One thing you can't do too much of: BACKUP

So if yall didn't know I'm also an all purpose computer tech geek and I end up fixing all my friends and families computers both MAc and PC... lately I've been fixing a lot of problems on Mac's with corrupt hard drives where either I have to reformat them or replace the drive... NOW today I have to go fix Endika's imac... it won't boot and I'm not sure if his data was backed up... i don't think it was... I shall see_eth..

So if your working on a big project be sure your ONE using a UPS...APC's are tite... a power conditioner/battery backup to regulate voltage so as to not fry your computers etc... I use one that was like $200....

Also you need to BACKUP and BACKUP some more... ask yourself how many days work can you afford to lose? and thAt will set your backup schedule... I can't afford to lose one days worth of work so I backup my shot files everyday... I backup up my renders and project files once a week... All of those files are on 3 different physical drives in 2 different physical locations... Most should be on external drives in case of aforementioned frying....

 It only takes a few minutes to isn't that better than losing years of work? I'm putting two hard drives in a safe deposit box today... between the two with the WATS master and %80 of HSM thats about 7 years of my life... which I don't want too lose ^ ^

So if you don't have one start a backup strategy today!

And lets hope I can fix his computer without losing data!


  1. Ok I really hope Endika's music stuff wasn't fried. That would be crappy for sure.

    Ya backing up is one of the smartest things you can do. I've had an old laptop get messed up twice and both times I lost all the stuff on my computer...I really miss that old junk too :/

    Some of my older youtube videos aren't even on my computers any more...well I can get them back from youtube but yeh...

  2. YouU aRe like Super professional, awesome filmaker, theres no such thing as being to safe

  3. I like when everything burns and crashes
    but only when that's not hard drives

    I was reading a forum about a boy
    who fried his hard drive..
    and all forum was trying' to help him
    he said:'I did ..I did.. nothing helps
    Nothing helps me..Help'
    whatever killed your first hard drive, is now killing your other hard drive and DVD drive!
    the whole day he was looking for cmos jumper^ ^
    then they said:" If we all were there i am sure we'd help u"
    He said:"please help my mom is gonna kill me there r her pics"

    Jpegs 0_0

    ..awww jpegs ^ ^

    I really HOPE that Endika's hardware hasnt been burnt

  4. Well there is such thing as to much back up i made my computer back up to the back up D drvie wich is where i aslo store my anime
    and within 2 weeks i filled the drive and ran out of space
    backing up once a week....
    didn;t delete the old one for some reason...
    i need to get a TB hardrive


  6. 0_0 OMG he still hasnt answered yet...
    one of two..things are bad and now he is waiting for time machine

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  11. If this becomes serious, there are professional services that should be explored for data recovery.

  12. Look on the bright side, even if it's lost, this may be a great way to practice 'improvise jutsu'

  13. What up, home slice? ALiEN LEADER in effect! Send me mad linkage with your latest works of digital mayhem. I've got a web site up and will be posting my latest works in the near future.

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