The first music for HSM!

So as of yesterday I hadn't gone out and interacted with the outside world for about 10 days... I had to go to the bike shop to get a new rim... where I saw this awesome d00d and his amazing bike ^ ^

So I met up with Endika and went to his studio... he played me the temp version of like the first 10 minutes of the movie... we watched it along with a rough cut of the scenes... it was the first time I have heard any of it.... and it was AMAZING! He's not trying to make great "music for film" he's just making AMAZING music PERIOD! I was going to record a video or something with it BUT I realize his music is totally original and awesome and I wouldn't want some talentless hack to steal his melodies and shet before its released because THEY ARE GREAT seriously... I wouldn't go on and on about his music if I didn't think it was the best.... seriously... this score will be greatest music he has written yet and his first like serious classical he has written since college I believe... and I'M TELLING YOU THIS NOW.... as time passes his name and his music will be known by the world... its that GREAT.

Also as I was watching this temp version... there was no dialogue or sound design... only music and picture and it was SO ENGAGING with just that I was thinking about how great it works as a silent film... AND the music will help me cut my 4 hours or whatever down to 2...

I proB explained this before but the way we are working together is totally different than how a composer traditionally scores a film....

Traditionally the film is finished and the edit is locked.... this is given to the composer and he scores to picture... he is FORCED to make his music follow the structure and timing of the film... music has its own natural flow and this way is artificial... 

The way we're doing it is.... I gave him the script and all supporting imagery... we discussed and discussed... the philosophy, motivations, and emotions behind the characters, story, scenes etc.... So he knows exactly what I'm trying to do and what I'm after... THEN he writes music freely... allowing the music to be as it should be in its natural form...  well actually he took my script and made his own emotional sort of outline thing to guide his score... then he writes music for that... THEN he'll give me the music and I will edit the film to the music... allowing the music to guide the pacing etc...

NOW that requires a huge amount of trust on both parts... I have to trust that he is in sync with how I envisioned the film and he has to trust that I will NOT ask him to change the music after he has written it....

Making a film is a HUGE gamble anyway.... and I'm placing my bet that a dedicated and focused M dot Strange and a dedicated and focused Endika will come up with a BIG WIN! ^^ PLACE YER BETS!

Oh yeh he told in his research he came across a John Williams interview where he was talking about the original Star Wars series scores... Apparently George Lucas asked him to make something that sounded like "The Planets".... so Endika told me something like " Well instead of writing film music inspired by or emulating classical music... why now just write new classical music instead of a film score?" 

So I'm really excited to have a REAL GENIUS CLASSICAL COMPOSER writing the music ^ ^


  1. I already thought Endika really was an amazing composer! I love Jazz myself and when you posted those videos of his band playing, I was blown away! Best Jazz band I had heard in a long time!

    I can't wait to hear his work when the films done! It's gonna be win! ^_^

  2. i'm loving this more every time i read this blog ^_^

  3. its so beautiful when the two worlds unite in one giving rise to a new Universe ^. ^

  4. Man, I'm glad to hear Endika's music is coming along so well. And why not change the traditional relationship of filmmaker/composer? Everything else you do is non-traditional and creative. Wish I could have been there to see you guys watching the first 10.

  5. Don't you know Mdot, you gotta have proprietary equipment and like one bajillion dollars to make movie sound! lol.


  6. Interesting how do you explain Endika the inland worlds of characters
    really its the whole art to make that..huh..
    to put your own heart into someone's breast
    and make the heart beat.. really even through words I see that Endika is expert..if he caught 'your style' so good .. and gave depth to no matter to worry, he will not fail ^ ^...
    but actors 0_0 its something cool..HAHAHa..really people who make animation or something like that... DRAW them..
    Draw your actors^ ^

  7. since nobody else has said it i guess i will


  8. I'm loving the sound of this but not using Jimmy Urine and JT, JP?... would be a huge waste of talent.

    use their lines and keep up with the script a silent film is not what most of us are hoping for. go full music, sound, voices.

  9. @Gofio "Also as I was watching this temp version... there was no dialogue or sound design... only music and picture and it was SO ENGAGING with just that I was thinking about how great it works as a silent film..."

