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My style is no style ^ ^

So after spending the past month completing just %2 of the films animation as it was crazy shit I did some calculations... the last shot I did took 2 days to do and 4 days to render... NOW if I made the whole film at that pace it would take 8 years to animate and 16 years to render 0_0 based on the number of shots I'm doing... I'm on shot #1142 btw...

So now I'll be back to normal speed this month that will take me to the %93 mark then in September I will complete that task... then I will take 2 weeks off in October after finishing animation...On that break I will analyze all the shots and make a list of ones that need special matte paintings and visual fx and also I will list any additional shots I want to do.... then when I get back to work I will start editing and compositing shots and doing those special shots at the same time.... I already did a ton of comp tests before production so the composting/"look" phase should be a cut and paste affair.. For the matte work I'll be making 2.5d ones with c4d/Pshop and AE....To be prepared for that workflow...4 Every shot that has a camera move I create "sky tracker nulls" in my c4d scenes...just null lights with "look at camera" expressions where the sky should be... since c4d writes After Effects project files those shots have the required 3d data so I just parent my 2d sky or even 2.5d layers of stuff to my tracker nulls in AE......I'll make the titles etc in that time too AND FINALLY send the materials out to the voice actors so they can record they parts...

I haven't broken down Oct/Nov/Dec explicitly yet as far as scheduling goes but it should take a month to comp and render and a month to cut... as myself and Endika have decided that EVERYTHING will be wrappED before 2011... Since I explore all the edit decisions before and while I'm making the film the editing process will be straight forward with just timing issues to be considered rather than actually reworking the story in teh edit...

When the animation is done I'll put some new bars over there---> For Compositing, Editing and overall completion of the film BUT rest assured the production which will be completed in 2 months from now is the LONGEST and most difficult part of the process...

So yeh in 2 months "Heart String Marionette" will be in post production ^ ^ AND actually one of you blog readers here will be voicing one of the main paL Ricky Grove.... So be ready Ricky!!

Also since I saw this...
I always wanted to work with my friend Lila after Endika decided against having a singer he knew voice one of the characters I'm giving the part to her since I like her voice and she does tite stuff...

So IF you are interested in voicing a character its impossible for me to cast characters without hearing samples of you doing voice acting... So if your serious about it send me samples! I'm always looking for new people to work with but again without seeing/hearing what can I do?

I've set up an email address that I will be using later for HSM collab stuff so if you are interested send your samples/demo links to this address helpmdot (hat) gmail dawT CalM and if there's a part that you fit I'll hollar ^ ^ Sanks!


  1. Amazing determination and focus, Mdot. Can't wait to work with you. Ready when you are, bro.

  2. I would love to be a voice actor
    i don't really want to lol
    (and the only mic i have is theis crappy built in laptop mic... wouldn't be very good on sound....)
    Super pumped to hear it's almost done! you should put a banana in the credits of the movie for now random reason whatsoever

  3. What Type of demo would I need to send? Like should I just talk about something or shout or, something???

  4. How are you going to handle the voice-syncing? Are you going to edit the video to match the words like they do in Abridged Series or are you going to re-animate the mouth movements of the characters to fit the words?

  5. tao of jeet june do! very goooooooooood. i love bruce lee. be water, my friend. ;)


  6. i would definitely love to be a voice actor in your movie!, and i have several excuses to not do so xD, but if i ever happen to get in the mood i'll give it a try, i have nothing to loose xD


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