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Since I'm about to start a new sequence I went to the cafe and re-storyboarded it on dis Friday night... there was some music festival going on in the street but none of the bands interest me so I was all meh and walked past it... I walked to the little loft area of the cafe some engineer d00d working on his laptop was all "I'm glad your here...it felt weird being the only guy working up here on a Friday night"... then somebody starting playing music in the cafe... some chick with an ACOUSTIC GUITAR... OH NOW MY INNER CYBER PUNK HATES ACOUSTIC GUITAR MUSIC... its like 2010 in SILICON MUTHAFUCKIN VALLEY yet these chumps are still doin this same old tired thang?! This post is about living another life.... as the life around you has been deemed FAIL by your inner betcHFACE....

Now when normal humans talk about having a "life" what do they mean? Empty meaningless conversations with humans whom you are trying to impress and/or copulate with? A night of drinking and woo'ing in front of a big screen TV? Hunched over at some dive bar throwing money down the drain before rubbing up on a compatible human and mumbling resonate phrases before vomiting your semi digested currency down a different drain? Being with groups of humans? Camaraderie? Sharing time with people with whom you have things in common? Well what if you aint got any COMRADES? Are you suposed to pretend your like one of the normals in order to have friends? Us mega misanthropes have tried that yeh... in the end its a waste of time and energy... So we either get on prescription or non presciP drugs and pretend to be normal people and waste our unique talent and gift to the world... If you think your gift to the world is to procreate and perpetuate the human race GTFO dis BLOG! ^^

I believe living life is doing what you love... your passion... So if your out there alone... working on your own things while everyone around you is "having the time of their lives" and Facebooking it up about how great and exciting they life is... pay no mind... If your out there making something no one else understands but you believe in it %9001 your just like me... I've always been a loner, a weirdo... it bothered me for awhile but then I realized its teh best thing ever ^ ^ So you can be alone have a "life" too... I put my life into my characters so they can live on screen for all to see... and I think thats a little better than me trading that for being an exciting Facebook friend.

We only have so much life to live... What will you do with yours? GO with the tide and be swept away into normal life? OR will you stand your ground and eventually go against the tide doing what it is YOUR DESTINY TO DO?! Which one sounds more exciting to you?

Here's a tip I use that has made my weirdo life EXCITING as FUCK... BE A HERO! Pretend your a hero in your own story... When faced with a decision say.... Hmmm if I was a hero in a manga/anime/movie what would I do? It will FORCE you to be braver and STRONGER it will force you to NOT WAVER AND FOLD WHEN ALL AROUND YOU DO SO! SO BE A HERO!!!

I gave you one of my wacko secrets ^ ^ I would not be able to be on shot # 1059 if I did't use this secret myself... YOU HAVE MUCH MORE STRENGTH AND RESOLVE THAT YOU'D EVER KNOW you just have to act like a HERO... Lets say there's only HERO's and VICTIMS... which are you... BUT WAIT THERE IS A THIRD I might just be a SUPER VILLAIN IN DISGUISE MUUAHAHAHAHAHAHa

So yeh if your alone and doin yer own thang I'm with you... LETS DO THIS SHIT!!! We can combine forces in the future and FAWK SHET UP!

Your wacko pal about to watch SHIGURUI again and eat a bagel on his exciting Friday night ^ ^

M doTs


  1. Fuck copulation. The alternative? I've got a rubber vagina with a handle that vibrates, and a piece of vibrating plastic to shove up my ass.

    5 minutes of that is better than any hoo-man pussy, and it won't distract you from being an hero.

  2. @James Id haha hey hey I said "a hero" not "an hero" ... the only film I liked in which the main character committed suicide was KEN.... hmm does Goku's thing with Cell count I da know?

  3. Haha please no "an hero" anyone!
    If you all die...then the "we are the strange" will only be "I are the strange"....

    I used to think it badly that I couldn't "Fit in" or be like everyone else..What a fool I was back then! They say their having the time of their lives? Well they can't be cause they aren't living my life! It's awesome!

