DIS may be the most important thing so that you can go from a blurry shot# 385 in Jan 2010
 Its blurry I know SorrY.... and now because of Teh_NAH_CITY I'm on shot@1099...

AND I learned how to take pics in FOCUS... NOw there were a lot of tough times when I just wanted to go to sleep instead of animate cause I was so tired.... there were a few times early on when I felt like I didn't really know what I was doing and I thought what I was doing was phaiL... BUT by having TEH_NASTY disposition with my work and when thinking about doing anything else or going anywhere I was all TEH_NAH_CITY and refused.... and everyday my TENACITY won't allow me to quit until my quota for the day is filled...I'm still going...

SO WHAT AM I SAYING?! Sometimes you might feel like politically neutral dog when everyone around you is giving you advice dog advice... but those are the times when you just got to grind it out and become INSANE WOLF!!!

AND by killing of course that means getting your movie made ^ ^ MURDER THOSE FUCKING SHOTS!!!!!


  1. Thats bad ass dude, i wish i had teh Nah City, like you i get to distracted sometimes, to easly and i find myself vearing away from my projects, i just need to get things done. i cant wait for your film.

  2. Turns out i can grind and grind and grind for hours
    i was just doing it in the wrong place
    I was playing an online MMORPG
    now i have light carpal tunnel wew
    i spent so long just burning through the levels
    i consider this endurance practice for the future X3

  3. Have you seen these?

    i've tried them they really help when don before and after work and every hour during work

    just lookin out for yeh these can prevent the need of surgery


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