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So I got back to work today... I had started his sequence before I left... its one of the more complex sets with the most characters and the most complex animation involved so its slow work... there's nothing more frustrating than a slow viewport and slow response time from an app... BUT its kind of unavoidable with super heavy scenes... I use layers and switch off stuff Im not using to speed things up but its still a slow process... I might just animate the characters in they own separate scenes before pasting them back into the main scene... I'll deF have to find a smoother way of working as the slow grind tends to lead to procrastination as my mind is not constantly occupied... I'm also going to think about just doing After Effects 2.5d comp tricks for the background characters and crowd stuff.... been using imG planes with CHaR on them in Mograph cloners but even that tends to get slow with what I'm doing... its like why use 3d chaR if they are blurred out of focus in the bg anyway? I'm going to have to work smarter from here on out... the average scene file for this sequence is like 1gigabyte.... Since I'm on 64bit with Cinema 4d 64bit no memory errors in sight... the renders arent taking that long either... its just the user interface that gets slow.... the rigs for these particular characters are funkY cause they slow the FPS down much more than the other characters... probabLY too many expressions er something... I went a little overboard when setting up some of these characters with all the buttons and automatic crap... its kinda tite to think about BUT the viewport slowdown isn't worth it so I should have kept them simple stupid meH... it aint no thang though all these characters are about to die anyway ^ ^


  1. So what would you look for in a computer to improve viewport speed?

  2. I'm a VERY patient man it's a great virtue to have
    all though slowness is something unavoidable on a computer
    it's also unavoidable IRL

    maybe for you're next computer you should install C4D too you're brain
    then you could finish you're movie in like
    what a few months? XD

  3. is there a way to do like, inverted SSS? like, if something is out of range, or blurred out, during the render, it will minimize the number of polygons on an object?

  4. nooo dont kill them! they probably have more feelings than the simple ones.. dont they

  5. its better to burn the data on a dvd, because in a few years it will be easy for a computer to use it.


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