    My only point in life is far more then just making more childrens..

    and if some childs are ever born of my doing...then they shall spread the win that we old men had fought for as young people!

  4. after you said you went to " How to Train Your Dragon"
    for one month I was thinking why ?
    after I've remembered Yagami Light I realized :" you want to be a hero and fight for justice" xD
    please don't laugh

    pleasure, fun time, copulate? what is that?
    I had another problemS xD

    I had no friends in child's age because I was very clever and no one has been able to understand me xD

    at 12 years I realized that I must save the world

    In 20 years, I realized that the world is not so good to be saved

    SuperMan has broken his rib

    while he was saving the world someone stole his bag

    Superman comes to the police and says: " someone stole my bag"

    I never thought what would I do if I were a hero of manga
    because I was born as a hero!
    in at least I was sure I am xD
    SuperMan helps all always,because all always need help
    when half of his life was wasted on this, he sat on a bench and pondered on what he was wasted his life..

    maybe there is nothing funnier than SuperMan crying about his wasted life

    Yes Superman was trying making art between helping others , saving the rest out of psychotherapeutic cabinet.. making coffee..and other very important things xD

    when the hero becomes a victim:

    When Superman looks like he is dead
    believe me they still continue coming for your help
    I was helping them, her, him, it ..
    I was a very gooD FRIEND, the BEST Friend EVER!
    yeah I will print at printer a diploma

    so yeah I can say if you are not so super if you are still at 50% a man
    because superman consists from two parts super and man ^ ^
    so yeah if you are not Jesus don't try
    just do what you can do

    devil! or you will waste your talent then your pals won't help you!
    so I realized
    nobody will help you then
    not you, not they,
    and you will be NOBODY

    ..this two parts are not connected with each other..

    To be honest, at the time when I was very hard
    WATS helped me
    in that moment when I lost my hope
    I have not known what should I do now
    I saw the darkness, the real darkness, and nothing,
    because in the dark there is nothing there
    so yeah when I have been nowhere M. he saved me !
    M. you saved me
    so be sure maybe David thinks that art will not save the world
    so maybe but for sure art can save me

  5. and as a true hero I know you know that

    if you're a true hero and you fight not for yourself BUT for them (or for th0se things)
    get ready to give your life for them

    so heroes are victims
    they bring themselves as a sacrifice
    as I do .. did.. done ^ ^
    I don't know whether it can be another way?

    so there are only SUPER VILLIANS and VICTIMS Muhahaha

    there are SUPER HEROES SUPER VICTIMS and just poor a little villians
    and ZOMBIES

    and who will win?

    Dont' be A Hero be a Zombie ^ ^

    for real I studied before at such place it was full of zombies
    they were walking through the dark corridors with black walls
    they did not even do anything evil
    they didn't suffer as victims
    as heroes they did not look like

  6. programmed mediocrity - it is a separate species

    zombie were attacking me in Academy of zombies

    Freud with Darwin lost their brains

  7. awesome post! i've been on quite the personal/creative journey this year myself growing a bunch and it's very inspiring to hear tips straight from one of my biggest inspirations. i've got some really cool stuff on the way, and i cannot articulate how excited i am for HSM. :)

  8. I must be honest when someone is using an acoustic guitar and writing their own music just because they want to to be creative
    I like it i don't much like the sounds of an acoustic...
    but i like what they're doing

    but if they're just regurgitating some song someone else made then yeah whats even the point

    All my life in my mind i pretended i was the hero of the world
    it's probably why my imagination is so active all the time
    I thought about making a blog post about the person i pretend to be in my mind
    but then i ate some ice cream and didn't do it...

    people have always made fun of me for begin different
    i remember that my whole life
    but i never really listened to anyone
    seems as if i was born programmed to only listen to what i have to say about anything
    everyone always told me that i was no fun
    that i wasn't funny
    that i'll never have any friends
    i'm not sure but that never got to me

    i'm conbstantly in a state of deep thought
    what would the world be like if?
    what other things could exist?
    how does this work?
    how can i improve this?
    how can i better myself here?
    that would be so cool if..

