What u grindin on?

I came across this doc about peeps addicted to MMORPG's

As I was watching it I was like "THAT sounds like me?!" I fall asleep in front of the computer... I'm on for 10-15 hours everyday... I don't have any other "life".... BUT I'm working on my film creating stuff...so in the end I'll have something to show for all my grinding AND it can open many doors for many other thangs... So when I see those gamer people grindin I'm just like DAMN if they actually used that time to LEARN and CREATE they would do some ILL SHIT... but I also know those games are like TV 2.0 an interactive one but its close to the same effect...you sit on yer ass and spend all your time in this fantasy world cause some big companies are making money off your time... reminds me of this great David Firth short...

You NEVER get your time back...THE YEARS ARE GONE FOREVER so be careful what you spend it on... We all grind on somethin... whether its ASS at da cluB, World of warcraft, FACEBOOK, or perhaps our own real world skills... Just ask yourself what do you get in return for yer grinding?

Here's some normal grinding results
Grinding for ASS:  Requires your time and money  Result = ASS... perhaps more ass, maybe an STD or unwanted pregnancy or some person you barely know screaming and crying and buggin you see---->

Grinding on WOW: Requires your time and money Result= your like a respected avatar er somethin...perhaps a lucrative larping career

* BLIZZARD makes hella dollarZ off you

Grinding on FACEBOOK: Requires your time and attention Result: Tons of possible results..mostly WASTING YOUR TIME  *FACEBOOK makes TONS OF MONEY OFF WASTING YOUR TIME it is in THEY best interest to get you to spend MORE time on they site and coerce you to divulge more personal information so they can sell it to advertisers... result = MARK ZUCKERBERG PIMPS millions of people

So take a good look at what yer grinding on? Is it worth it? After you attain that next thing you want...ask yourself "AND THEN WHAT?" If theres a never ending string of similar useless things to "get" your probably wasting your time... if its NOT leading to your eventual true happiness, creative and financial independence then why do it? "Cause everyone else is?" FUCK EVERYONE ELSE Don't be a lemming coerced off a cliff... cause once yer down there you can NEVER get back up.


  1. I started playing MMORPG called maple story it's free to play
    But the only reason i started playing it was cause of the people in it
    It may be wasting my time but i've actually got a bunch of other ideas i have written down cause i know how to find the wiredos

    and yes i might of grinded a bit to much (wrist still kinnda hurts rofl)
    i did try WoW at one point
    free trial
    The game play was better but everyone there lacks personality

    hell i don't even play over XBL anymore cause theres nobody worth talking to

    it's probably a better idea to work on these creative things but hey
    I'm still allowed to enjoy the small things i find amusing

    To put is short
    Yes I'm wasting time but so what
    If i died tomorrow i still wouldn't regret anything
    Because i know in my mind that I've lived a good life
    Even without establishing my dreams I'm more then content with the memories I've collected on the way

  2. Usually i try to spend my time on things that i feel will make me grow in a personal state, things like practicing martial arts, reading books and playing and practicing music, but i do waste my time sometimes on useless shit too, few weeks ago, i found this game on facebook that was about mixed martial arts, because i am all geekie about this martial arts stuff i decided to play.

    it was a really simple and stupid piece of shit, u could custom ur character to give him certain skills from particular martial arts, but the game just played himself so it was totally worthless, every fight was like a gamble of 50%/50%,and each time u got hurt u had to wait 1 minute per each HP lost in order to recover, that's right, let's suppose i lost 42 HP in a battle, i have to wait 42 minutes to recover and start over again, that's right, 42 fucking minutes of my life wasted so i could recover and i could get beaten up once again and had to start waiting for another 42 fucking minutes to recover, and i don't know why but for 2 weeks i became addicted to this shit, anyway i want to arrive to this point.

  3. i think u hitted the central problem of most people on this post M, basically, it's the reason why most of us people sometimes don't get results that we want, it's all because of "WSOTOUS" (We Spend Our Time On Useless Shit), even the single fact of being here and leaving a post it's a way of spending ur time (no offense, it is an example, besides, it's a good one.

    As You say, the only thing that we an't retrieve back is time, we dream about it, many games and movies had made us fantasize about it, but is a back, you'll never get ur time back, so spend it wisely.

  4. Last week there was a contest where we had to get points, i'll don't get into details, it was a contest, and i quickly ranked in 1# place, but other bunch of moDeM Funk-ers were trying to take me away from that spot, the point is that i struggled so much the contest week in order to remain first, and i did it, and i won, didn't really cared for the price, i did it for pride, but i put myself to think, if i'm able to get myself focused on a goal until i finish it up and acomplish good things from it, why in the hell i'm wasting my pride and tenasse-T on this shit that doesn't even give me a real price??, anyway just wanted to share my experience, thanks M, best post so far.

    this is the last part of my comment, sorry for make it so long D:

  5. and i spent my time uselessly today once again but it was because of the football world championship so i don't care :P, Spain won, i'm mexican so i'm happy that a spanish speaking country won the world cup :P

  6. It's sad that I posted something almost like this a few days ago.


    Less MMORPG, more first Final Fantasy because it had magic spells like ZAP! and XXXX.


