Its time to PWN and tech spider weBS

So I did my calculations for the past month... I did 190 shots in March... after doing 195 in February...  I was only scheduled to do 150 in March so I did 50 of the shots from April... after looking at the next few months I think I'll be able to save a whole month of time... Based on my projections I'll be able to do all of April and May's work in April... I'll shoot for that as my goal so that even if I take twice as long it puts me back on the original schedule ^ ^

The reason I want to work so fast other than to challenge myself is that because something tells me that rendering the final composited shots out of After Effects is going to take a long time... right now I have a month of time budgeted for that but since After Effects CS4 renders these 32bpc comps with 1920x802 Exr sequence so SLOWLY I think I should budget in two months of time for teh SLOW renders... I haven't even done the math but meh thinks its going to take some time to render 1600+ shots....

NOW Adobe has announced that After Effects CS5 will be out in a few weeks and its supposed to be 64bit and like twice as FAST.... BUT you need enough ram to does that... right now my workstation has 8gb of ram and thats NOT EVEN ENOUGH to properly run CS4 multproC renders will all 4 cores... I have to turn a core off or it gets out of memory errors and its still slow 0_o Since this lil i7 box only has 4 dimm slots and they are filled with 2gb dimm's I'd have to buy 4x4gb dimms to give it 16gb of ram which right now costs like $800 0_0 Option #2 would be to take the render server which WAS my workstation... its a 2 gen old Xeon with 8 physical has tons of dimm slots and it would cost $300 to give it 16gb.... BUT since it has 8 cores to properly use them all with AE I would need upwards of 24gb of ram 0_0 which would be about $600....

These are the things that are constantly running through your mind... well my producer mind at least.... THEN I have to be realistic and know that the render server will still be busy rendering fixed and added 3d shots... So I'm back with the i7 with 4 dimm slots.... TIME MONEY TIME MONEY.... if I didn't care about either it wouldnt be so bad ^ ^ Well if you don't have the money you have to wait takes more time... BUT I really want to TOTALLY finish this film THIS YEAR hence the constant calculation and research for both workflow and hardware considerations... So thats why I want to finish animation earlier to make more time for rendering the comps...

ACTUALLY I could research network rendering with After Effects again.... I was doing it years ago but then it was so buggy and problematic with After Effects 7 I abandoned it... that would solve problems as I could use my 3d render nodes to chew on After Effects renders as well... anyone used Network rendering in Cs4? I know it can only render sequences but I'm sure there's an automated way to make the sequences mov's

PART of the problem is that After Effects has become BLOATED and slow.... I was messing with the Nuke trial on this 2006 busted up MAcbook Pro with 2gb ram and I was able to work FASTER with the same comps on this OLD thang than I can with After Effects on my 3.4ghz i7 with 8gb ram!?!? BUT maybe thats why Nuke costs $3,500 0_0 BUT alas Cinema 4d can't export its lights and cams to Nuke nor does it render Multichannel EXR's so like yeh....

The pretentious artist in me wants to ignore all this tech shet BUT if I don't care of it the artist will have problems creating.... now to re-assess my drive space/backup strategy.... FUN to do on my 1.5 day VACATION!!! ^ ^


  1. you know by the time your getting to that after effects render stage you might have some money from that adsense stuff AND
    with a few donations you might be able to do CS5
    i seen a vid for photoshop CS5 where they took whole tree's out of a scene with one tool o.0
    CS5 looks pretty crazy butt hat got me off topic
    the time you get there you just might have some money built up in adsense for it and with a few donations you could have the 600 - 800$ needed
    but i suppose i'm forgetting the calculation added in fro CS5

    well you might be able to we'll always be here to help to help you make the best film possible
    because we want too see your best film possible ^_^

  2. If you're resources are shared in one central location, you can just do multi-machine renders from after effects. Just turn on 'skip existing files' since I assume you are rendering sequences.

    Adobe roughly explains this here


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