A guD artist weirdo mantra

Half the difficulty of being an artist weirdo is keeping the flame of passion and individuality inside of you alive as usually most ALL around you in life will try to crush and extinguish it... I used to get beatdown by other peoples cynism and negativity when it came to the things I made BUT then I turned into a monster and used intimidation so they would keep they mouth shut... once you show people how SERIOUSLY you take it they won't fuck with you believe me...  think about it like this... in the end with your art YOU ARE ALONE... youre the one that has to GIVE IT LIFE... without you it is DEAD... so these people come up and try to poke at you and stab you... if you live or die they go on... they don't care... So you have to be ready to defend yourself and defend your art... now I realize most aren't as aggro as I am ^ ^ but this Hed Pe song popped up on my itunes and I thought these lyrics summed up being an artist and trying to do something different in a mediocre cynical mainstream...

See me
I'm still standing
I might be bleeding
But I'm still breathing
You might hate me
But you can't break me
I might be bleeding
But I'm still breathing

definitely felt like I was bleeding after what happened at Sundance in 07 but I was still breathing... they did hate me but they didn't break me ^ ^ "THEY" (yes M dot the eternal vague ephemeral "they") SHOULD OF KILLED ME WHEN THEY HAD TEH CHANCE MUAHAHAHHAHAAaaaa because now I'm a MONSTER out for REVENGE!!!! RAAARRRRRRRRR  ^_^ Cough.... back to werK.


  1. that coulg sounded kinnda bad....
    wanr some cuch drops? there lemon flavored! lololol
    i've always been weak at defending myelf and my art
    but i've been getting better ever since the youtube trolls left ^_^
    (i love trolls they make me laugh)

  2. Why would people even be taking stabs if they didn't see something in your art? Most crap doesn't get ridiculed, just ignored. Having people out right saying stuff may mean they are jealous or something like that....being stabbed at isn't even the worse thing. For if someone stabs, I can counter, if they slash, I can block, but if they ignore...what can I do?

    So let them come with their swords, I'll fight them one on one thousand!

    My art isn't where I want it to be yet and maybe I don't even know what my art is yet but I'd be an idiot to let other people stop me from my achieving my dreams and goals.

    Har har har...went a bit overboard there..but nothing wrong with that, you gotta do it once in a while lest you really go insane...or maybe it's the other way around..0_o

    I'm can't really agree with the "YOU ARE ALONE" part though...I'm sure I have another dude or three up there. XD

  3. @ Drainage "Do not fear for his safety, He will NOT FAIL" ^ ^

  4. At the press-conference with David Lynch
    The young girl gets up and asks:
    "Say please and who have killed Laura Palmer? "0_0
    A YEAR 2009...astronauts explored the space a long time ago..
    Lora Palmer like has been dead since 1990, its 19 years ago, it is the same she was dead 119 years ago
    for 119 years hasnt That GIRL time to figure it out besides that David showed it in film
    and the other question was
    "Did you like design of ur book?" OOO_OOO
    yeh really If I had the only one chance in my life to ask Fellini... I'd ask him about something like that.. HAHAHA
    OH NO people what do they care about????????

    If sheep get up and leave the cinema theater to take a shit in the toilet
    I think its good to wish them godspeed and a good time in the loo....

    and others ' ASS LICKERS' PLAYING GODS to decide who ll live and who ll die
    and their dirty drunken orgy S with 'someone's sonS' that now 'SUNS' of a FAMOUS DAD that now DEAD
    and dirty factory that produce clones "Parhelions" mock suns to the sheep's worshipS
    I WISH THEM to FALL into HELL..where they came FROM!!!!!!!
    M. go get them!!!!!!^ ^
    I believe in YOU

  5. M. I hope your personal will of the "winner" and ur Samurai Sword
    armed with the idea of love and carring chaos and death will SLASH 'THEM' in half..
    CUT them with ur sword! SLASH that fuckin' judges whose justice is not righteous and their hands are covered with blood of heroes and other victims CUZ Judgement DAY IS NEAR!
    So U' LL be......M SLASH[dot] ^_^
    cuz U RE a SLASHER a bit ^ ^
    and a BIT SLASHER
    M /.Strange ^ ^

  6. @16bit kills bunnys:

    Did I ever say I feared for his safety? Maybe you misunderstood my post somehow.

  7. @ Drainage it was from WATS^ ^ about safety^ ^
    ... Do what you must, and whether that will be!

    to find out what u must..u need to know..who you are..
    to find out who you are..look inside yourself...

    The force of enemy use against himself,
    be as flexible branch of sakura
    everything in this world is logic, find another way
    always be clever
    when a strong wind blowing in your face,do not stand, lie down in the grass
    do not answer with evil on evil
    or u'll be destroyed
    do not deny, accept
    and turn into a new way ...
    to grab a falling leaf with two fingers-
    Feel the leaf
    and u'll GET IT

    if u dont know how this all affect on audience -think about it...and u'll figure it out

    Riddles^ ^ I like riddles^ ^

  8. @16bit
    Well I'll certainly think over this riddle of yours then ^_^

  9. I've totally taken blows and whatever B$ for like before I have even made any art yet.

    I'm prepared in some sense for the opposition and foul judgement that may ensue, but I'll keep myself towards the road into training.

    It is quite exciting as it is nerve-wracking. I shall see to it that my obras (spanish for works?) be no less than soul-thrashing. I'm the guy that doesn't accept what is inadequate from my own self.

    In what ever way neccessary, I with other comrades shall charge against the authorities and the dark powers of this damn world and system! And we shall decree, all your base are belong to us! You are on your way to destruction!

    For great justice..


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