Manga artists deserve more RESPECT

Ya know I realized the art and the stories that I love the most are BOTH in manga... NOW like these 3 of my all time fav's which I think are 3 of the best EVER...Berserk, Vagabond, and Battle Angel: Last Order... the thing about these "manga artists" they are not only awesome artists with MAD technical skills and also SUPER creative they are ALSO master storytellers creating they own worlds...

Ya see I don't understand why people who just paint random paintings get so much respect as "artists" THEY are NOT telling stories... they are not creating worlds... they are not creating realistic characters and saga's that live on in the minds of those who read them... NOW if like the painters were THAT MUCH BETTER ARTISANS over the manga artists I'd be like ok BUT THE ART IN THESE MANGA's DESTROYS like most all contemporary painters and artists 0_0 So why aren't art galleries filled with the art from these manga's instead of some d00ds random paintings?

The answer probably lies in the value of scarcity... Gallery owners couldn't charge $50,000 for a painting if it was mass produced in a book the gallery owners hype a particular artist creating some type of buzz around the artists persona er something the through the value of scarcity they are able to sell them for huge sums of money to rich people who want to be told what to buy and why... if you ask me the "art world" is mediocre compared to the art in my faV manga's...

BUT from what I know a manga artists persona is usually low key... they work long hours alone and do it because they have a passion ...because they love it... they are not trying to be a rockstar or anything like that...

AND they usually get RIPPED OFF A TON by other "artists" how many times have you seen this image from the original battle angel ripped off?

I've seen it a lot where art, characters, stories...different elements are copied from a lot of my faV manga... This whole short is pretty much all ripped off from battle angel... the style, the world, the character design...

The new Battle Angel is so INSANE I'd like to see some fucko try to copy it...its undefinable and awesome

So yeh I'm just constantly amazed by these three manga's and if your looking for something amazing and inspiring BOTH for the art and the story check them out! I think manga artists are the greatest living artists ^ ^


  1. I'mma compare what you said about manga to my fave type of music and also the most underrated currently: METAL. :D

    Everyone in the genre is labelled untalented, and yet emo music is considered gr8. I mean check this.
    original metal song

    Rip off
    Bullet for my Poopentine

    original metal song

    rip off
    ZZ Poop

    And I can name tons more like that.
    Why do these shitty rip offs get the fame while the good bands get bashed just for their genre?

  2. How do you feel about James Cameron making a battle angel movie? Seems so strange to see hollywood paying attention to manga/anime so suddenly - used to be an underground thing

  3. James Cameron's making a battle angel movie?!
    not sure how I feel about that.

  4. BERSERK is def my all-time favorite anime. i just recently got the collector's remastered edition of it in the mail. one of my disc would always skip on one of the coolest episodes (where caska was about to get raped and griffith shows up for the first time and teaches her to fight for her own destiny).

    and i just recently have been watching samurai champloo. i'm def loving it. on the 4th disc. but yea i am gonna check out some of the manga you mentioned on this post.

    oh and i happened to see inception today and it was def surprising. i didn't know anything about it but was very pleased. i agree with you though, if i cared more about the characters it would have been even better.

    hay m! btw, i have a neat video coming out in the coming weeks. and i have many projects on the way. i've been leveling up and working on my inner/outer game for the past few months. it has already enriched my creativity. got my best material yet on the way. ^_^

    alright man, much love and keep workin' hard! HSMMMMMMMMM!!!! AHHHHHH!!! XD

  5. not sure I agree with you entirely here. their artwork is, true, astoundingly better then their peers in any other industry. but their storytelling is as vapid as, if not more so, than American television. the problem is that you're highlighting the exceptional storytellers in the industry without verifying that they are outliers from a statistic crammed with generic, meaningless stories relying on familiar tropes and stereotyped drama. in America we experience only the standout but over there, it's no different from our own American comics; the industry is dominated by tepid, boring, mediocre, crass trash designed to successfully appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    but then, i wonder sometimes if it's not those very same properties that allows it to do so well over here.

  6. I read the first Battle Angel when I was like.. 13 or 14 and was blown away. I only got to read the first two Vagabonds a few years later. You got me into Beserk. Basically... you're right. Easily the 3 raddest mangas out there. I don't even really care all that much for most manga.
    Bastard was pretty interesting if I remember it right.

  7. Cameron's Alita movie will/must never happen.

  8. Ghost in the Shell : Innocence is the best ! ^ ^

    haha don't beat me Battle Angel with kind heart

    I appeal to your kind heart , I am serious , I am afraid you will beat me ^ ^

    I mean anim0
    In any case Masanori Ota 's manga is terrible

    ok ok we all shall go to Mars in this
    Mamoru Oshii and Masanori Ota has lacked I agree

    wikipedia rules the world 0_0
    James Cameron's making movie?
    He even knows how to make movies 0_0

  9. I was in an art gallery a while ago
    it looked an awful lot like this
    PAinting 1
    PAinting 2
    Painting 3

    I'd go on but i think you get the point
    that's a crappier version of a phototgraph
    Realism "Art" is even worse
    sure you have cool skills and can make some realistic paintings
    But the result of seeing it is always the same
    every time i see one all i think is "Cool story bro"

    I'm sick of the Art they're using
    they're using it to make money
    ALL the great artist's painting became valuble after they died not before
    But still there is no price tag for a work of art it's jsut a human greed idea that came along somewhere

  10. haha @ Reyori yes I wanted to say it

    the greatest artist is dead artist!

    then I thought that's some kind of infernal thought ^ ^

  11. The anime Noein had an interesting style, whenever the action got super intense over9000, the 'drawing' would become this rough sketchy fast pencil test style, so it was totally focused on the intensity of the action and nothing else.

  12. Have you ever reaad that manga Parasyte? That is an awesome book as well. Go grab it today!

  13. i TOTALLY agree!!! These artists are amazing! As an artist I definitely get inspired by this form of art. because it is art. Im western myself but I think western people still need to be convinced some time before they realize it too.


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