If your not down with the IRON SKY crew you should be!

These d00ds from Finland are the preeminent "internet filmmakers" they were doing stuff that didn't become buzzwords in Wired magazine till years later....I met Timo Vuorensola director of "Star Wreck" and the upcoming "Iron Sky" at SXSW in 2008...

I almost met the awesome Brian Chirls at that SXSW too... Sup Brian! He was the guy that was teh tech genius behind all the FOur Eyed Monster theatrical mappings and all that.... he just launched a new site called CrowdControls which opens it up for everyone else and features IRON SKY as one of the projects.....back to teh Iron Sky d00ds.....
We got to hang out again at one of the great Power to the Pixel events in London in 08....I've never met Samuli who is the hardcore 3d guy behind Star Wreck but his story certainly inspired me to do what I do.... You can follow the making of they new film "Iron Sky" on they youtube channel the behind the scenes stuff is really well done and informative... those d00ds from Finland are way ahead of the game... they were the first to crowdsource they production and put the whole thing online for free...

So with they new film I think they got a couple million euro's budget and are doing a Finnish/German co-production.... its great to see them with these other people working FOR THEM ^ ^


  1. OMK ! OH Mein Kampf ^ ^
    They are coming BACK 2018 hahaha
    WHERE? O_O hahaha on EARTH?
    from the moon? they have not much time to ' 2012 '^ ^
    I think the dead Hitler must Hurry UP to return
    if only maniac NECROMANCER ll find him on the MOOn^ ^

    Oh no they wont
    because we stole the plans and engineering drawings of aircrafts
    and redraw them

    Really interesting how the troops of anti-aircraft defence
    let them cross the air space^_^
    Compression the spaceO_O
    then where did they find the generator for such energy on Earth
    from the fat of Antarctic seals?
    then why I see they fly in film?
    + stealth tech o_O that time ...yeh only if alien his father

    interesting how Moon satellites and probes did not detect such a gigantic colony of NSDAP,
    OR are they sitting under the moon too, as they were sitting under the Earth since 1939?O_O

    Animation iS HQ-level(:

    good film I liked^__^ seriously

  2. @16 bit KILLs Bunny S

    "then where did they find the generator for such energy on Earth"

    Well if this was actually true, ( which it well could have been ) They could have used Nikola Tesla's Invention I forget what it was called, but it could take energy from space itself using an antennae and then turn it into electrical energy,

    "+ stealth tech o_O that time ...yeh only if alien his father" Stealth technology was actually coming into play during the late fourties early fifties and was used alot in the 60s-70s period of the cold war so it is Plausible.

    "interesting how Moon satellites and probes did not detect such a gigantic colony of NSDAP,"
    living underground with vents is not impossible plus it could be spread across in different craters of the moon and most probes and sattelites dont pay close attention to them or completely inspect them.

    I feel like a conspiracy Theorist.. Maybe I am, whatever.
    But I think this is Very Plausible.

  3. i'll work for you in exchange for the dded to stopmo city ;D lol

  4. This looks great, cheers for posting. It puzzles me as to why they'd be using a motor bike on the moon when they have space ships.

  5. @ManamoPrime

    Hitler sailed to Argentina in the U-boats
    Thats why, Nazi bases have been in the Antarctica^ ^ too

    NO ^ ^ he didnt but he wanted^ ^
    Really he is DEAD now
    his jaw ve been found with fangs

    about "living" under the Moon it was a joke
    Im kidding so ^ ^always

    but interesting ...On the Moon is deep vacuum..
    how they breath there? Really Doctors of Third Reich were geniuses^ ^
    They cloned new organs in 45 ?^ ^

    ...about generators
    I know really that such energy there is in space yeh
    I know a little more about it^ ^ and about secret experiments
    that's why I said "on the Earth"

    about stealth yeh I know early 50th better 60th
    but the movie in 45th, they were so well developed? o_O

  6. to live under the Earth we can take oxygen from the surface
    to live under the Moon...hmm...there is no oxygen on the moon
    where.. vents?
    there is vacuum!
    but if they built a gigantic bio-station, even below the Moon
    its signal would be detected even on Earth
    if it were so easy as in movie we'd already lived in 2300 why the 300 is a secret ^ ^

    Oh I wish we could all sit now near in the REAL cinema theatre on the premiere of HSM^_^

  7. @ManamoPrime
    but on NASA think that Moon have water
    through virtual reality suits
    Robtos-avatars are now going to explore it
    Nazis ll not relax there^ ^

  8. Wll 16bkbs ( Im lazy ^ ^ ) When I said vents I meant an intricate contraption that consisted of an airlock a huge plastic or steel tube leading to the surface and another airlock first when all the oxygen was used up underground the air would be expelled into an airlock, ( on the ground ) whilst oxygen is pumped into the room, ( as we all know oxygen is lighter than Co2 so the Co2 would go through the airlock before the oxygen and it would be easy to stop the flow of air at that point ) The room would be fitted with a oxygen meter ( Because if they actually had Space technology they would obviously have oxygen recognition technology ) once it reached a high enough level the airlock would shut off and the second airlock would open expelling Co2 into a vaccum, now the Oxygen would be created using seawater and electronic stimulus would Split the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms in the ever abundant Sea water, ( It dosent seem impossible for somebody with a spacecraft to land every few days suck a few thousand gallons of water up and fly back ) or there are many other ways of obtaining oxygen,

    I know I sounded like somebody who hadnt taken Simple 7th grade Science but that is not true.

    and I mean if they had spacecrafts they must have Stealth Technology?

    another point nikola teslas invention harnessing the electricity from space, the antennae dosent have to actually be in space just in the atmosphere

    If this was true, ( which it still may have been I mean c'mon the Nazi's were doing experiments on stuff we did'nt start until the 60's ) Then its relatively possible.

    Another is a Huge underground Greenhouse type building with thousands of Co2 Consuming Plants, with that amount the expulsion of oxygen and intake of Co2 Vents would not be needed.

  9. @SyneRRR ^ ^
    dont try to catch me on mistakes..^ ^
    Stealth Technology I mean for...troops of anti-aircraft defence..radars d detect them if they try to cross the air-space ..imagine now with their UFO'S they couldnt compress the space that time..cuz they didnt find the 4Th dimension...+superHUGE magnetic field+ 3-phase microwave generator on 120' for ex. and new materials to make speed close to the speed of light ..about what antigravity we can talk if Hitler's pilot Hannah Raycho came for him for his escape from Berlin to bases in Antarctica on usual air-plane

    If Hitler was an occultist and worship the moon it doesnt mean that he flew on it

    but Im trying now to find about Nikola Tesla's Invention cuz I dont know what human way for that

    only another^ ^

    but I like to talk with u very^_^


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