The final showDOWN!

(Cue DBZ showdown music) So yeh I'm back getting ready for teh final showdown to finish the film... NOW I must come correct as meh homie Juan asked if that %80 included everything... so like no it does not thats only the animation phase which is the LONGEST phase of work for meh.... So once I'm done with the animation I will composite all the shots which will take 1-2 months as well as teh editing process which I will make quick work of... Once I get the music I will be able to start editing as I cannot do it before then.... ideally I would have liked to be editing all along but thangs work out like they does and I has to go wiF the flow if I am to work wif anyone else but myself nah mean? BUT No matter what happens I have backup plans in place to make sure the film is finished when I have planned it to be.

An idea... a feeling... a film... only has a certain shelf life or period of maximum relevance or impact I believe... there is a window of time floating in space that it needs to go through and I won't miss that window...I will do whatever it takes to make it there because if I don't all is lost... I'm going to go into pre-pro on my next film in 2011 and into production in 2012 so I can release it to you in 2013... and I will continue this 2 year cycle so hitting deadlines is important to me....

So to get ready OR mess with some edits sooner rather than later I turned one of the render slaves into meh editing/audio workstation... thats whats in the photo... I had 2 20" monitors sitting around and an extra keyboard and mouse AND that ol 8800gt laying here so I popped all that in that render slave... it will still be rendering most all the time but I can use it to edit or do sound stuff whenever I want too...

SO I'm planning to have ALL ANIMATION done by the end of September AND the ENTIRE FILM done before Jan 1st 2011... Now you may be asking yourself why is it going to take 3 months to do %20 of the animation?!? WELL because I'm going to DO SOME CRAZY SHIT!!!! and its the end of the film so ya know it has to be the best work I I set more time aside for the end... I should be animator BEAST by now so with all that time I'm going to pull off some madness....

Thanks again for your support... I get back to work on Monday as I have some more computer/file management stuff to do before then.....


  1. Yo brostrange, I was hoping you could get a big team for that new movie you said, because if the world ends in 2012, we won't be able to see it. :(


  2. I say what K9 said. It's only proper, weather Armageddon happens or not. OH! and thanks for the mention brother!

  3. So close! I can't wait! XD

    Pass the gold medal...Go for the medal factory man!

    I've been listening to my mp3's on the road a lot...and a 2a03 seems to be on there right now...I'm still loving that stuff XD
    So thanks you for that too ^__^

  4. I like everything I just read. I'm going to do everything in my power to come see the premier of this. I'm not in the military anymore, so there's not much of an excuse for me not to.

  5. To me giant in a black coat has come and said that the end of the world in 2012 won't be


    ok, who else believes in 13 Mitchell-Hedges ?
    No Indiana Jones no Hitler don' t touch
    Anubis bad dog bad dog

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  7. very good, sir!!! ya gotz me VERY exciteddddd. can't wait! i will def do my end of promotion even 10 times better than i did for WATS when the time is right. ^_^

  8. when m dot said ques DBZ theme i did not
    instread i went to youtube and did this
    Awesome stuff

    but yeh i can imagine at the end of august m dot would post "opps I went to crazy and finished ahead of schedule...."

    you're an animating tank mayne

    but seriously you never did answer me where did you go for vacation?

  9. @reyori My latest youtube video will answer your question and generate more ^ ^

  10. I had a dream last night that you directed Toy Story 3. I woke up in a cold sweat. Not that Toy Story 3 will neccessarily be bad, just damn that was scary. I guess I'm psyched to see what you've been doing the past 3 years.

  11. rock it mdot!

    excited for you!



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