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Sometimes I spend 8 hours on like 42 frames like yesterday 0_0 I don't know if I explained it here yet BUT.... my normal quota for the film is about 7 shots/day but this month for this CRAZY sequence its only 2 shots/day....Why? AM I LAZY!!?!? ^_^ The shots are so complex and dense I can barely get through 2 a day and even then since the scenes are so big with so many characters and sims going on and all this crap my computer gets so unresponsive I started pounding the keyboard... I HATE TO WAIT ^ ^  The thing these shots dont take very long to render the render nodes handle them fine its displaying them and manipulating them that takes forever... c4d has a great multithreaded renderer but a lot of the things I'm using in the scenes Mograph fracture objects with hundreds of things inside with modyn on...I even created characters to be destroyed by separating they body parts and putting them in a fracture object...of course I had to use constraints to re-attach the separated mesh pieces from the joints...but yeh 22 of characters like that in a scene KILL IT... the UI is is really unresponsive as I think a lot of those calculations are single threaded AND yer probably NOT "supposed" to be using it like I am ^ ^ Causes a bunch of crashes on my SUPER STABLE XP c4d install... So crazy scenes...slow ui + crashes makes for a not so fun time but I think I might be through the most complex shots now...

On a side note: If you DON'T read Battle Angel:Last Order by Yukito Kishiro YOU ARE MISSING OUT... the man is a GENIUS storyteller/world/character creator/ ILL MOPHUCKIN ARTIST! I've read and re-read both the BAttle Angel and BAtlle Angel:Last Order books over and over just got the new one yesterday and it was amazing! If you want to see what true dedication, originality and skill is pick those up!
To me that d00d and Kentaro Miura who does BERSERK are the baddest men on the planet! I love and re-read them both over and over... they are LIGHT YEARS beyond everything else I have found... although the d00d who does Hellsing is pretty fucking crazy too ^ ^

Also I went to see INCEPTION when it opened and yeh... Chistopher Nolan pretty much OWNS all of HOllywood...he is the best studio writer/director by FAR... most Hollywood films are like made for a 6th grade education in they lacking depth and complexity while inception is like some doctoral level shit! I've seen all his films... and I like Memento, The Prestige and Inception the best... NOW having said that...it was still just a "film" too me... I didn't go beyond... as too me if made me think a lot yes but it didn't make me feel anything beyond oh no guns watch out...So it was a thinking experience for me and not a feeling one...I tend to enjoy a mixture of both but that is very rare..So it was very male to me... cold and calculating...it was brilliant in its "inception" ^ ^ and execution... but its like it was made from the mind and not the heart... I tend to like stuff that speaks to the heart as well...  Like anything of the three from YĆ“ji Yamada's Samurai trilogy... nothing technically fancy or complex in that but the man knows how to pull the heartstrings and it seems sincere and makes you care about the characters and they situation... While watching inception I didn't really care about any of the characters..I liked them...I thought they were novel and unique but I didnt really care so much about they well being or they goals... It was like it was made by someone who was OBVIOUSLY skilled, intelligent and SUPER clever but missing the emotional intelligence and/or vocabulary that is required to speak to a jaded heart such as my own ^ ^

But again it was a lot of fun and I thought it was awesome....and I hope it does really well and he wins lots of awards ^ ^ I think it would be awesome if it started a "smart and complex" film trend in Hollywood...I would go see more films in the theaters if that happened... because yeh I was in 6th grade once... and I dont want to go back there and I dont want to watch films that are made for that that low level of consciousness....ok back to work for me...


  1. I think a friend of mine used to read Battle angel. I think I'll look into that.

    One thing I'd like to see in films is less of the same one liners and jokes...
    Like your watching a movie and the dudes like "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore" and I just want to yell "YA THAT HASN'T BEEN FUNNY FOR LIKE 20 YEARS!! ARRAAAAGGGHHHH!

    haha anyway I was wondering if Inception would be any good..

    Oh and I was wondering..How do you define what a shot is exactly? Is it like so many frames ='s a shot or is it something else?

  2. DERP
    The reason your C4D is so slow is because you haven't deleted system 32 man
    I did it as soon as i got my laptop

  3. First of all, WoW, m dot posted a post on my bday xD. second, i've heard a lot of berserk in the past but never have seen it o.o, my favorite manga is monster though, but if M says it's good for me, i'll bite it :). and third. happy nearby bday M xD!!, you rock :P

  4. Alita is SO AMAZINGGG, original and Last Order. I just got the new volume too, astonishing. Constantly amazed by how he ups the stakes and epicness in every volume :) And amazing characters and backstories.

    I've been meaning for AGES to enter the character design contest!!! I need a good idea tho >_<#

  5. On the subject of manga comic books, have you ever read "Mysterious Girlfriend X"?
    It's not action though. :(
    I thought it was really weird at first but now I think it's the best thing ever.

  6. Things just get moar nd moar Xitin don't theY!!..


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