Locking it up and breaking it dowN

The shot that is rendering right now at about 6 hours per frame takes 22.7 gigs of ram to render 0_0 I cached the dynamics sim and optimized as best I could but its still nuts... I couldn't even preview it because it locks up with a hardware render and the software render takes 6 hours per frame so I just sent it to the farm.. hoping it is right... Actually I've been working a lot like that... after completing over 1000 shots now I work intuitively... I can animate by just placing keyframes and manipulating they f-curves without playing it back its like after all this time I know hows it going to look.... as you should right? I remember the first time I read the animators survival kit I couldnt understand the little spacing charts but now I speak they language ^ ^

So this week I'm been locking up C4d many times a day as I'm pushing it to see how far it can go... ModyN is amazing...its so easy to use SO of course I'm going to enslave and abuse it ^ ^ So far so good... when I lock it up its understandable as I'm doing some crazy shit...

Sometimes you have to stop acting like an expert with that voice in yer head that goes "Thats not supposed to be?!" Yeh some times you just have to do what yer not supposed to in 3d just to see what will happen... I've made a lot of creative breakthroughs like that...

Its like at first you dont know what yer doing so you do everything "wrong" Then you learn how yer "supposed" to do it... ya know like the established conventions that everyone follows and thats good BUT if you never veer away from those conventions your work will just look like everyone else's who follow dem same conventions just go browse cgtalk's galleries 0_0 FOR some reason this is like a plague in 3d... everyone does it the "right way" I guess that "right" way is dictated by the film and video game franchises that make lots of money cause thats how most all of the stuff looks...  Every time I see a creative still on that site its 2d... maybe its because usually people who are technical get into 3d? Its like they are technical first, creative second? I was creative first THEN I learned the tech skills.. well I'm still learning so WATCH OUT! ^ ^ YOU can always learn the technical stuff BUT if you fall out of touch with the creative side its really difficult to get back up to speed especially with the pressure of the real world nipping at yer heels... its like how are you supposed to do it when people are like "FUCK I HAVE BILLS TO PAY THINK OF SOMETHING CREATIVE!?!?!" So develop the creative skills while you are young and don't have all that pressure... its a lot easier learning the tech shit under pressure because its a mechanical process...

 Cause I mean its great to have super clean topology and everything but that's not going to inspire people... its the ideas, the vibes, the story, the new and different things, the things with power... that inspire people... Demo reels get you hired yes BUT they do not inspire yer fellow man er WomaN... So think about where you are right now and why you do things in 3d... If you aren't being pressured to actively look for a 3d job right now WHY are you making demo reels like everyone else? WHY are you modeling and rendering SOMEONE ELSE'S IDEAS?! WHY?! Do your own DAMN THING!

The world of 3d allows you to create ANYTHING you can imagine! So why do people still keep on creating the same 20 things in the same 3 or 4 styles? I MEAN I KNOW "WHY" "to get hired" but again if that's not your goal right now... why?


  1. My idea is that if anyone is so desperate for money then they need to get some kinda job...but NOT in the 3d field.

    Get a separate job that can pay for your living while in the off time, Create!

    Then when you get enough to live with out that crappy job, Dump it and work full time on what you do ^__^

    That's my planning anyway..or some of it anyway >:)

  2. @Drainage64 Actually, that's exactly my plan :). aAt this point i'm studying in order to be a language teacher, but my hidden agenda is to use that career so i can work in what i like at the same time as i earn some money for a living :)

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iZ-fz8XkPg&feature=related

  4. i stopped watching demo reels a while ago since they're filled with boring

  5. as i am young i've been doing a lot of things besides 3D
    i gots a whole GB of word documents of random stuff i gotted down while watching anime or brains storming or playing games
    things that really caught my attention

    as for 3D i have like 5 videos of 3D work
    when i animate i animate for fun
    i have abunch of randomly ridiculous things i've never shown the world
    like on time i tested how many different ways i could use the explode tag in C4D
    Or the meta sphere thing
    turns out it only works well with spheres... nothing else retains a shape
    BUT I WANT BOX GOO I SAY! i'll figure it out someday

    In many ways C4D is a game to me
    I have a blast playing with materials
    i think i'll go do that now ^_^


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