Yer Legacy?

Continuing on from that Miyazaki post... it got me thinking... NOW if yer a consumer whore that creates nothing original... or even a drone that creates copies of other things... now how will you be remembered by people in 20 years.... lets say I didn't do what I do and instead I just worked some normal job and bought all the newest gadgets... how would I be remembered??

"OH yeh hey remember that guy Mike? Oh yeh he bought all the newest gadgets oh yeh he always had the newest things and played with them he was so awesome because he was able to trade currency for all the newest tech stuff someone else made... he even waited in lines for them... yeh remember when he was all look at this ipad app I downloaded it does things and then it did things... yeh that was great.... oh yeh and he was on facebook all the time he left the best comments...I heard he was a level 70 paladin on warcraft too yeh he killed lots of monsters and stuff... what ever happened to him? I don't really give a fuck because there was a billion others like him... yeh what a forgettable human...I already forgot.."

AND SON ON 0_0 If you have teh passion you probably strive to break out of that shell... so DO IT!

My favorite people in the world are the people I've come across who create things... like my friend Ed in Salt Lake City... I met him years ago and haven't talked to him in a long time but I always wonder how he's doing and laugh in my head when I remember his animations cause he creates his own things and they tite ^ ^ Or my pal DarkshadoW... or Demonic Pascal or Dauragon or Andrew...I remember all these folks because of the things they created... your creations are like your stamp left behind in teh world... if you dont leave yer unique stamp for people to remember you by how are they supposed too?

You don't stand out by following... you stand out by leading with that little unique spark in your heart and following yourself by burning your soul for energy along the sometimes dark path... don't worry if yer being sincere you'll never run out of energy and you'll end up in a nice place  ^ ^

Creating isn't just the traditional arts either... everyone can be a creator at whatever they do.... as long as they put they true unique selves into it... so don't be scurred... its better to try and fail then live with the regret of never trying AND you truly never fail you keep trying till you succeed...

If my new film is to be my first like success er whatever then I must have failed at film about 200 times up till now... experience at being yourself makes you stronger....

So go out there and create! I want to know and remember you all!!!


  1. That reminds me of this indie game dude called amon26.

    You would have thought he was just another dude like anyone else but he had these really bad nightmares since he was a kid and decided to try to make a game out of those experiences and they were pretty dang awesome XD
    So just the other day I was like "Wonder what's up with him" so I had to go looking him up..

  2. i think that about alot of people
    But i don't think about i wonder what m dots doing... i know what he's doing
    He's sleepin all day cause he brought his movies from teh future with him so he doesn't have to remake them

    I wonder what 16 bit is doing tho
    i miss Nikki lol

    i do a lot of the time wonder what Robert Benfer is doing
    i can't tell with that guy at all

    And then one day you M Dto strangw will think
    "I Wonder what that fool Reyori is up too..."
    (this seem like a good time for naruto to say believe it but i didn't like that series)

  3. I've been reading this awesome blog but not commenting. I gotta stop being lazy~!

    What would my legacy be?
    Man, I can't even predict it.
    All I know is that I want to make a bunch of cartoons. But it'd be awesome if my legacy was:

    "Ed was a crazy digital animator who's cartoons have made a bajillion people happy. He also has ten penis's and is far more important than Walt Disney."

    Yes. That sounds about right.

    Ugh, I've been working on a ton of projects with School and Work holding me back.

    I hope to get most of my cartoons done by the end of this year, Most of them already have the voice work, storyboard, and the screenplay completely written. I just gotta focus and finish them all!

    Your blog is a refreshing reminder that it takes true dedication to get anything done~!

    Now excuse me while I punch things in the face!~

  4. Yeah Amon26 and Funy Mony are totally talented bad asses who's work gives me day long boners and I hope to someday give people boners like they give to me.

    Just something I'd like to point out though...
    I have an uncle who works construction and enjoys drinking beer all day and watching football. Though I never want to be him I want to point him out because he is an average joe and when I ask him if he ever wanted more in life he just explains that what he does right now makes him happy and thats all he wants to be...

    So there are some people out there who have no need for a legacy of anykind...


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