i R bacK

Ok I r back from my 2 week break and will soon be full powered UP to pwn the last %20 of the film to be done... sorry to worry you Nikki ^ ^ I r alive... and I'd like to say SUP to my old friend Alien Leader and BAH BAH BAH to my homie Stone who I was kickin wif last week....I shall be back to post a real like post soon.... sanks for your support yallS and Endikas hard drive was ok in the end ^ ^


  1. >:0 Im not worry ^ ^
    I am in- sanely ^ ^
    or insanely
    or in Sanly
    honestly The three of us were worried of goo< Oh no no I dont know xD
    ok roll on the couch ! ^ ^

    Hurrah! hard drive still alive
    and you alive too ^ ^

    now I cant die INSIDE I died from waiting

  2. well I'll confess you a secret ^ ^
    I even had an idea that you r at home
    and then I thought we would sit here another month
    and then
    100% of HSM and "Hi" skool starts tommorow xD

    and we r like : uh oh oops xD

    i was dieing without hearing what was going on!
    .... well not really...

    where did you go anyway?
    and it's great to hear about endika's hardrive having a happy ending wew lol

  4. I started to think maybe you were dead because you hadnt made a backup or something. hope you had an awesome break but now it's time to get back to work ;)

  5. yay fer Enkida's HD being ok, i was listening to that name name name error thing u posted on youtube a while ago and been checkin out some of panthelion's other stuff too, and it's getting me pumped for the sound of HSM

  6. you can do it m >.<. Just 20% more :P. By the way, i'm looking forward to see more of ur videos and take your animation animation :). do we need to have previous knowledge in order to take your class?, what kind of materials and stuff do we need to have? do we need to have webcam & microphone?. hope to see ur movie finished man :), keep making great stuff

  7. @ Reyori ... wasn't dieing? as you were here so quickly ? xD
    but ran as fast
    right after me rofl
    not be ashamed of your feelings xD

    I know real men do not have feelings
    I hope it not hurts your feelings
    Reyori, Oh no, no, please, don' t beat me this might hurt my feelings

    0_0 .. OOOh nononothankyouverymuch

    no no only not scoop >:0

    cross from the grave? HAh ^_^ cool draw big cross at half of page
    and write I r back

  8. AH! Awesome!

    I was so hoping you hadn't died or anything d00d. I was seriously about to get the mdot symbol tattoo'd on my but or something!

  9. Maikeru's back!

    Nice to have you back too! ^__^

    Your trip went well I hope?

    Not that I mean to be a stalker or anything. XD

    Real men do have feelings..Why do you think so many people are fake? They aren't honest. They hide what they feel and act like nothing phases them. just some random though from your local 64 man ^__^

  10. Oh and really relieved to know that Endika's hard drives ok :D

  11. HOLY SHAT!!! YES!!!! is the last 20% the editing?? 'cause i wasn't sure if that percent counter included post production, and like, rendering different versions and stuff.

  12. Drainage 64 sweet ^ ^
    Of course I know they do have feelings xD
    but they have a hard feelings to show their feelings
    because they afraid that someone might hurt their feelings

    and yes aliens are smart^ ^ I know

    but I dont understand one thing...


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