M dot Strange film skool v2

I know since I'm lucky enough to be able to do whuT i luv erY day all daY... and that it's really difficult to find free DETAILED information about how to exactly go about creating your own 3d animated films on your own... I MUST create the definitive free learning resource for making 3d animated films on yer own...

So in my spare moments I make notes... check out new tech and think about the best ways to do this...

This is what I'm thinking about now... doing a month long class... like with curriculum designed by me... using a live video site like Ustream, Livestream, Veetle, or some meeting software/site like Acrobat connect pro...During the class a 3d animated short film will be made before your eyes... I will make it and you will watch every step along the way as it will be webcam lecture+screen sharing so you will see exactly what I does like a real class ya know... I will share the project files as I create them so you can "follow along at home"... the live classes and related files will be archived..placed on youtube so people can learn from them forever and shet... AND it will be a COMPLETE filmmaking class... from IDEA to finished film... I will use the same tools and process that I'm using to make this new film which is Zbrush+Cinema4d wifBodypaint+ Adobe After Effects+Premiere Pro...  Since this is an involved process the classes would be a few hours each like a regular uni class nah mean... I will do this for a month after I complete HSM before I go off traveling and working on the next film and all that...so this will take place some time between September 2010 and April 2011... It should be a time when students are on break so that limits things... Christmas break maybe? Want to spend your Xmas in my class? ^ ^

I really want to do this right and have it hopefully help teach a ton of people how to do what I do... So if you have any ideas about the tech or sites/services that would help with this please let me know as I'm still doing research and figuring things out... the class can even have field trips where we all watch a film of my choosing streamed online then discuss it like a film class er something... NOW I've never taken a film/art/animation class ever in my life... I taught everything to myself so I know what the important stuff to learN is...so I will teach that... OR wait where's my salesman smile? I WILL TEACH YOU THE SECRETS! OF ONE MAN 3D FILMMAKING for the low price OF ZERO DIVIDED BY ITSELF!

So be ready because when I decide to do it I'm just gonna be like SKOOL STARTS NEXT WEEK



  2. yeah Christmas break fer sure!

    it sounds so fuckin awesome ^_^
    i'd love to have the master you as a teacher
    if i had to stay up till like 3AM every night to take yer class
    and be careful of dividing those zero's M they're dangerous why one time when i was doing math in math class i divided by zero and the fire alarm went off....
    jus sayin...XD

  3. Put me at the head of the class! Great, great idea, Mdot. I think Livestream would work just fine for live classes with time at the end for Q&A. I enjoyed your YouTube c4d lessons and like the time you take to go over each part of the work.

    I'm sure you'll be flooded with requests for places.


  4. dude, that'd be really friggin' sweet, i actually went to a "normal" school to learn how make animated stuff they were like here's how ya make a boring demo reel...learned nothing from it, i seriously i learned more about films from yer original film skool and the awesome developing digital short films book. i'm still trying to learn how to make something thats coherrent tho. A film skool V2 would certainly kick butt.

  5. Hey Mdot! I've been a long time reader of your blog, first time posting. I've been wanting to start learning 3d this Summer now that I have the free time.

    But what I've been wondering is what edition of Cinema 4D should I get a hold of ? Core,XL Bundle or The Studio Bundle.

    Thanks and love the blog.

  6. Livestream could work really well cause even after you've broadcast your lesson, people could still go and watch it again for review or whatever.

    I know Funy mony does his live stuff on there and you can watch it afterword I think...

    Well something where you could rewatch them afterword would be awesome.

    Kinda like the old radio show. I listened to that the other day just cause I was bored. Good old days XD ...even though I never was able to call in :/

  7. Brilliant ideia Master M...you can even take it to the extreme and have each of the "students" make their own short while they follow the lessons.
    Count with me for sure, day or night.

  8. it must be two-way broadcast or not? hmm... if not.. it will change some thingS

    Sensei M. Oh please dont fry me on electric chair!...nobody has the fucking clue..but Im trying SO hard..I will try harder ..
    -Who needs yer suffering Nikki !?
    Where is a result?!!!

  9. @Nikki

    Thanks for all your hard work researching ^ ^ Lots of options there.. hmmm well multiple way video would be ideal but I dont think the technology/bandwith is there to do that now with like 20 or more people...So I guess something where I am on live video and everyone in the class is on chat... yeh seems maybe Abobe connect pro 30 day trial or ustream producer is best? The class will be less than 30days so we'll find the best one we can get free eh ^ ^ I'll go check out Mikogo


    Yeh I'm really exicted about this...think it will be great ^ ^

  10. istream ustream we all stream for C4 class...

  11. opps i meant C4D* .... STOP JUDGING ME >:0

  12. wow the movie is so close to finish, cant waaiit. That sounds amazing, you are a awesome teacher.

