Do what feels right or DIE

Hey hey I'm talking makin films here not real death... so "death" would be failing to complete it or making complete fail... It can be so confusing and GUT, FACE, and MIND wrenching to make a feature film... while like a good one... or maybe even a great one... there's so much crap out there about screenplay structure, pacing, story elements etc etc... that your always like WAIT am I doing this right? Does my film have what these "great" films have? WAIT AM I DOING THIS RIGHT?!?! ^ ^

There's a BILLION different ways you can go and there isn't ONE or even FIFTY rules for success meh thinks not... BUT if you DO follow all the rules you'll probably just end up making something safe and mediocre.... not bad but not great...ultimately forgettable... to me that is fail...

SO yeh after all teh madness and research and constant reevaluation and editing I have to say that you just need to do what feels right... the real films inside you are NOT going to be like other films IF you are being yourself and channeling your true individual into them... SO the only thing to do is DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT because your the only one that knows... your the only one... so trust yourself...

LIKE with HSM I'm always like THIS IS FUCKING CRAZY?! Its like comedy one moment then evil as FAWK the next then its like elegant, beautiful and graceful then its psycho WHILST always being in control as far as the ultimate narrative goes... there is no other film or formula I can compare it to so I just have to trust myself.... because if I try to force it into being something else it will fail...

Live by the strange... die by the strange says I....


  1. hahah sounds like something i want to say before i eat a meal now... "live by the strange... die by the strange... AMEN! let'ssss eat!" and ppl will look at me like -_-

  2. hey m dot do you use pyro cluster at all?
    cause I'm rendering this super short little thing where a bunch of pyro cluster fire spins around an emitter using the turbulence and attraction and rotation effector things
    and iso far it's taken 20 and a half hours of rendering and it's only on frame 217 out of 500 o.0
    so i was wondering if there was something else easier on the system to make fire lookin things
    (in c4d OBVIOUSLY lol)

  3. Kinda unrelated but I have a question, A render node is just an extra computer right? Cause I got a old winXp laptop and I was gonna see if I could turn it into a render node but I haven't the slightest clue how...Guess I can google it too ^__^

  4. Hey M dot, if you have a spare second (literally) it'd be amazing if you could something for my complilation of one-second-long chiptune/8bit/chipnoise tracks!!

    Full 'rules' etc at the link below but long story short send me 1 second of whatever to

    THANKS! ^_^

    (anyone else reading this feel free to take part too!)

  5. hey m dot when you have a few minuets

    mind helping me figure out this work station stuffs?
    anyone who reads this too i wouldn't mind help with putting it together

  6. @M Chim Chim Chimaneee!

    Glad bag, lols.

    That was awesome dood. You're so natural about everything you do.

    That mic is pretty sweets. I'll be doing some voice overs soon, do you recommend any semi-cheapy mics out there? Or would just like a headset suffice for decentness?

  7. Reyori,

    I usually get a lot of help with building computers on the tech power up forums:


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