Fun FUn fuuuuuuu... ummm.... stuff

So at the end of every month I do the FUN stuff 0_o which is backing up all the files to jes as someone asked in the comments to multiple external drives... The project files are stored in they entirety in 3 different places... 2 internal drives, one external.... and the renders are on 2 different int and one ext...

I also have to organize all the shots and import them into After Effects projects prepping for the later comp phase.. and I render out the proxy mov's for the offline edit...

Something that is fun that I do at the end of the month to is to re-storyboard the sequences that I will be animating that coming month... then if there are any new things added in the board I model/create those thanGS... there's actually quite a few things for this coming month so after todays backup/proxy stuff is done... tomorrow... I will model all that new stuff then record all the scratch dialogue tracks for that sequence and then start work the following day... So its not really time off BUT its the only few days of the month that I like go outside and like go to the cafe and brainstorm or storyboard...

So for these few days I do this MONOTONOUS work till about midnight then mess with music till like 5-6am...

Endika's workin away on the score... i talk to him proB like once a week... we both know we are on the same page and that things are going to pwn when we put them to together so we just keep working on our own thangs....

There's been a few tech mistakes in these shots like there always is 0_0 but just a few and easy to fix so they are rendering now... for some reason SPD was switched off on a few shots that needed it... and there was on IK pop on one... one 3 others a gobo I made that used a compositing tag to exclude it from the render somehow was still in the depth pass even though it wasn't in the rgba I had to delete it and render the depth pass only... but yeh as long as I can fix it all in the same day its not a big deal...

BUT like I've whined about before theres 2 sequences from early in the film that I have to go back and fix like... all the shots... like 150... thats going to be FUUUUUNNN... BUT being a professional I understand it can't all be fun... and there's no one else thats going to do it for me even if I whine A LOT haha so I try to put on an interesting audiobook or podcast and just work away...


  1. Well I know that I'm really tired..and seeing as you've probably had a much more busy day then me, I think it's safe to say you're tired..

    So from one tired guy to another. Hope you have a good night!

    Your dedication to your work is much appreciated by me! ^__^

  2. I almost suicide when one of my harddrives die with an entire short animation on it...
    backup, backup,and backup

  3. I'd do it for yeh m dot
    it just wouldn't be at your speed or anywhere near as awesome XD
    When I'm in that schedule I'm saving a day like Saturday or Sunday to have fun play some video games have a break or something
    or just do what i love doing
    clicking random things in C4D ^_^

  4. even after ur dead tired, what keeps u going, to keep goin that extra couple hours? i work 9-5.. then come home n work 9-12.. maybe even till 2, thats if im feelin it. i wish i had more of a disciplined schedule.. but damn.. how do you go till 5-6am?!

  5. @Ra I dont know man I get really tired sometimes too... have fallen asleep at my workstation more than once... Its just the work that needs to be done eats at me and if I dont do it I cant sleep or do anything else really... I know how much I have to do everyday and I just keep lurching forward like the terminator till its done then I can sleep good... if I'm messin with music or some other madness I can only say I must be possessed by teh devil er some shit ^ ^


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