    an imagination is a terrible terrible thing to waste...
    (people say the scary thing is not when you ask yourself questions but when you answer them BAH i disagree completely)

  9. lol this kind of topics are always good for discussion. In my case i'm misanthropic to certain point, and sure, i agree that most people live a common life, nothing special or spectacular, but that's not a totally valid factor for seeing other people as lesser beings. what i'm trying to say is, as M once said: "it's not like the best way to do it, but its the way I DO IT". if your going to learn from a role model as he is, make sure to not follow blindly, take what best fits your personality and way of living, he lives the way he lives cause it's the path he choosed, which is totally acceptable, and it had worked FOR HIM, but that doesn't mean that u have to change your life totally as M so u can be like him someday, always learn in a humble, openminded, wise and critical way. Now, about the hero comparision which i think it's fantastic, every hero has something that he wants to protect, the problem is that sometimes what we want to protect is not what others want to protect, so our ideals clash and we end up being anti-heroes or villians to other peoples eyes, we do the same to the other people. But one thing that every single hero must have is DISCIPLINE, in order to protect what's important to you and don't fool around or forget what u once wanted to protect. So before posting "thanx M, u changed my life, now i'm going to be a hella awesome director and all my dreams will come true", make sure u're starting to do something about it, and thank M after u had succeded, this is my humble opinion, and once again, thanks M for all the fantastic stuff that u do cause it requires a lot of guts to do what you do, GoD bLeSs Ya.


  10. I like jokes as always
    why all so seriously relate to things? when kidding they take seriously but saying truth they are start laughing..
    I feel myself as a clown
    superman loser from GOA it is a character from my script
    but nobody laughs from this here
    but when I said about my life...somebody here is laughing

    lol really whole my life I thought that heroes are victims
    now I see that heroes can be villians LOLOLOL it is something new LOL
    @Erick ofcourse I could say something like:" PLEASE do not envy us if you're not a hero "
    but it would be stupidly
    for real Im sure there is no any heroes LOL
    so yeah I forgot to say "THANX M, u changed my life" ^ ^
    it is true
    as for me WATS changed my life from jumping from the window but not from
    mediocrity to genius ^ ^
    I made films before I've seen WATS
    @Erick ofcourse M. is wise
    because he is 99 years old ..we are still much younger so ofcourse we can't be such clever as he now but we grow up

    but for real life is a miracle
    Life it is a special story
    yesterday coming out of my apartment
    on the concrete floor was sitting a girl
    she was beautiful
    in a little black dress
    20 sec. and I saw her was standing and watching from the 9th floor down
    I know this is not high but it is enough to lose her life
    I went to her and asked
    "are you ok?"
    she was crying and said:" yeh I think I am" then she looked in my eyes
    smiled and said:" don't worry Im not going to do anything with myself"
    I smiled
    she said:" just all boys are assholes"
    I've asked if she wants to have a cup of coffee.. ^ ^

    she was beautiful was crying because of a boy
    so cute

    oh better she would be in my movie ^ ^

    why Erick you think that some one here is blind? lol
    and Reyori said truth
    he is also like M. Yagami Light, I know him, he is funny

  11. @Nikki Well if I make a special edition it would be the sellout Hollywood version "We are the derivative, unimaginative remake void of anything living cept for celebrity voice talent in 3D!" ^ ^

    YEH I HATED the end of death note! I wanted LIGHT TO WIN...SHET?!? AM I revealing my inner super villain?!? 0_0

  12. @M Dot
    When i first watched it all the way threw i was like
    it was a great series but i guess it just was to much uber ownage int he beginning and it just fizzled out
    i jsut recently watched it again and
    i stopped at L's death

  13. @16 bit KiLLs Bunny S lol, sorry, guess i should take things less deeply n___n, guess that comes with my distrusful personality xP, but yea, all with the intention of helping and giving another point of view, i consider myself a hero too cause i always try to protect what i believe in and no matter how many times i fail i keep trying, relate myself to kurosaki ichigo a lot n__n.