    Think he was just saying even as a silent film if it's that powerful imagine it with voice overs and ambience. At least I hope so. I remember watching tiny toons as a kid and I would always turn it off if it was a silent one.

    In a way WATS was quite nearly a silent film though, but maybe that's why a lot of people dismissed it, eh who knows. PEOPLE HAVE NO PATIENCE, INCLUDING ME LOL.

  10. @Sans

    Huh, I really liked how Wats used dialog. It seemed to be there when it was needed and all that! ^_^

  11. @drain Yeah, everyone's different.

    I just really like a lot of dialog otherwise I get bored. I like movies like Fargo and Clerks, cause I'm crazy like that. Nothing against Mdot's vision or anything, just how mah brain works!

    But I also enjoy horror and things like that, which don't really need a lot of dialogue, so I guess my logic is fail.

    I read and watch Mdot's stuff not because of WATS but more for his marketing, conversational, 3d and film making skills. I think WATS was just like a "scratching the surface, learn what this does, OOPS I broked this so let's try this" kind of thing and his future stuff will truly be amazing because WATS was just a learning experience.

    But I know a lot of you guys really love the film, and it's just my opinion, hope no one throws potatoes and rocks at me!

  12. @Sans

    Don't worry, no potatoes or rocks in my hand. :)

  13. @Drainage64 damn i wanted some potatoes :/

  14. @Reyori What for.. potatoes? o_O..TOMATOES!
    No ^ ^ no more hard artillery ^ ^
    @ Sans ^ ^
    U dont play much old games yeh? ^^ that's why u're not tired of 2 hours dialogues
    when u just push the button..push the button...^ ^
    Oh yeh there are films full of dialogues.. when the script is written by the genial books of 'someone'
    then the filmmaker doesnt know how to throw out the long chapters that he liked all his life..
    and what must I do? did he think about me? He think that I must read his book.. ok then he can
    go out to the light on stage and say : READ THIS BOOK... and put his finger on it
    ok why not there are a lot of interesting books in the world I can read some if he wants ^ ^
    but I like FIMS 0_0

    and why are u so worry all? 0_0 M. through the Necronomicon found the chapter opened the Hell's gates and now is resurecting Charlie Chaplin ..HSM ll no have sound at all only intertitles- where we ll read what is going on there^ ^ like in old films.. ^ ^
    You know him..dont u?.. how u all could think so?0_0

    Dont you all think before.. why in black-white " silent films" through only sound and motion pictureS
    but without colour and words and intertitles even
    we know whats going on ? ^ ^
    Dont u? ^^ ITS MAA _G __ I _C ^ ^

    M. wrote about TEMP version he 've seen.... just to say us how great magic works^ ^

    Now M. dont listen it..close ur ears ^ ^ for a minute
    u know @Sans about dialogues..first time I've seen WATS really believe me Sans..
    I was shocked : how sound works with picture..
    really shhh dont tell him^ ^ it was amazing for me.. I think he has
    absolute pitch.. good ears for music.. for me it was natural dialogue

    we have 5 sensors
    2 sensors are working+ brain when we watch films,
    but we have one feeling that help us to understand another person
    without words
    that feeling we use when we understand films

    so there can be many ways: many clever atmospheric dialogues... or not dialogues.. whatever
    so there are many films.. many visions.. and ways.. for each his cinema..
    just filmmaker is great when he force my 6th feeling working ^ ^
    and M. did

  15. WOW I understood something
    I was thinking ...
    "Traditionally the film is finished and the edit is locked.... this is given to the composer and he scores to picture... he is FORCED"
    M. gave Endika time and freedom
    so Endika become for HSM a real creator instead of other imitators
    and not much directors make that M. walked another way
    and this way helped Endika discover his talent
    GREAT! I think it ll be really NEW!
    Oh I think this music ll be amazing^_^
    Yeh...take my bet to BIG WIN plz. ^ ^

  16. @ Reyori
    How about to go to the cinema on HSM? ^ ^

    Reyori u knew that before!


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