARKABLE artist... So yeh go checkout the book or audiobook I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE

Here's a SUPER informative and funny video by the author of Linchpin

If your like me after reading it you'll want to take it and SLAP THE FACE OF EVERY DRONE AROUND YOU WITH IT... for our whole lives they've tried to drag us into they hole with them because thats what they were programmed to do and thats ALL THEY KNOW and THEY ARE AFRAID to try anything else... So as they sink deeper into they various "crises" WE shall continue to move ahead... creating the new world WE WANT... their world and their frozen, molded hands may be crumbling... but our world and our reach is still just starting to grow and thrive reaching for a sun the drones... the sheep... cannot grasp... let alone see.


  1. Safe is risky!

    I think his post really exemplifies his "marketing curve".

  2. I'll have to check this out, I just finished 'The War of Art' the other day (read it through in one sitting) and that book hit the nail on the head... gotta read through that one again too...

  3. well
    i know what I'm ordering on my birthday ^_^

  4. Waiting for my copy to turn up in the post. Jumped on and ordered after you first mentioned it earlier on the blog, reaaaaaal keen to have a read of this.

    I think koalas run our postal service though. Slow, it is.

    mdotguru? \m/

  5. Watched the video and it was really interesting...I had been watching something else on youtube at the time but I got really caught up watching this! Thanks!

    I'll be lookin into this book methinks ^_^

  6. @16 bit sounds fun but my GF might get jealous XD
    i don;t even know if i could attend cinemas i live like 3 hours away from toronto and i think m dot's only showing it in Ottawa?

    @M dot are you going to be showing it in only Ottawa? i remember you saying it was really awesome there so are you taking HSM anywhere else?


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