What is it all for? Life?

Ya know being some misanthrope weirdo I'm contacted by a lot of other weirdo's who are trying to do something outside the bounds of "normal" life and are met by TONS of resistance from "caring" family members...friends...etc...

Now first off if you really are doing your best and working hard and can see a target out of range of the eyes of normal people go read LINCHPIN it will arm you well for your journey ^ ^

BUT I'm going to make it really simple.... when faced with the situation in which YOUR LIFE is being discussed... your "future" and the like... ask WHAT IS IT ALL FOR? I know normal people ASSUME that if you follow all the steps like they did and the sheeple before them did... GO TO SCHOOL, GET JOB, GET MARRIED, GO INTO DEBT, WORK TO ESCAPE DEBT, REPRODUCE, TAKE CARE OF OFFSPRING, FORCE OFFSPRING ONTO SAME PATH, DIE... die with a lame ass obituary... where they  have to really WORK HARD to sum your life up in more than a few words BECAUSE you did nothing with your life BUT perpetuate the human species...GOOD JOB!!! Making sperm meet egg is really tough! ALSO doing exactly what everyone tells you to do is difficult as well! You did a good joB! AND going into debt, creating an unescapable prison for yourself was GENIUS! GOod JOB!!!!

I've learned to never assume anything... I want to see proof! The assumption is...at least here in America is if you do "what your supposed to" that will lead to happiness?! BULLSHIT!!! On the outside everyone pretends to be happy but they are fucking miserable! They hate themselves and they hate they lives and that causes them to hate the world around them.... these people that mindlessly followed the herd...

SO when making decisions about your life ask yourself....what is the goal? To attain monetary wealth? To marry and reproduce? To perpetuate the human species? To simple fit in the place that has been made for you by the machine? To do what people tell you to do?

My goal has always been to be HAPPY... I always made and I still do make decisions based on that as the ultimate goal... THAT is my ultimate goal....  so now I don't have monetary wealth, I'm not marrying and reproducing, I don't have "job security" whatever the fuck that is today?!?! ^ ^  BUT I'M HAPPY!!! Isn't the goal!?! If it is your goal realize that all that other bullshit will PROBABLY not lead you there... IF you have NOTHING today but are happy... your DOING IT RIGHT! Don't listen to the sheeple around you, the drones, the followers, those that mindless marry, reproduce, plunge themselves into debt... a psychological prison they can never escape... WHY THE FAWK WOULD YOU LISTEN TO THEM!!?!? Here's my little pompous quote again...

"A persons advice can only go as far as they've gotten"
Totally M dot Strange betch

So you want to be teh best animator ever? And your uncle is trying to give you animation career advice? Hmmm where is his animation career? NOWHERE! So then if you follow his advice it will also lead you NOWHERE! So like... DON'T!!! Doesn't this make sense? Then why do people listen to they parents? They families? They friends when it comes to these matters? They words usually = WORTHLESS... when it comes to things outside they experience.... so why would you take them seriously? All my life I listened to the words of Beethoven... Kubrick... Lynch... people who did things I thought were great....

Realize these normal people for the most part HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT THEY ARE DOING... all they did WAS FOLLOW THE PEOPLE BEFORE THEM WHO DID THE SAME!!!! I will never accept the idiocy that is "Well thats they way it is... thats the way its always been...so thats the way it will always be" NOW if it was a mathematic equation YES but its NOT!!! LIFE IS FLEXIBLE!

So maybe this is shocking to some people BUT.... You can find HAPPINESS within you and your art alone! You don't need all this other BULLSHIT! If you have a way to get a roof over your head... clothes to wear and food to eat.... you can find happiness! ITS DIFFICULT because the so called "real world" will constantly knock on your door trying to drag you into its BULLSHIT telling you that you don't live in "reality"...that you need to think about your "future" and so on... BUT FUCK THEM AND FUCK THAT!!! Its YOUR LIFE!! Its YOUR FUTURE!!! So make the RIGHT CHOICE!!! Don't be a WORM and do what they say just because its easier! Because if you do... your art... your happiness will go away and NEVER return... DONT BELIEVE THE "you can do art later in life after your successful" line... IT IS A LIE!!  Yeh so right now at 18 years old you have all this passion and twisting crazy emotions that FORCE you to act out and create things.... YEH so now become a drone, buy a haus, marry and reproduce then at 45 start your art career... YOU'LL BE TOTALLY PASSIONATE THEN!! NOPE you'll be on Zoloft, hating your life, regretting your decisions... waiting for death to relieve you of the pain...

So if you KNOW what makes you happy NOW... DO IT! KICK BITE SCRATCH AND CLAW to survive and chase the thing that makes you happy... because you ALREADY found the secret to life... and if you have WHY throw all that shit in the way?! Peer PRESSURE?! FUCK your peers! They will all fall away into normal lives anyway... 

CHILDREN.... when your an artist you get to have children every time you create some thing... they wake you up in the middle of the night to work on them... you have to take tender loving care to raise them then when they are grown up you send them off into the world on they own.... you get to do this OVER AND OVER and keep your figure ^ ^ and theres no diapers and all that...

MONEY... NOW is the BEST TIME to be an independent artist...again READ LINCHPIN... Now MOST every normal person I know has a dead end job... one with a FIXED ceiling... all the normal people are crying about "economy" this and that... but ya know what NONE OF THAT affects the artist... no matter WHAT people will always want and pay for "art" and there are more and more ways to survive with your art online... NO you proB won't ever be "rich" BUT in the end I think it will make you a better person and an artist so stay humble... here's another of meh quotes ^ ^

"As long as you walk the streets your bound to stay down to earth"
M dot strange f00

Art is all about expressing yourself and connecting to other people... how can you connect to people if your driving around in a black BMW all day? Its easy to become a douchebag like that.. disconnected... losing touch with people...well NON rich people..... which eventually leads you to fear those "poor" people... now if you want to make are for rich people then jump in the beamer JohnnyboY... BUT I walk around on the street and I have to be able to talk to people and tell them what I do and what I make without feeling like a pretentious douchebag...and I don't!!! The best marketing practice is trying to explain your stuff to normal people on the street....

