In it for the long run...SPRINT TILL YOU PUKE! 0_o

I think one of the most difficult things to do when your working on a huge project by yourself is to maintain a healthy, productive working pace... You want to work as hard and as fast as you possibly can BUT when you work too hard for too long with no breaks in concentration or even breaks to go anywhere else but the park at 5am to run every morning for two weeks you start to get sick... for me I get headaches, dizziness and nausea like I have right now 0_o

You have to constantly remind yourself that your in it for the LONG HAUL... TRY to lose sight of the end.... because if you focus on it you might start sprinting too soon and run out of gas before the finish line... now the end of the film should be the best so that would be failing very much so... BUT its usually thinking of the END that motivates you "OMG WHEN THIS IS FINISHED?!?" etc.... So you need those thoughts to stay motivated BUT if they get out of hand you work too hard and make yourself sick... at least this is what happens to me...

Its tough because NOW I'm about %80 done... so I CAN SEE THE FINISH LINE.... BUT I have to take a deep breath and remember to keep the steady pace that gotten me here... also with the end COMES tons more technical issues and questions to be solved so my brain starts thinking about online/offline workflows.... video codecs for the master version... when to make the 16.9 version from the 2.39 master... how many more hard drives am I going to need before its done?... best way to configure my systems for compositing/editing? How I'm going to set black levels... what monitor/method of color correction to make sure my levels are where they should be.... THEN come all the release/distribution thoughts... How am I going to release it? Am I going to do festivals which ones? What about the explorable 3d environments? What about the "book"? What about web stuff?! What WHAT WHAT... So as you can see there's over 9000 things that can drive you nuts after the film  is done AND as you know...making the film is MAYBE the easy part today... the DIFFICULT part is getting it seen and the EVEN MORE difficult part is making enough money from it to make another one and survive... BUT I love making my films so I deal with the pain and all that.... + I'm a masochist ^ ^

So all that stuff in my head+work+ no break makes me PUKE... well at least I'm better than when I was working on "We are the Strange" I broke down into tears a few times during that one as I lacked the mental toughness I have now... its just my physicality that is letting me down... ahhhh to be an android... someDAY....k back to werk ^ ^ BUUUUAAAHHHAAAGGHHHHH Sorry did I get that on your computer?!


  1. Don't push your self to hard! No matter how cool are great the film can be, it won't be if it's missing one thing and that's you! So you gotta keep yourself healthy at least!

    When big stuff happens it's always good to break it down in to small chunks but I'm sure you know that. :)

    Hang in there man! I really appreciate the hard work your doing!

  2. that just gave me kind of a cool idea
    maybe when your done you could release some C4D files of the movie and people could see how you built out some scenes or stuff like that

    but yeah take care m dot grind hard into the movie but don't grind into the hospital o.0
    and don't you ever stop to eat? shower? sleep? that work day sounds really long lol

  3. A book on the entire process would be awesome. And Reyori is up to something, maybe a tutorial site could be interested in a paying for full breakdown of the whole damn thing. A great chance to share and make some cash haha.

    If financing the next movie gets grindcore, try a Kickstarter project, I bet all of us (the 'groupies') would be more than happy to spread the word! And its such and easy platform to collect money, get media attention and reward the 'investors'.

  4. You just made me realize why I NEVER finish my Flash Animations....

    Also Reyori and Carlos have gud idee-UHz!
    I totally got 5 of my friends to buy WATS. Do I get a cookie? 8)

  5. @K9 i have a great ide- I MEAN OF COURSE I HAVE A GREAT IDEA!
    I'm just that better than everyone

    But yeh seriously though i would love to navigate around the WATS arcade or..... my most memorable scene from HSM MAN I LOVED THAT PART
    it had explosions mild nudity and sexually suggestive situations!
    it was just pure awesome...

  6. (and who knows people with machines that can render an image without dieing of awesomeness might make slight changes to the scene to make some cool images like the WATS art images you got)

  7. duuude.

    In regards to promo and distro, ever thought street teams? We are MINION, all of us could go to work in little ways getting HSM out there, either online, on the pavement, in peoples living rooms after we finish watching them sleep...

    I mean.

    You get the dift. Intense, co-ordinated effort from the fans to drive the vibe for HSM out there \m/

  8. Mr. the Best..I hope you are ok...I really hope u feel better..good that red finish line changed
    @ Reyori.. HSM 0_0
    and what is there?
    surrobators vs. T-rex Media^ ^ starring as King Ghidorah with many faces + hypnosis and electrical attack?

    is there any dragon-monsters?^ ^ I think there are many feelings+ dragons^ ^

  9. i know what you mean about over doing it! i can't even compare my projects to yours but i remember when i was finishing up BLACKLIGHTS it took me 60 hours to edit with this crappy pinnacle software i use and i seriously started to feel sick and i had a bit of a mental breakdown myself. i def learned a lot from the experience though.

    i'm glad you are mindful of your body, mind, and spirit. it sounds corny, but ppl too often dismiss the power of our mental attitude. the past 2 months i started meditating and reading lots of books. i can already tell it has significantly improved the quality of my work i will be releasing this summer. not to mention, it has improved my personal happiness on a day to day basis. all it takes is like 5 minutes a day too.

    i'm so excited for HSM!!! i wish u knew how much i'm looking forward to it. keep doin' ya thang, chickenwang!

  10. wow i wish i had the stride and mental and physical endurance that you have to get things done, your amazing, like drainage64 said dont push yourself so hard, someone like you deserves a break every once in a while


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