Hmmm revolutions and magic happen because teh advertising says so?

So like I've learned a little about marketing and advertising the past few years.... and like many other things when your learning you think TOO HARD about the solutions you come up with...which are TOO COMPLEX when usually the way to get your point across is like the simplest and most ridiculous thing... Most people DONT CARE about the details these days... they just want TEH WORLD promised to them at a price they don't have to feel too guilty about...

BUT even so... it still gives me a funny feeling when I see shet like this on Apple's site for the ipad
So ummm... its "revolutionary" and "magical" because ummm the maker of the product said so? Before it has been released? ummm yeh... YA see that... MAGICAL + REVOLUTIONARY + $499... APPLE I see what you did there...

SO why don't we all take a lesson from Apple and start talking about how magical and revolutionary the things we make are and how we are all amazing geniuses that can be bought for a reasonable price!

Part of this ploy is that the consumer believes he/she also will become a "magical" and "revolutionary" person for owning said product... Its very much like organized religion... GAWD(Apple) gave me this holy device(Ipad) which does like magic things(buys and watches shet) and it marks the start of a new religion ("revolution") I MEAN have you seen the PAIN and SUFFERING people have gone through to get they holy devices from GAWD?!?! OMG "LIL RICH BOY JOhnny in Palo Alto waited in line with his RICH WHITE DAD for 8 hours for they new Holy Device?!?!"  In case you don't live in the US and see this shet... all that apple "sacrifice" crap was on the FRONT PAGE of the "news"papers this week... like there isn't more important things going on in the world right now other than rich consumer whores buying tech toys?!?!? BUT ALAS this is the A_MERICA MEGA CORP and they are all faithful employees!!

This post was so magical it disappeared?!!? ^ ^


  1. Your last two posts have been attacking "the white peoples".

    I don't know the exact video but I remember you referring to yourself as "just some white dude".

    I've watched/read your stuff for a long ass time and don't really understand why you're attacking a specific race and whatnot.

    If you;re that poignant on singling out a race pick the jews lol. Who do you think makes all the decisions for viacom? Mr redstone! correct!

    Let me enlighten you: look up the rothschield family and tell me it's the "rich whites" making these shitty movies. The jews control the banks/media/movies/distribution.

    the IPad can burn and die along with all the fanbois that I see at coffee shops thinking they're some kind of "artist". Feel free not to publish this comment M it's mainly just directed at my favorite PR guy in the world!

    And I'm just "some white guy" so I guess I take offense cause I'm in no way rich and whatnot.

  2. @Sans yeh I realized I seemed to be singling "them" out... but what I really mean is what is commonly known as the "good ole boys club" which is usually wealthy older white guys BUT theres douchebags in every race ^ ^ The "ruling elite" yeh....

    FreeMasonry ( Inner and Outer Core)
    TEh Bilderbergers
    The CFR
    The Illuminati....etc etc...
    Secret Societies and controlling power structures
    Mind Control etc etc

    No need to enlighten me on those things ^ ^ I know a lot more than I share... I'm just waiting for the right time to show my true colors ^ ^... these posts are like tests to see who is out there...

    I'm a way bigger wacko than anyone knows ^ ^ I'm not talking William Cooper---> Alex Jones stuff... I'm WAAAY out there...well as it pertains to most people...

    I started reading the Matrix books when I was in high school after some odd occurences...

    These "things" were a part of my life way before that "Zeigeist" film brought it more into the mainstream...

    I spoke with the author of those Matrix Books(Which came before the MAtrix film btw) once on a radio show... what he said to me kind of set me off making the films I am making today....

    So I am VERY aware of whats really going on... I am a man of many masks I must say ^ ^

  3. It seems like "thinking for yourself" is a rare commodity in these parts. Everyone always copying off everyone else and trying to be "accepted". It's people like you that create the things those people end up trying to copy and emulate.

    Originality is far more important than what is "accepted". You might fail a few times but you can always know that what you made is completely derivative of your mind and not some other guy's imitation.

    You are truly an inspiration in every way.

    Also on a side note I find it really funny that on the "youtubes" there's all these clowns that make their videos with like 500 cuts like that defranco guy and the ijustine FAKE. then I see your videos and they're all like one take and you're just being honest and talking to your audience.