  13. Sensei M. Arigato ( <(_ _*)>
    thank you M. for yer patience
    long ago wanted to tell u this.^ ^
    ofcourse lots of options ^ ^ it was a report on conferences^ ^
    yes 20ty - not.. only
    #^_^# multipoint online Conferencing, 16 individuals can be seen at the same time + an unlimited number of additional secure Video Conferencing attendees can see those 16
    + Video, VoIP, Online Tools, Screen/Application Sharing , Remote Desktop Control
    with their Servers
    that's why they provide accounts I think

    ..aww Im Ghost in the Shell^ ^

    yes Adobe + ... it has Adobe file's support fer sure ^ ^

    I m for Ustream + apps from Adobe ! 。( ̄∇ ̄*)o
    Livestream with mixed channels hmm.. looks like old[[ TV ]]

  14. Oh man, that's very generous of you! I'll definitely keep tuned.

  15. ok my version... Ustream + Adobe web-widgets +YUUGUU ..but check it or somebody make that too

  16. OMG I CAN'T WAIT!!
    I'm so glad I'm feeding of this blog! 8D
    but I'm really afraid that I'll forget about it or miss it..
    that happens so often with me T_T

  17. hmm...version #2:
    Livestream + Procaster

    still thinking...

    ofcourse it d be ideal
    CDN +FMS ..even if we create RTMP the problem in that that we need server..then we need colocation or to host provider's phisical server.. for pro and muticast we need to create a server anyway..as we dont have we must use a free platform
    2 min. ago I 've seen two things over the internets now after which oneS I have stress

    but if we can have something easier
    I'd be glad too very VERY^_^

  18. Hopefully we can find one site/service that does everything... I tried the Mikogo thing but it doesn't do sound... you need another app for that... if people have to run multiple apps I think that makes it too complicated and too much time will be spent just trying to get it to work... So yeh me doing video+screen sharing with audio and people in the class on a text chat..I think thats the way to go ya know

  19. Sounds like an awesome idea, I'd love to see how you go about your workflow and learn from the MdotMaster :P

    I would recommend UStream. I've watched a good number of streaming shows and if you have a good webcam/software combination you can do a pretty high quality show. It's free, has a live chat room (so you can take questions / answer them), and you can record and have the lesson archived so anyone who can't watch the live events can watch them later.

    As far as switching from webcam to your desktop, there are numerous software solutions out there that will do just that. I'm sorry, I don't know any off the top of my head... if I find some time I'll try a few out and let you know how it goes.

  20. @Grant

    Yeh it looks like Ustream might be the best free all in one solution... the free Ustream producer app lets you do the video/screen sharing thing ^ ^

    Anybody tried the Adobe Connect Pro thing? how does it compare?

  21. Awesome M.Strange!

    I'll be attending your classes right here from Brazil.

    thx for the opportunity.

    good luck.

  22. sounds cool! I can't wait!
    I'm glad you use the same tools I use so that will make it alot more worthwhile!

    I've already learned so much from your previous videos.

    I've also got a few tricks of my own.

    I always like the interchange of information.

  23. @mdot i'll check out adobe after i does my chores

  24. So i was checking out Adobe Connect Pro
    it looks like a good option
    if we all went on 30 day trials for it
    It would be really nice looking and does everything you've needed

    but before you make your choice as if you really want to use the pretty one that does everything you need for 30 days
    or if you want to go with the free software that does almost everything you need
    i've seen people change their webcam feed from them to an image it's probably possible to make a button that switches back and forth between your pretty face and your desktop

    but i don't even know how to begin to take that on
    but there might always be someone willing to "share" connect pro ;3

  25. But isn't it possible for M to stream with the best choice, and viewing the streaming video could be done with different kinds of applications..so we dont all need the same broadcasting software.. Im not sure.

  26. Yus! Winter break most def. It shall be well worth it!!!!!!!

    And so we can ask a whole bunch of questions and discussions when your free from your current film for klass!??!..

  27. @Nikki I think either Ustream Producer or Adobe Connect Pro ja? I will have to test them first to see but thanks to you for all your research and info Nikki! ^ ^

    @Reyori Yeh After Effects is a really good app to learn to mix and match diff types of media or just to make yer 3d look shinier and teh liKE

    @David Well at first I would learn the core then you can always add modules...

    @Enders Yeh by the time December comes around all the promo stuff for HSM will be released so we can talk about the new film and all that...I'll probably use assets from the actual film to teach with

  28. @M Dot

    Did you even read my comment? wasn't talking about after effects you crazy fool XD
    i was talking about connect pro
    you gave me my laugh of the day

  29. @ for M dot ^ ^

    Hey do not test them too early free trial will end

  30. @Reyori Ooops haha! Sorry I'm actually leaving the country todAY so my mind must be already gone...I decided to take my break early so instead of July I am taking 2 weeks off starting now...so yeh my mind must be already gone ^ ^

  31. @ M dot
    happens to the best of us mayne
    Enjoy your time off!
    eat lot's of ice cream
    and go crazy too XD

  32. Supe DOod!, kratoserick from u2b. i think that your idea is awesome!, i'm on it definitely, and i think xmas vacations is a good time for the classes, what kind of material would you think would be nessesary for us, "ur students xP", to have?, please keep posting more stuff about this topic cause it's really interesting. God bless ya and keep making badass stuff as always xD



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