Page 74?!??!?!

So I'm pretty much spending the whole month on ONE page of the script... I'm almost finished with this crazy page... what I've been doing is not even the whole page its like a few sentences ^ ^ It's like X character fights these guys then like this army and giant monster attack.... Its the part of the film where in my head I'm like THIS HAS TO BE THE MOST AGGRO SHIT IN THE FILM and apparently crazy epic aggro stuff takes forever too make 0_o I'm going to spending 3 days on the last shot of this sequence as its the most complex shot of the film... GOOD THING my film ideas aren't totally full of mindless action or else it would take me like 12 years to make one film...

Just so yall know... as my current computer setuP will be adequate for my needs for another 2 years probably... HSM will be completed before the end of 2010... it will be on display in various ways in 2011... In 2011 I will be in pre-production on my next film... then I will take 2012 to produce the whole film and I will release it in 2013 as I do pre-pro on the next film to produce it the following year... and in 2013 I'll buy new computer systems ^ ^  NOW you might be thinking OH M dot is getting ahead of himself as he hasn't finished HSM yet... I'm working on the end of the film now and I can ASSURE YOU will be finished in 2010... AND I've tested and re-tested my I get more experience I work faster AND the quality of the work goes up SO... HSM will end up taking 14 months to complete the actual work... I started in October 2009 and will finish December 2010.... I'm totally confident that I can complete the next one in 12 months total... also I might have ONE person helping me with the 3d/animation etc next time around...

I WOULD LOVE to release a new film every two years and you probably would be too eh ^ ^ 4 years is TOO LONG... so that is my goal... ALSO when I get the time I'M GOING TO LEARN THIS GAME ENGINE thing so I can allow you to experience the worlds of my new 3d films... I have so many more ideas for that as well... but alas I'm just one d00d right now so yeh...back to page 74...



  2. Yeah those hardcore action scenes are tough to animate. In fact: they're the reason I don't animate so much anymore -- I got tired of those. Sorry if this sounds like a moocow excuse.

  3. the end of the world begins ^ ^

    Oh virtual reality cool ! xD
    hey who shall be gosu Mdot-san

    w00t I wanna be ninja RAIN

    I hope he will be resurrected at the End of the World xD


    or he got only head now?

    I wanna be RAINRAISER xD

    oh np M. ..we'll catch for you few red-eyed Matrix-geeks ..on location xD

  4. As you want to do more stuff it'd be pretty cool if you started your own production studio like studio ghibli. And you can be like hayao miyazaki have your own little production studio.

  5. Michael Myers dju still wear those socks ?

    Michaels Myers was sitting at his comp when his BIOS battery has died, and they died inside not on Halloween but on Xmas

  6. ThNX GOD we have one Hayao Miyazaki

    I don't want to watch everyday Tonari no Totoro

    and M dot Strange is the only one

    he is A special... I don't want any Ghibli anymore xD

    but 0_0 @ freakjobb you gave a good idea

    about Ghibli

    as Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co. some GAME company could sponsor the project

  7. You better hope the mayan calendar doesnt end on dec 21 2012 for the apocalypse, otherwise you better get cracking on those films...

  8. @16bit

    Yes these ARE Michael Myers socks! I harness the same evil druid powers ^ ^


    I know I'm worried! Whats your filmmaking before apocalypse plan?! Take some no sleep drug from now till then? I'm thinking of that 0_0

  9. awesome!!! your post get me so excited for the future of mdotstrangeeee. ^_^

    btw, earlier this week i posted a vlog on my youtube updating ppl on my upcoming projects and i shouted you out in it. :)

    you're forever loyal fan,
    davey d

  10. Well i know there's only one M dot, but i meant like miyazaki in the way that even though he runs the company still one of the animators and artists and doesn't just sit back and let everyone else do the work.

  11. @ freakjobb
    I'm in no way want to shatter your credibility here, no,
    nothing to worry about, M. has an ability to read subtext,
    no need to explain
    I think you worry not about me ^ ^

    I would like to play with him in childhood in hide-and-seek ^ ^

    "Animage" was publishing Miyazaki's manga Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa
    "Tokuma Shoten" the owner offered Miyazaki to make screen version

    producer Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co. Ltd -->
    director co-founder Isao Takahata + Hayao Miyazaki + studio "Topcraft" a subcontractor of American studio "Rankin-Bass" = Ghibli as
    a subsidiary company of Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co. Ltd
    "Ghibli" gemmated a flower "Senior Ghibli"

    studio is as a studio^ ^ will born as studio and die as studio or will be ethernal ^ ^ as a corporation

    I want to ruin the legend about the divine mysteriously born Studio Ghibli
    and the legend about aloner samurai Miyazaki her creator

    Tokuma was her mother and father

    Yasuyoshi Tokuma

    then the child was adopted twice

    and I know you mean unique stamp of company, yes it is

    and I meant to make something like Ghibli as you said it needs to find something as Tokuma

    but there is another way..


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