So yeh now you know my formula.... and yeh my advice can only go as far as I have so pay no attention to me if you want to become rich and famous... but if you want to be happy I think I've figured that out ^ ^

Ok monthly rant over....back to prep worK.


  1. Our thoughts on this subject are definitely parallel sir.

    What's really funny though, is when I see people on forums and such that actually think they're being some kind of visionary when all they're doing is following and copying other copycats.

    Everyone has their own brain but it seems like they only use it to consume other people's ideas and "put a new spin" on it. It's the totally unique pure visionary that paves the path to the future.

    Long live the strange.

  2. Agree with many things but definitely not with this one "On the outside everyone pretends to be happy but they are fucking miserable! They hate themselves and they hate they lives and that causes them to hate the world around them.... these people that mindlessly followed the herd..."

    Just quoting Roger Ebert today:

    A friend wrote me: "My life is definitely a simple, small, and happy life." My thought: You won.

    Most people have no real ambition, they don't aspire to do anything 'great' therefor they won't have any regrets. Most of them will go on with their lives in a normal and hopefully happy way.

    But things are changing. Internet is bombarding us with stories of people making cool shit, people who succeeded and won't stop making more and more.

    People who realize that they want to make meaningful stuff on their own, but never take the risk... those are the people that will have huge regrets 'till the day they die. And that sucks big time.


    I've always named it a
    ROLLERCOASTER in theme park^ ^..
    1min...and you're falling with a heap of iron into the abyss..
    yell with fear and..be happyeeeeeeeeeeeee

    THE WAY TO BE FREE...^ ^
    true happiness is when you scramble out of rollercoaster..^ ^
    and endless loops are over^ ^..but HELL'S rollercoaster NEVER STOP MuhahahaHAHA
    Pay ur price
    and PREPARE for happinessSSSSSS

  4. This post makes a lot of sense..but the first part of family resistance...I have an overly supportive family! Win on my part I guess?! :)

    As far as advice only getting you as far as it got them..What about advice like "Don't do what I did boy"?

    If they have a bad life then it may be worth something to hear out the preventive advice....Ofcourse my mind on it is that no matter what you hear, filter it through your own mind before you go saying "Golly g ok!

  5. Yeh my mom said when I was 17 years old:" you're too young to be a filmdirector!"^ ^
    Great! people you know now Im a designer..^ ^haha
    I dont know why I listened to her..maybe cuz she was dreaming to be an actress..
    and now she is not..^ ^ hahaha
    and she never was^ ^..so yeh if u never want become a filmdirector..listen to your mom^ ^

  6. Preach on, brotha!

    If you don't mind, I'm going to link to this post at my blog kreatedbykrause.blogspot.com

    You've expressed everything that I'm feeling SO much better than I ever could have. In my youth I made the mistake of listening to well-intentioned people telling me to be like everyone else, to be a sheeple. Now, at 41, I've finally decided to take a stand against that "sameness" mindset. Even if I fail, it'll be worth it trying.

  7. thats happened to me sir

    "you have to go to this college for animation! disney will pick you right up after it!"
    .... who the fauck said i wanted to work for disney?
    people piss me off people can;t do the thing i want to do >_<
    people don;t understand what i'm saying half the time
    (proly why i talk to myself i hold a better conversation...)

    and about that reproducing stuck in a dead end job thing
    not to say that all of them don;t hate themselves
    but i know a few guys up in canada that love nothing more then to just spend their days raising their kids work's just an unfortunate byproduct but they don't mind so much because they know it's going towards what they're kids want
    but i guess thats someone else's idea of what they love ^^

    and i'm getting linchpin for my merry birfing days
    it's gunna be great

  8. Sorry for my mistakes ^ ^"live" in a Hole^ ^

    Happiness it the place where there is no suffering..
    My Happiness its my Dream
    my screenwriter told me one day about his teacher
    the teacher told him:" Sefer..when u'll grow up..dont let your inland
    child to die...or it'll be hard for u to live"
    When I found him, he understood that my inland child is still alive
    it meant that our inland secret dreams havent die yet..
    He was a physicist, but his dream was to be a writer ..and Im a designer..but I dreamed to be a filmmaker
    I had a hard moment when I said:"Leave me here,
    I ll stay here, Im tired"
    He was shocked..
    I felt it and said:" please I cant do anything with that.. that's all "
    He said:" Its a pitty that u killed your inland little Nikki.."
    I said:"...Sorry I dont believe anymore in Peter Pan..sometimes I think its easier to make like others"
    He said:" I feel pain..but I cant stay here with u..its your choice.. I need to go forward"
    Puff.. the world fell down and splited to the atoms..I thought that it will be easier..
    but ..NOT.. its very hard to live without a dream..
    and I began to rise from ashes like phoenix

    You cant all even imagine we both were two great warriors!^ ^
    and u know what.. if it can be ever hard for you samurais-filmmakers!.. dont make with your dream Harakiri!^ ^
    Its like to swim in the swimming pool when the ocean is near

  9. So do most people's parents tell them what to do with their careers?
    I'm a bit surprised, I didn't know it was like that.

    I'm feeling like an exception again...

  10. @ Ms. Krause Sure feel free to post anything I write here anywhere! As long as it doesn't get me arrested or lynched ^ ^

    HEY thats awesome... as LONG as you keep that spark alive the fire will burn when it gets the air it needs... bestest to you!


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