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I try not let the tech get in the way of my work but when your doing computer animation its difficult sometimes to forgot your on a computer... and then you start thinking about the computers parts especially if they seem to get in your way or slow you down... the thing that can really bog you down is thinking you NEED the newest best CPU or GFX card or whatever.... even the newest version of the software you use.... SURE it could make you work a little faster or easier but its still YOU and YOU are the most important thing... software and hardware companies prey upon and probably survive by marketing to the people who have extra money and just buy all the best stuff that has "PRO" or "EXTREME" tacked onto its name... I don't even think a lot of them use the stuff for what its intended...instead they just run benchmarks all the time and compare results... When I started WATS I was on an AMD 4400 with 2gb ram and an AGP gfx card... and I was using Cinema 4d 9.1 on Win XP... when I finished I was using the same system and the same version of the software even though many revisions had come and gone... I found something I was comfortable with... and it didn't get in my way... it was reliable and it allowed me to create... it wasn't the fastest or the fanciest thing but that didn't matter... it was the artist behind the tools that mattered...

So now as I look to the post production of HSM that will come in a few months... my TWEAKER BRAIN has a chance to go... HMMMM I THINK WE NEED NEW HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE FOR THAT haha... BUT I probably won't leave Windows XP 64 just yet ^ ^

I wrote this post to sort of remind myself that I do have everything I NEED in my brain... and that I need to ignore the tech WANTS because they are always there...distracting... getting you to compare things and price them with money you don't have ^ ^

So if you don't have a "pro" computer or "pro" software... don't worry.... your ideas will still win every time no matter the medium....


  1. i used to work on a computer with an outdated GFX card (even in it's time it was outdated) with 512MB's of RAM
    i named it pokey
    but it never slowed me down
    ...well it did...
    but it didn't stop me ^_^
    pokey's dead now i stopped taking care of it and it fell apart
    it ran Win XP 32 C4D R 11

    I still remember the pain staking hours of watching 250 frames render over 4 hours at a time
    with the most even basic things
    (like an explode tag...)

    but i still animated it has taught me a very important thing
    a virtue sometimes carried by women
    but rarely carried by men!
    my mom says that anyway lol

    back to yearbook werk

  2. Hey mdot check these vid out:

    10 years from now once the big money studios have run out of thing to remake, everything will be in 'str8nime'... :P

  3. Hey Mdot, I was curious about how well my computer would be for animating.

    I've got a Amd Turion X2 dual core mobile

    4gb ram

    and Ati radeon Hd 3200 graphics card.

    Does that sound good at all? I really am still jist learning about spec stuff (Using my first computer I owned myself now ^___^ )
    So if you wouldn't mind to answer, I'd appreciate it! :)

  4. hello there this is my first reply

    yeah, i used to work with some talentless rich guy who had the need to always buy the latest Mac and the newest camera and the most expensive equipment thinking the tool does all the job

    so he always used the same Motion presets and NEVER used his equipment in any real production

    he's in bankrupt now, he's selling all the expensive stuff he always bragged about

    i like to recognize the people who can make entire works of art with the "shittiest" tools, the people who make machines work 100%

    we can make the same amounts of money but they cant buy talent


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