Re:Music and dialogue + a good CHIP

I saw a few questions/comments about the music and dialogue...

About a silent film... I wasn't saying I was going to make it a silent film...I was just noting that it worked as one... ALSO we have some big surprises in store for you if you think I will not be utilizing the voice actors in the film... ACTUALLY its quite the opposite... I made sure to let Endika know that JP is an awesome vocalist and that I wanted to utilize his death metal growl in the film... SO he integrated some of the dialogue into the score to be SUNG by the actors... OH YEH two of the voice actors are like professional Opera singers and stuff whom Endika went to college with.... so think about that ^ ^

About dialogue... I always believed "true" animation or filmmaking actually wasn't about the dialogue... in life... like in film I believe in SHOWING not TELLING so I NEVER like tried to make dialogue shine... I hate talky films myself... I can't stand anything made by directors like Kevin Smith... its all BLAH BLAH to me... I want to SEE IT not HEAR IT... If you turn the sound off... its just peoples mouths moving up and down... thats not compelling or interesting to me... I guess I'm more about the Japanese aesthetic... only talk when you have something to say.... BUT "Heart String Marionette" is in no way lacking dialogue.... it has about as much dialogue as a normal film... AND for the FIRST TIME I actually stressed the dialogue and like I must say when I try I'm pretty good at it ^ ^ So in that you'll see another side to Uberector M dot.... yeh I can do dialogue... awesome hilarious dialogue actually... I just never wanted too... but in HSM I have... AND I use it in a way that I haven't seen it used very often in film....

I'm the type of person that goes to extremes to prove a point... people said about WATS "It has no story" So I'm like ok YOU WANT A STORY?! So with HSM the narrative is so intertwined and complex only the the most insightful will be able to put it together ^ ^ So the people that said there was "no story" will now say "There's too much story" haha... again the ignanT assume something does not exist for the simple fact that they are unable to perceive it...even though others can....

People said "There's no dialogue"... yes it was very sparse on purpose... SO NOW with HSM... of course I have to prove to the ignanT that there was no dialogue for a reason and its not because I can't do it its because I didn't want too ^ ^ M dot the consumate childish rebel that he is eh ^ ^

SO because of me and my chip on my shoulder your going to get an epic film with amazing visuals, amazing music, an awesome mind bending story and pwning dialogue performed by WIN voice actors ^ ^ AND OF COURSE everything is original and its strange and there's FUCKED monsters and fight scenes and suspense and horror and comedy and WTF galore ^ ^

So I believe the best thing to do with criticism is too become great in the criticized areas and throw it in the FACE of those that doubted you ^ ^ You don't get down on yourself you get mad... and you use that fire to fuel you to work harder, get better, improve in every way....

Here's a relevant quote from Edward Gordon Craig in "On the Art of the Theatre"

"Too early criticism breaks the young actor who would be an artist as far as possible, and causes him to be a traitor to the art which he loves. Beware of this... Receive your bad criticism with a good grace and with the knowledge that with patience and with pride you can outlive and out distance all around you"

 So if criticism strikes you in the heart... take that dagger and DO NOT STAB YOURSELF... because that will cause you to hate your art...hate yourself.... instead work hard... learn how to wield the dagger yourself and throw back into the FACE of who threw it at you... much like Jack Burton does in Big Trouble Little China...

So yeP thats pretty much the answer to the problem ^ ^


  1. Big Trouble in Little China?!

    I love that movie! XD

    You're totally right! You can't let weak points get you down, Those are the exact areas you gotta improve on!

    I used to be bad at drawing....really bad. I had a best friend who was awesome at drawing stuff. I stayed with it though and now I'm better then him! All I wanted was to just get as good as him too! XD

    I never understood what was up with people saying Wats had no story. I definitely thought there was a story and I didn't think it was that hard to grasp either..Maybe people got to wrapped up in all the visual madness? Idk

  2. Good post M.

    And Kevin Smith movies do suck, I just liked Clerks cause it was about a convenience store and I like things like that. I enjoy movies like "Waiting..." and Clerks, probably because where I live it's hard to find a job that's not in the fast food/gas station business when you're 16. So I guess it resonates home.

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  4. @Drainage64.. about stories..In my life I was faced with a similar shit about films
    they think just when they see simbols like
    one million letters written on 300 papers than for them it has 'weight'..
    to make books from your films ^ ^

    but when the things came up to feel.. to find out.. something in art
    on this way they do not have pointers.. which ll say them for sure---> this way!
    so they stand in dark and say..:" Hey there is nothing here.. we must like turn back from here"

    Blind people dont see anything and they say "there is nothing".. and if they touch they ll feel
    this way they ll understand what is it

    I was playing in "Path" some time ago its ART-Game and I see many philosophy in it
    just it looks like a game
    and what comments I read after it was funny all
    like that: " What is it?"
    "what for did they make it?"...
    and one good comment:" If u dont see anything there, be clever dont show that u re so stupid" ^ ^

  5. and 'someone' ll have a knife in his head ^ ^
    Please stand up ^ ^

  6. @16bit This game, the path. Is it the game with girls who are in the woods? Kinda based off Red riding hood? I think I have heard of it but I have yet to play to it!

  7. @ Drainage64 yes ^_^
    its indie-game
    6 sisters go through woods with no PATH ^ ^
    and they must all die... do they have another path? all this game u trying to understand it^ ^
    and each has her own 'wolf'.. sort of thing that killed her
    because of her mistake... but could she not to make that mistake if she is just who she is^ ^

    at the end of the game I opened all philosophy of many things

    and it has a great philosophy
    through such words as:" little things move fast , now u see me , now not.."
    and other interesting things

  8. Unrelated: hey mdot, here's your daily dose of wierdness...

  9. criticism..
    At worst criticism bases on meanings"I like " "I dont like"
    and its the PATh for whole art..cuz its art
    I still now thinking about words of Drainage64
    "but if they ignore...what can I do?"
    ... yeah it was so right...
    I never had such problems cuz Im anarchist in art ^ ^
    When more than 3 persons told me what to do^^ oops.. they'll never see it ever ^ ^
    So they like become angry^ ^
    In audience ll be always 2or 3 some 'smart' donkeys.. dont u believe?! U can touch their ears they are long^ ^
    words from the PATH:
    "A scarecrow..and no birds..
    Wish I had one like that to keep me from idiots" ^ ^

    I didnt know before that he likes to prove something 0_0 ^ ^
    But M. "our only hope" ^ ^ taught me the main thing and maybe he doesnt know this^ ^
    and I dont know myself how it' ve happend.. but he helped me to find the PATH through the woods^ ^
    You know what.... not to fear in the dark^ ^ So Im like adult now^_^
    when the forest is endless and constantly generated I know what to do...
    and the same thing I did in "PATH" 0_0 to come out from the forest ^_^

  10. @ Reyori
    dont u know what to do? ^ ^
    I have a plan xD...
    I need to ask M. ll he like that idea?! ^_^
    ll HE be with us?

    existing underground, unseen by anyone, we support the tree of life!!!

  11. LOL love the clip included with this blog hahahah really drove the point home hahah awesome ^_^

  12. People think WATS had no story? They need to learn what subtext is.

    Post your new movie trailer on youtube dude!


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