    Goodmidnight to you This is an invitation from the young american mystic cult of horrors. You shall enjoy being horrified
    Here is the solution and we called it THe IPAD...u can make it anything u want...
    and u may feel yourself changing from the gentle person you re a monster
    it is the best browsing experience u've ever had..u can manipulate with your fingers..
    long boney fingers clutching on the throats.... its unbelievable...phenomenal..incredible experience..its a dream..
    look in at your photos..u may change into a werewolf with long run far into the darkness to be in the company of others who walked in the night
    Amazing, incredible magic iLIFE in clean white digital worlD

    Dont be alarmed these are a friendly ones the only friendly things u'll feel during this night of terror..
    I leave u now in a trance of enjoyable hallucinations

  5. @Sans

    Thanks meh friend I'll keep doing my best... its good to know theres people like you out there that are aware of these things because I'm always talking about this stuff to blank faces in real life ^ ^ After HSM the film I'm going to make is ALL ABOUT THIS... its about people talking the world back... BECAUSE I believe skilled and dedicated individuals banding together can do anything in todays world.

    @ 16 bit killa

    0_0 Sank you for teh hallucinations as always N! ^ ^

  6. @ M.^^ I got u right that minute I saw new post, just while I was writting my mini-presentation of new teh solutions of Mr.Jobs and other 'X-men' with mind control and our self-hypnoses^ ^ like that shit happens now, I was late, u've wrote about it to Sans^ ^

    @Sans yeh ya know M. is not only honest, he is The Coolest dOOd in the World^ ^

  7. I can see clearly now, Steve Jobs really is an X-man. It makes perfect sense.

    ...But his tricks only work on like sheepish people and the like.

    bunny killah is a closet genius fer sures.

  8. i always ahted mac cause of the way it operates
    i don't like it it's all too flashy
    and that you cant really play games
    and there like 9,999$ to buy one computer
    i'd buy stuff like that but i don;t know how to vring up the IRL cheat window...
    hmm mabey it's ctrl shift c..... ill find out eventualy

  9. Mdot i totally agree with you, mac is becoming the upper part of the mainstream and you are not cool only because you have one. I guess im not really into the fanboy thing at all, although google has been winning me over lately...

    Any way wtf are you doing pissing of all the mac fanboys anyway? While i realize and respect that you will not outwhore your film, with mainstream pr tricks. Not wanting to leak all the cool stuff before the realease, because you want people to get the full experience and all. But by pissing off mac fanboys you are alienating a large percentage of your fanbase. As you said yourself its a religion. And maybe you should lay low on jewish conspiracies as well, for that matter.

    Im not saying you need to become tame like the rest of the industry and suck up to everyone, but this is just anti pr. Im studying Chinese (and mannagement) and i have traveled all over Asia, because i fucking love traveling, but I dont know if you saw the movie "Into the wild"? The guy in it takes traveling and exploring to the max and dies of hunger in the end. He was in his twenties and therefore will never see as much as the world as I will get to.

    This is what happens if you totally detach yourself from reality and forget that some neccesarities are inescapable. Not saying you will die from hunger, but you need your fanbase, because whether you like it or not, you have to buy computer stuff from time to time and we all buy your dvd(s) (the s is for later) and donate when you need it and stuff.

    Now all this being said, i have read your blog since i saw WATS at the youtube "premiere", i have been looking forward to HSM all the time since then and you are my personal hero for all the sacrifices you have made and for being so fucking hardcore, so please take these 50 cents as a friendly advice or feel free to ignore if you dont want them, but dont hate me :P

  10. @Stefan

    I clicked publish for your comment but it didn't appear 0_0 I don't know what happened to it?! But hey thanks d00d for your continued mega support.... Well all I've ever done is been honest and spoke my mind...and I'm still doing that... now I'm not joining any "conspiracy theories" or anything or hating any particular people... I'm aware of many ideas and theories that most people would consider "conspiracy" BUT I am not saying I myself follow any of them and they ideologies... I'm just a d00d thats into a lot of different things and I will never be a part of any group thought... I know a fair amount about things in the "light" and the "dark"... a fair amount from both sides of a number of issues so I am able to converse with a number of parties whether they are polarized and partisan or rogue wackos like myself ^ ^ I could have a good conversation with the "devil" if I had too I'm familiar with "black magick", its various principles and philosophies but does that make me a devil? ^ ^ Just because I'm familiar with a certain "conspiracy" that does not mean I embrace it in my worldview or consider it true or false etc...

    Thanks for your concern Stefan! Best to you!

  11. Knowledge doesn't make neither evil nor good. It's the use of knowledge the defines the morality.

  12. Also just a thought..Why wait for the right time to show your true colors? Why hide them at all? I would never think there is a right time to hide your true self...but whatev, just me rambling out loud TEXT again. XD


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