Things are heating uP

Sorry I haven't written here more... the "u" on this Xombie laptop doesn't work so it makes it annoying to type as I have to click the u key on an on screen keyboard...but anywAR... its been in the 90's this week and my main lil computer has been getting so hot I r running it with the top oFF AND today I have my first "out of memory" error on a shot for the film... didn't happen till shot # 1077... this shot caused about 30 freezes while I was working on it too 0_0 It has 3 characters interacting in a huge set... a ton of particles, dynamics sims and crazy volumetric other words it was too much to render in one pass... So I just used an object buffer to isolate the fg chaR and rendered the CRAZY render killing stuff as a separate pass away from the chaR animation...

I'm looking forward to killing all these ChaRs with the slow riGS... Luckily the main CHaR's rig does like 60fps in the viewport so animating him is fun... I proB would have gone nuts if his rig was doin 15fps the whole time... BUT I could have used a light proxy rig er something in place then transferred the animation to the normal rig using motion clips r somethin...

I'm here nor there?  As I work on the end piece of the film I r planning out the best workflow to finish it... I want to keep it at teh highest quality so I'll be rendering these EXR seq's as mov's using the Sheer video 10 bit rgb codec for teh MASTER AND a Pjpeg version to cut with as its faster....after cut is locked THEN link the Sheer files to the cut... GEEK NOTES: I'm no longer using Final Cut Pro.... compared to the newest version of Premiere Pro it is teh fail.... all the weird gamma issues with FCP/QTime on the mac... not being able to author Prores files on a PC... FCP is slow compared to PPro Cs5... I HATE the Mac OS for serious work....and the fact that I need tight AE integration had to do with my choice... AND since the only Mac I have is this 4 year old destroyed laptop and I don't have the money or desire to get another Mac since they aint more FCP... Premiere Pro Cs5 outclasses it anyway....I really like it... its so quick and the AE and PS integration can't be beaT! So HSM is a Maxon, Pixologic, and Adobe show ^ ^ I'll release all the uber geek details when the film is unwrapped... 


  1. Hey I've been wondering lately. What Cinema 4d package do you use?

    I'm planning on buying c4d but I was just gonna get the core package since I'm not like rich or anything, then I found out that the core package didn't have net render so I was a little bummed..
    Just curious about what you use.

    Also with having the computers casing open...Wouldn't there be a risk of too much dust getting in there and messing it up or is that not a problem?

  2. Hey M dot,

    Are you going to be doing a release of this film on Blu-Ray so we can see it in full HD? :0

  3. How much did it cost you to get all the equpment and software?

    ...oh! xombie ok...
    phew i was worried for a second
    was gonna go get out a rifle and start fortifying this apartment

  5. Hey Mdot, I happened to be watching a ova called "Samurai X Trust and betrayal" and they ripped off your song! I hears me some "Talks to the moon" in there! XD

    Didn't know you sampled that, I got a kick out of it ^___^

  6. @drainage well yeh get the core to start then you can add modules as needed... haha yeh I sampled that a long time ago and a lot of Evangelion and old macross

    @Phylo Hmmm I'll have to look into it was way too expensive for me to do before

    @Adam Ummmm I'd say I've spent around $15,000 on all that stuff for HSM

    @Reyori Yeh the only Zombie around here is meH....buaaahhhhhhh

  7. Damn. I gotta get a job.

    Keep it up man!!! Your an inspiration to us all!


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