    That's a badass name for a fucking spell.

  7. I don't have the focus for grinding any one thing, besides listening to music; I need to listen to at least an hour of music every day in order to stay sane. I channel some of that into talking to people online about music but the more I talk to people the more aware I become that very few people have real passion for music. I have a weekly tabletop gaming group where I actually interact with real people who are younger and more fun than me. I made it clear from the beginning that I would be focusing on story and character development and not on dice rolling or l00tz so I'd like to think it's not as bad as MMORPGs.

    But really, I need to focus. I should be grinding on the websites I write for, grinding my novel, grinding my music, etc. I need a big sign above my CPU that say GRIND

  8. This is a very important post. I'm going to go post it over my computer.

    Regarding Facebook (my particular attachment), the way to do it is to not put much personal info at all on there, don't look at the advertisements, don't take quizzes or play games because they will all compromise your privacy. And don't spend tooo much time on there.

    I recently got the opportunity to get some good art karma through Facebook, by critiquing a friend's book for her.

    But still, it's true, in the past, even before Facebook, my social life kind of prevented me from having time to develop my skills for myself, so now that so many of them moved away but we are still connected through Facebook, I don't want to to happen all over again.

    But it's still a good thing I got the chance to critique my friend's book, because she will probably be willing to critique my writing too.

  9. PS: It helps to have friends who are also trying to create art in one way or another, but even then....
    I remember reading about some famous Impressionist artist who had to get away from Paris in order to have time to paint.

    So it was the same principle even in the days when we barely had much technology. It was still the same - your social life and etc. can take away your time to create.

  10. @Reyori: ya I was kinda wondering that myself...who knows?!

    I used to play maple story....I got off that though just cause I really didn't have time for it anyway and it was getting boring for me.

    I think most things can be ok as long as you use them sparingly,

    Like quickly checking on something or not getting carried away playing games for like 4 hours a day,

    You get too indulgent on things and that's when your messing up.

  11. Wh-oa!
    I'm draw grind right now, man!

    *Opens up notebook and Google Images*
    Let's do this shit!

  12. @Veruon98
    Draw m dot riding a unicorn down a water slide with a sword in his hand like he's sliding into battle with a bunch
    of mutant tree zombies at the end!

    that would be intense

  13. excellent post! very wise, very true.

  14. Damn straight, people always seem to piss their time away with useless trivial bullshit. That's why I'm grinding on my skills day and night in preparation for a few projects.

  15. hahaaha.. yeah I have never been on an MMORPG, but I have wasted many hours on Facebook. I thoroughly agree with you.

  16. i'm happy cause i spent half of my day on learning animaion stuff even when i suck at it i feel that today was a well spent day :), i'll try to use my time this wisely to get more productive days as this one :)

  17. Hi Mdot. Yeah your right you can waste your time on lots of stupid shit. And everyone does (Even YOU SIR play videogames :) which btw inspired you for your first film)

    You just have to be careful not to get addicted and still be able to do what you really really want. But most people don't know what they want so they get stuck and try to kill the emptiness away with distractions like excessive TV or videogame consumption.

    And about grinding ASS at the club: In general women aren't succubi, that steal your time and energy :D. Having an affaire or a girlfriend doesn't have to mean your wasting away your precious time ^^" It really depends on the girl ...

  18. Geez.

    I think one of my problems is stress because of creativity.

    It's funny. Every day I force myself to do something productive. If I don't create ANYTHING I begin to panic. I feel like I'm falling behind.

    I know sooo many youngins who are drawing better than I am and I feel like catching with them. I feel pressured as if my time is running out, but the truth is, I've invested my time into story and the creative process instead of drawing. So I should be happy that I am stronger in these skills.

    I think the pressure really helps in motivation, but nowadays I don't find completing a drawing satisfactory. I feel like I have to finish an entire cartoon to be satisfied.

    I rewatched your Film Skool video
    a while back and it pretty much addressed everything I was having a problem with.


    Now I feel a bajillion times better. I gotta shut up, be happy with what I make and not make it a competition.

    I feel so much clearer now....


  19. I just remembered there was this art show in town one day where kids form our school made artistic paintings and stuff that showed people being bound to human ties
    none of ti was really art cause they were all bound to the very things that kept them from going somewhere new
    so they all didn't understand
    but there was one work
    A guy had put a colloge of pictures from stuff like WoW TV video games magazines and the he put blood splatters over it
    And all over it he painted
    except one in the middle
    where it said

    hmm wonder what those words have in common...

  20. @Reyori

    Sounds like your addictions try to dictate what you do and who you are and you can either be a slave to your addictions or rise above them and be yourself.


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