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So after this month I'll be on page 76 of the 94 page script... thats pretty close to the end eh?! 0_0 So I picked the best time to do my best work which is like right now eh? ^ ^ Everything is starting to click... I had to animate this 930 frame shot yesterday and at first I was tired like "930 frames!?!? 0_o" then it ended up being like one of the best shots in the film ^ ^ Because now I've gotten so far and everything has held up I can start taking more risks technically which like makes things more sophisticated so the film gets more... layered as it goes on... BUT I've devised... well I should say its something I started a LONG time ago when I first started making crappy like "art" animations... HSM has A LOT of dialogue but it has its own visual language as well so now at this point in the film its fun to play around with... it still feels weird though that now I have well over 2 hours of "raw" footage and I haven't edited anything yet... BUT what I doeS do is... every time I finish a shot I render 2 or 3 frames from it and put it in Adobe bridge... i have folders for each sequence of the film full of images of all the shots in order so I can see the whole film as it is layed out in still images... like a storyboard of finals ya know... So I use that to guide my work...

 Every once in a while after I finish a tough sequence I'll render out a few a shots and look at them with motion blur and grain and stuff and like pump my fists HELLA HARD ^ ^ then I go back to work....

I've decided after much discussion with Endika that since I'm cranking out a 4 hour movie ^ ^ I'm going to cut the film to his music to bring it to its dictated by the music length which should be about 2 hours... So like I wrote about before he's not "scoring to picture" he's writing music to his own emotional outline he created based on my script...  NOW I only heard a midi sample of the first like 5 minutes of the music BUT based on that while watching a like uncut version of the beginning it really excited me because it wasn't a score so it didn't seem like a "film" BUT it wasn't just music slapped on so it didn't seem like a music video either... it kinda seemed like a S.kooL M.usical it is after all ^ ^ but it wasn't a musical... it was something else... and this "SOMETHING ELSE" is what really interested me...I'm not sure what it is but I like it so I decided then that thatS how it twas to BE.... Endika is going to be writing/orchestrating and producing the music from now till the end of September so I proB won't get much before then BUT I know it will be AMAZING... So yeh according to my schedule I'll finish animation at the same time so then if he needs me to help with the sound design er whatever I'll be able to help... BUT as of right now he's doing ALL the sound... its going to be tough so I wish my crazy musician friend luck and the best....

oh yeh speaking of Endika.... If you want a sneak preview possibly into the sound of HSM OR just want an awesome live music performance DVD with his band PANTHELION check out this DVD... I actually edited the main video of the performance and it came out AWESOME... you have to see the performance of his 25 minute piece "NAME NAME NAME ERROR" on this DVD its EPIC!!!


  1. Not long now! :D
    So have you done any sound stuff or is endika handling all of it? (Sound effects-wise n stuff?)

  2. Im so excited to see this movie, hear this movie, i cant wait, do yo have anymore updates on youtube

  3. psssst:

  4. great news to hear on my birthdAY keep pluggin away there m dot ^_^


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