Does great desire = great work?

Ya know I've been thinking about where 3d animation is heading... its been getting easier and easier to do and yes eventually it will be so easy "anyone can do it".... NOW anyone can do it today WITH ENOUGH DESIRE to sit down and learn! NOW I know theres people out there who say "I'm just a storyteller...I just want to tell stories and I'll wait till its easy enough to do so" Now if you ask me THEY LACK DESIRE... So using my awesome MatH skills I'll be like NO DESIRE = CRAP WORK... Having said that I'm sure some kids will create some ILL STUFF with these new super easy tools but they won't do so because its the easiest thing they just happened to be the current state of technology when they got the desire to tell stories... BUT if your an adult today and your using this "I'm just a storyteller" excuse... WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE?! You have none other than because your lazy and you lack desire most likely...

I see people complaining about Zbrush's interface..."waiting for something easier to come along" when Zbrush brush is like the most amazing 3d sculpting tool ever AND its easy to use?!?!

I see people complaining that 3d character animation is just "way too difficult" waiting for it to get easier... WHEN its never been easier with all the auto-rig setups and NLA systems built into most apps...

I see people waiting to make they animated films so they can raise the money to "hire professionals" You and your PC are a professional OR AT LEAST YOU CAN BE if you do thangs right...

I mean is that stupid looking thing the future you've been waiting for?! 0_o Only $8000!
You could buy a workstation AND a small render farm and everything else you need for that price...

So I believe if your not a kid still in school and you have a PC and an internet connection there is NOTHING in your way to make your 3d animated films EXCEPT YOUR OWN LACK OF DESIRE... its like art is building in its own darwinism factor... the only people who will create are the ones who have a strong enough desire...and the ones lacking desire would have made crap in the end its better for everyone ^ ^

AND of course this is just ALL TALK from me eh? But when I drop HSM people will wonder HOW I did such a thing on my own in such a short time with such a small budget and I'll be like DESIRE HOMIE!

So do what you gotta do to keep the desire strong!As long as you have the desire you can figure out how to do the rest pretty easily.... I found my secret I've been using all these years when I read the hagakure whilst researching HSM...

The way of the Samurai is in desperateness. Ten men or more cannot kill such a man. Common sense will not accomplish great things. Simply become insane and desperate


  1. there's kids in school doing moar work then some people
    (Manamo ftw)
    And my friend was going on one day about a program he found that models rigs and does animation for you
    but it was looked own upon by the community cause your admitting you have no skill

    I can imagine when i get around 40 years old ther'll be build your own computer kits for kids ages 20 and up
    i bet 3D animation will become like painting
    Anyone with half a brain would be able to do it
    And nobody would utilize it properly and just make pretty landscapes

    (by Michael Crandol) "Animation should be an art....what you fellows have done with it is making it into a trade....not an art, but a trade....bad luck ." Thus Winsor McCay, father of the animated cartoon, pronounced the doom of the very industry he had inadvertently helped create.
    Copy Pasta from here

    He was all to right...

  2. I desire to voice act in your movie. I'll be patiently waiting for my train ticket in the mail.

  3. ps: I needed this motivation. I'm kind of having trouble getting all my actors to actually sit down and work. I'm probably just going to kill them, tie strings to their limbs, and puppet their asses.

  4. @Andrew
    Try mind control i find it works better

  5. I know this is unrelated, but you got some kickin socks

  6. @Reyori Thanks for the ambiguous comment that like... 2 people got,
    no but seriously thanks dude.

    And desire is one of the biggest things that fuel any creative process, I dont think Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Rezso Seress, Van Gogh, Lynch, and Kubrick made such creative and completely inspiring things without desire, a lack of desire brings a lack of creativity.

    @ Death by Stone
    His socks ARE kickin'

  7. @ M. your socks are famous ^ ^

  8. I dunno.. M's socks are okay I guess. I think you guys are just trying to make him feel better about himself.

  9. (btw for my first comment i meant kids ages 4 and up no idea how i got 20 o.0)
    i don't like wearing socks

  10. Here is a cheaper mocap system. Less than 1000 bucks


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