    Anyway, i agree with the idea that u should not let others to make you think that your life is not special or can't be meaningful and also i agree with the point of always be sincere with yourself and do and speak and act what's in your mind and heart, without minding what other people says about it.

    Soooo, with this point stablished all that's left for me it's to give ya all a hug and hope for your success n__n, never quit :).


  14. by the way xD lol

    @M dot Strange, i also wanted light to win xD lol

  15. Oh crap deathnote...That show..lol

    I wanted L to come out the winner, then he got all...gone...then I though "Ok well let's see Light win" and then He lost too!

    Isn't it ironic that both sides lost in the end?

  16. Raito (super!) but he couldn' t win because he made ONE mistake from the beginning
    and then he was just a genius
    L . couldn't win too it was a failed position also

    fight against corruption

    M. but you would not kill them? yeah ? ^ ^ so you have much more chances to win ^ ^

  17. of course I understand that this is a philosophical question
    but honestly I think that if Light had immortality and UNLIMITED power, NOT LIMITED by only DEATH note, he could create a new world
    if he knew how it is done ^ ^

    but Ryuk son of a bitch ^ ^ knew for sure where there is a trick with that death note
    that's why he threw it from himself FAR away ^ ^

  18. @ 16 Bit Holy comments bat man!
    lol i enjoy reading your comments though their interesting X3

  19. I was thinking about the static and dynamic values
    thinking of a Kira: for him
    to win was to make an ideal world.
    Kira could not win, not only because of his mistake
    iF he wins
    In a new world Kira is a law
    but could be Kira a law?
    and whether he was absolutely absolute?
    he could not become perfect law because perfect law the absolute and hence immutable

    so not being God, Light could not have created the ideal society
    because everything is changing except of a GOD
    the new world yes.. but not ideal
    to create the perfect law if there was a legislative and executive power in one person he should never change
    therefore, as the law Kira had to be an absolute value
    Is it at strength to a human, even whether he is a genius?

    even if he would have a full power of a spirit but had he?
    even if I like this character^ ^

  20. Kira had a great goal. He wanted to create a perfect world...Nothing wrong with that at all. The only problem is for all the evil he was trying to cleanse, he became evil himself....He was a walking hypocrite..he murdered the murderers and more. XD

    L wanted to end kira's crimes but became a victim to them himself.

    I think Ryuk is the winner in the series. He dropped the deathnote simply because he was bored...Light's whole ordeal provided Ryuk plenty of entertainment to fight the boredom ^__^

    Why are we talking about deathnote again? I'm gonna have to re-read these comments XD

  21. Scales to Themis deviated from zero
    from absolute zero
    He began to judge imperfectly because he was not perfect
    and even deprived of loyalty.. would came just totalitarianism
    the era of darkness
    Ryuk threw his notebook because he was bored
    He was bored because he had nothing to fix it in his own hell

  22. shorter than the sum up to create the perfect law, the law must be higher the human
    the law that higher than human?
    how can human create the law that higher than himself? marasmus 0_0
    ideal society-marasmus
    because society instability, evolving organism
    dynamic system

    I said NEW yes! and maybe even much better than we have now ..

    executive and the legislature can not be rolled into one person
    Kira could not be not obsessed or he would not be able to judge
    but his obsession at the same time rejected his Themis' s scales from zero

    measure was broken

    the formula is easy
    when there is a law then there is a crime
    for a crime of a law will be punishment
    because there is a law
    punishment is death
    but Kira wasn't immortal
    and he got death

    his laws
    in the new world could be if he would be a creator of this world
    but he got into an alien world in a world where he wasn't a master and began to create there own laws
    and was punished
    ofcourse because there was laws
    the same laws on which he judged too
    which judgment you will judge such judgment you will be judged
    dont want to be judged?
    so judge no lest ye be judged

    person can create a world equal to him
    and the extent to which the person would be perfect
    to that extent it would be perfect world
    but to capture an alien world and to create a perfect law is not an easy task
    that's why all were failed
    capture, yes,- but perfect judgment-no
    only equal to itself

