Essential free C4d add-ons for meH

Here's a few little free plug-ins that I've found essential to my workinG on shots everyday...

Xs-tab : Doesn't seem like a big deal BUT when you have to open a menu to switch between project files everytime like all day you'll appreciate this one PLUS you get to see all open projects at a glance...I have it at the bottom of the layout near the status menu...check out his other scripts and plugs too!

Object 2 View: Find it in the "goodies" section of his site... again seems so simple BUT when your working with big scenes and your camera isn't pointing at 0,0,0 this thing REALLY comes in handy when merging new objects into the scene that you want it in front of your camera

OLX: Older versions of C4d used to let you populate the Object menu with your own objects AND this lil thang lets you do that with its own popup menu... I have it's icon on the top of my main window... I store all the objects that I use on a regular basis in it for easy and fast access...

Height 2 Normal: This nice lil shader converts height maps to normal maps for you inside of itself ^ ^ So you don't need an external normal map generation program... just drop your bump or displacement map in it and you've got a normal works great!

When your doing similar tasks all day every day little tools like this make a big difference... its all about workflow! In the future I'll share my layout's and scripts which I've been using to work on the film... I might even share some models and rigs etc ^ ^


  1. @ Reyori OMG forgot to ask are you walking in art galleries in giant robot?

    I am not hiding^ ^, I am not saving the world now , yes I got a giant robot^ ^ that's actually the second one after M.'s ^ ^ but I am not walking in giant robotS I am walking in Thomas^ ^

    I have white sneakers with red KOIS :D

    I have dizziness now , pain, poor coordination in space^ ^ that's why I can't pilot my giant robot now lol

    dunno why I am the Indigo child lol

    Reyori Don't believe the Indigo childs , no any indigo childs , only could be a few and I ^ ^ lol

  2. These all look potentially useful in the near future.
    Thankyou very much crazy person!

  3. thanks for the tips Master D, one dumb question, when you make proxies to edit you use the same EXR format or Quicktime?
    Keep on working, keep on shipping...

  4. @yall Sure! ^ ^

    @Imaginario So yes after the 3d renders are done I import all the EXR's into After Effects... they are not composited yet..just raw 3d renders... So I render out quicktime mov's with the same dimensions 1920x802 and frame rate 24fps as the finals except I use the P_jpeg codec at %75 for my offline edit... So I'll cut with the P_jpeg mov's... then after compositing and rendering I'll replace the mov's in that edit with the final completed ones.

  5. thanks for the tip...I was trying to edit sound at 1920*1080 and my pc was...suffering


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