Anyone a Logic or Sibelius expert?

So the composer for HSM...

Endika is writing and orchestrating the score right now... he's never used Sibelius before... he's doing his best to learn it but the manual is not so great... So he's writing the music on paper than transferring into Sibelius... He's having a hard time getting Sibelius to understand the timing of the music...

Then he's going to use Logic to record and mix all the music... If any of yall is like an expert with Sibelius and/or Logic and can help out Endika please contact him at Panthelion (at) gmail

I'm trying to help him as I'm doing my work but I don't understand all that fancy music stuff ^ ^ So I'm just like uhhhh.... lets get some tutorials ^ ^ So yeh we would appreciate any like expert help we could get! Thanks and Best!


  1. give it some ice cream that might make it cooperate ^_^

  2. Dang wish I knew about that stuff. If I find anything that may help then I'll let ya know!

  3. Put me in front of those programs and equipment and stuff right now and I useless. I'll be like totally stupid not knowing anything.. uughhh!!!.. *teh dr00lz*

  4. did you try seducing it?
    never know technology is wired
    my desktop went from missing one of the most important dll's required to run to magically running faster and better than ever before

  5. In case it helps...


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