Die old media DIE!

So its great news that Youtube had the ridiculous Viacom suit thrown out of teh court GTFO Viacom!

Now its still disconcerting for me to see teh people still wanting to watch teh shows and movies from these old media companies... because I know as long as people stare in they direction and buy they shit... they will exist... Part of this is OUR FAULT the independent creators... we are either too emo or unprofessional to get out stuff out for people to see OR we are making parodies, derivatives or ripoffs of big media shows or films... which the people see as ripoffs or crappy versions of the original giving the original more power...

So anyone can see that the old media is losing steam BUT who/what is going to take its place? IF you don't start making things and releasing things today what will people watch tomorrow? They will probably watch reruns of the old media stuff instead... So get up off the floor... smack yer emo, unprofessional self in the face a few times and MAKE STUFF BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!

YES we can ALL come up with a billion EXCUSES as too why we can't do what we want when it comes to making films etc BUT TO THOSE OF US IN FIRST WORLD COUNTRIES it usually comes down to one thing...US BEING WIMPS!!! US NOT BEING HARDCORE ENOUGH! US FEELING SORRY FOR OURSELVES AND OUR SITUATIONS! Its always IF WE HAD THIS... IF WE HAD THAT... but in the end NONE OF THAT MATTERS! YOU EITHER CREATE AND RELEASE IT OR YOU DON'T

So if you want old media to DIE like I do then you better get to work on something to fill peoples need for films to watch and teh like.... its an exciting time to create so get out there and do it!


  1. This inspires me to finish the first episode of my flash series. I'mma fuckin' do it!

  2. i feel bad for never being able to start on my project because of schooling >_<
    i try to live by Bushido
    i feel a big burden upon my back for not being able to start yet
    but being the optimist i am
    byt the time im done making random clips and shit to post on youtube and dopne schooling
    and thus my dream will come true
    and i will eat many scoops of icecream....love that stuff....mmmmmmmmm *drools*

  3. okay now listen you gotta be patient I even might want to visit you one day to make awesome stuff. but it's really not gonna be today that I'm making stuff and releasing stuff i'm sorry. but I will try to do something about it my whole life!

  4. 1. AMEN
    2. i'm glad that people like u exist, otherwise the would be thy boring. Sometimes there's people that can put things like what u say out, but i guess that most of people lacks the braveness, iniciative and commitment to acommplish things, me included. and sometimes we look up to other people as the answer to fulfill our dreams, to motivate us so we can do things. the fact is that ur not always gonna have someone to cheer u up at ur back, i really admire you M, and each time i wanna quit i sometimes look at ur stuff to remember what i want to do with my life, which is make touching and incredible stories, but i'm aware that it is me that has to put the effort. thanks M for encouraging us to look for our inner strenght, and thanks for all of ur hardwork, cause at difference from the industry, u really do things for the love for art and for the people that are starbing for good stories :). god bless ya


  5. mDot laying down the much needed bitch-slap for all of us creative people sitting on our asses. They don't have brain scanners yet, so if you want your ideas to become reality you definitely gotta put in the hard work! Looking forward to starting a few projects of my own once I get the concepts nailed down. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. YOUTUBE BEAT VIACOM! I am of the rejoicing!

    No parodies, no ripoffs,

    I shall make animations!
    My main issue I have is that I don't have the cinema 4d...I have the demo..
    bad excuse though!
    I'll see what I can do otherwise ^__^
    atleast until I get c4d

  7. Though for me it seems like Dragon Ball Z.

    I'm learning, training in the hyperbolic time chamber.

    I can't defeat cell with the skills I have, I must build dem skills!

    So I learn on!

  8. Ehm. Linchpin - ship ship fucking ship.

    I work a 60 hour something week in my professional life, I cram in as much painting and art and filmshits as I can in my spare time. I come home, eat immediately, do the minimum chores to get by, then paint, paint paint paint, read, write, paint read, then sleep. Wake up early shower, do more art, go to work.


    Get up as early as possible, paint draw sketch, sleep when I can, be a little social, have a little fun, then paint more.

    There's a MILLION hours in the week, seriously, probably 80% of shit you do now you can stop doing, and never do again, and you'll be ok. Fill that time up with something you care about. Have a massive project backlog. If you get stuck on one thing, do another.

    Clocks ticking, your brain will rot at 80 or so, hurry the fuck up.

  9. Also, importantly: now is now. Now is all you can deal with. If you're wasting now, you're wasting forever. Don't plan to do shit tomorrow. Plan to do it now, if you can't do it right now, make it the next immediate thing you do when now is over.

    If you're tied up in a room with a hood on your head and can't move your hands to create shit, plan shit. Think about your next move. Meditate. Now is all you have, if you aren't making it happen it never will.

  10. ..and so that not tremble hand to make it so that to their hearts' d trembled

  11. they still watch old 'TV ' because TV for many years was telling them what to do and they got used to trust him xD

  12. Yakuza cold-blooded killed his teacher
    because he was a true professional...
    and his hand hasn't trembled
    and so that not tremble hand to make it so to make their hearts trembled
    but if your hands are shaking, and if your hand a little will move from the main line (bottom line) it will be so unique^ ^

    ..measure.. between the real art and amusement park

    that's why I m still here
    and I stay with you

  13. all comments see above I wrote not to M. I wrote it to you allS
    @ Liisa no I dont want him to be patient
    I want him tear them off to the pieces that Satanic clan

  14. i wonder what strange would look like if you put it in a jar....

  15. Yeah, I have been at a real artistic rut recently, and I really need to suck it up, and just create!

  16. (: If I download, as my avatar, a jpeg of zionistic Viacom media-mafia's big boss face
    he will sue with me too for a $1 billion xD

  17. Hey m dot remember that address book you got? the one that you got around the same time your friends started disappearing?
    mind if I borrow it for a few days?
    swear i'll give it back ^^


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