An idea about sharing teh one man army 3d knowledge....

So as I'm already past the halfway mark on the film... DONT WORRY I'm still working away and not just posting CRAZY stuff on this blog ^ ^ I'm a little worried that I won't have time to make all the tutorials and the like to share the process with you.... as I haven't had the time to make video tutorials, work on teh "book" much OR do my radio show at all... SO I got an idea to combine all that stuff...

What if when I start publicizing the film... I start a regular live video show like on Ustream with Ustream Producer? Where I can show you my desktop... so live video tutorials or sharing whatever people want to know... the producer app lets you switch between the desktop and the webcam... I watch a Cinema 4d live show like that and its great.... because you know there SO MANY things that can be discussed... but like if I did it that way... Someone could ask..."How to you animate a swordfight?" Then I could simply pop into Cinema 4d and show you exactly how its done and answer all pertinent questions at teh same time.... So it would be like a live M dot Film Skool type thing and whatever I know and have on my computer we can discuss and I can share with you?

I'm thinking it could be a pretty suiTE thing? I haven't seen anything like it with someone who does all the things I do the way I do so I think it would be a good free service for the world of one man army 3d animators/filmmakers like myself eh?

I'm also going to give out fully rigged models and motion clips and a bunch of other stuff I have planned so people will be able to follow along at home.... hmmmm it will be like a free animation mentor class geared toward DIY filmmaking BUT taught by an unprofessional animator BUT professional weirdo ^ ^

LEt me know yer thoughts and if you have some ideas about what I should try let meh know!


  1. That sounds like a good idea, and something I'd definitely be interested in watching. Just make sure that you also record all of the shows for later viewing, because I know lots of people would like to see you work, but may not be able to arrange their schedule to view it live.


  2. yeah man,
    That would be awesome!

  3. Sounds like it would be pretty sweet, mdot. Would you also archive the Ustream thing somewhere, as well as being live?

    (Of course, that crazy Bill Plympton beat you to the whole "let people on the internet watch you animate" thing. :) )

  4. That sounds like an awesome idea, but what about the radio show? What about the epicly awesome conversations which we conversed???

  5. Yeah that would be awesome and very informaitive M-Dot. I agree with Duffy you should record the screencast too. That way us on the East Coast can watch it later :-P

  6. dude teacho man tht'd be sweet. to me yer more professional than the so called professionals since u know how to do everything.

  7. That'll be totally dayum! I'll be y0or loyal pupil MdotS! DAMAGE OVER TIIIIIIMMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ill jump on board with this.

    I had a really bad experience in a 3D animation MAYA seminar, maybe this will be better.

    You always seemed nicer then those teachers. They were mean.

    With this, i may be able to learn at my own pace.


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