    The absolute value of the real number is equal to that number, if it is positive, is the opposite number, if it is negative, and zero if the number is zero.

    so that a NEW world can be created but it will be as perfect as perfect you are yourself
    and if you are a creator of it

    Hey L. Drainage how do you think? ^ ^

  23. goal-perfect world
    methods- is absolutely correct
    Where is the mistake?
    he not correctly assessed his forces picked up the death note
    he overestimated himself and went preponderance of weights
    the fact that he has overestimated himself about this indicated by the result

    when the mistake is in the beginning how even technically correctly only can be the calculation, the result it will be wrong

    that's what prompted me to think that the mistake was in the beginning

    and what he was thinking in the beginning ?

  24. @16bit

    Well I think you've already said this in a way but my thought is simply that if you can create a world then it will only be as good as you are..and I firmly believe that nobody is perfect so there could never be a human made perfect world...

    Were you referring to me as L? Or did I miss read?

  25. oh please remove the upper comment

    I think there was some problem with conceptions xD

    there are two things one internal, one external which is the better? x3
    Let's take the world divide by 2 what work out?
    multiply by 4 and you will see a full picture of the world for sure LOL

    thinkin' about Absolute player
    if Kira would say as:" I WANT to create ideal world"
    it would be easier to catch him^ ^
    but :/ he said: "I am able" Kira was almost perfect ^ ^

  26. I want the world to know of my existense, - absolute when you are is more than the world

    I know that morality has cyclic structure as the conformity to law
    I think a lot of fans^ ^ can not imagine how Light was hard
    after all this when I watch the ending feel like crying
    but I know everything happened as it should be and not otherwise

    ideal morality should have like superstructure above the structure of the object
    like transcendental thing
    seems paradoxal I know

    but there is one rule I think defines the relationship between things and this is a thing in itself

  27. This post is exactly what i needed to read. My sisters want to complain to me about my solitary lifestyle and how i should get out more and crap and that i should work on getting more friends once i start college and even find a boyfriend, blah blah blah...(i hate going out at this time of year anyway, I despise the sun)

    I very much like keeping to myself. I find much more comfort in my notebooks and drawing pads than with people. (That's not to say I'm anti-social or something, i just hate wasting my time with people i know i won't get along with and that i know will not like like me.)I feel so happy where I'm at,and the thought of assimilation really scares me; blending in and losing my voice amongst the roar of the masses; forcing myself to whisper when i know i was made to sing...

    Even though i know it's not entirely healthy to be as alone as i am, i have no problem not listening to the same music as everyone else, watching the same shows as everyone else, or following the latest trends(aristocrat style rulz!^^),I'm just happy being weird ol' me.

  28. Yesterday I found a great truth, I ran so fast to share it with you all but while I was running I lost it on the road ^ ^

    but that thing I remember from this truth, so this is what we are not here just for feeding the mosquitoes

    and our life is given to us to save us

    pure of consciousness

    enlightened mind is
    seeing things as what are they are..

    there is bad there is good and there is a truth

    so here are 3 different things

    people do not pick up Death Notes ^ ^

    but while we are tied to material bodies, we can not judge somebody

    We only have a criterion judgments

    but criterion is a relative to concept it is not a concept itself and not is an

    absolute truth.

    All things that we do relates to the fact as what we have done

    We can not judge anyone because we have ' time'

    so No one human can say certainly is... because the way it is

    wandering in the darkness of darkness, I realized that life is short and given to us for the important things...

    and forgive me all for stupid comments because I am a human

    and thank you M. ^_^

  29. @Nikki Interesting thoughts my friend.... You should make a film or something ^ ^


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