Being a professionaL......KILLER

Now I'll have to say that HSM is the first thing I have created acting as a professional... not to say I have some fancy office or people working for me or anythang like that because I don't... its all about attitude... how you approach your work and how you live your life...

I can say now by making this as a professional... its far less "exciting"...Why? Because a professional does his homework and is adequately prepared for all situations...he has worked out most all possible problems ahead of time and tested everything out before jumping into heavy production... So there is much less surprise... which takes some of the excitement away while working BUT leads to a much more stable mental state... which helps keep a better working pace and in the end...more and BETTER work ends up being done over time... So as I'm working now there aren't any HUGE surprises because I've already worked everything out...I just need to sit down everyday and do my quota... NOW its still FUN because I enjoy the process of animating...making shots and telling the story...

Other things that have changed.... When working on WATS I drank lots of coffee and red wine...  I quit coffee AND alcohol and I just drink green tea nonstop ^ ^ My energy level and mood is much more stable and I get more work done while feeling better doing so...

On WATS I let my health steadily decline as I got further into production... I stopped exercising altogether and neglected my health.. While making HSM I have been running two miles every morning at 5am and I lift weights every day while trying to eat only healthy stuff... So now I work less but I get more and BETTER work done...

Its like if your a professional you DONT want to make one thing and BURN OUT...your in it for the long haul so you better set your life up so that your able to keep producing over teh years and years its going to take you to do thangs... your body and your mind are very key to this equation 0_o

Now if I already finished my quota for the day and run into a problem on a shot I'm doing to go over my quota... I just quit and turn the computer off... I WOULD NOT DO THIS BEFORE...I would be like "OMG what if I never fix this shot?!?!" And I wouldn't be able to sleep until I did so 0_o A professional knows when to call it a day because he knows he'll be right back at it the next day...

One of the other amateurish things I got rid of is the chasing of teh perfection... Nothing I make is ever going to be perfect... and I would be a fool wasting my time trying to make it so... Is it better to spend 10 years trying to make that perfect film or 3 on a film you did your absolute best on even though its not perfect? A professional understands that if you don't put things out you can't make money on them and if you don't have anything to make money on then you can't be a professional... So the professional does what needs to be done to SHIP the thang and moves on to the next... I mean for the long tail to work you gotta keep kickin stuff out... If your EVER going to have those vaunted "1000 true fans" you need to have a sizable body of work to keep them engaged... at least that's how I look at it...

NOW I'm not trying to turn into some passionless emotionless robot that simply executes task after task... there's plenty of other times in the making of a film... while developing the ideas.. the story...the guts... to be an unprofessional wacko...and I have been guilty of that 0_o Its just while IN PRODUCTION you need to transform into the professional that just GETS THE JOB DONE AND SHIPS because if you don't nothing else matters... the show will GO ON whether it goes on with or without your works being shown up on the stage is entirely up to you...

I've made the concession that my life means nothing without my films... I'm willing to concede a potential "exciting personal life" IF that will allow me to make great work... because I believe its the work that matters NOT an artists lifestyle..... the WHO WHY WHEN WHERE that went into making the film is irrelevant to history... history only cares about the merit of the work... if you got into film/animation to be a "rockstar" and live that lifestyle....good luck to you BUT your work will be utterly decimated and destroyed when compared to the work that I and the people who choose to put they all into they work create... If you don't put your all into that SINGLE STRIKE your not doing it right. I'm putting my all into and I'm swinging TO KILL... so if you think of participating in the giant eternal conversation that is "art" as a swordfight... what are little one handed flails going to do? GET YOU KILLED!

Ok its almost 5 so I go run circles again....


  1. Hey M, lifting weights every day is bad for you -- it's too tough on your muscles because they need some time to grow back.
    You should only lift every other day!

    <(o_o <)^.^< ) raep.

  2. @Veruon96

    I don't use free weights everyday... I switch between free weights and using a medicine ball for different exercises day to day... Dont worry I know what I'm doing ^ ^ I got my college degree in Kinesiology and worked as a personal trainer before I became a film geek... I used to be a musclehead weighing 50 pounds more than I do now 0_0 and I don't try to curl more than people bench press now ^ ^ I used to bench press 385lbs and barbell curl 195lbs 0_0 in my psycho days before I had to take a tennis class and I was all ...BIG MUSCLES ARE USELESS haha Thanks for your concern though ^_^

  3. that's funny i'm the same way with exercise this year. the past 4 months i started running 1.5 miles a day and i lift every other day. i don't lift to bulk up, but i've been lifting to tone. the little bit of bulk is nice though. i def do give variety for my work outs.

    but that's what i always preach. i always tell ppl that they inner game must be tight to have a tight outer game. if you get both goin' for you, you become a BEAST! ^_^

    keep doin' ya thang, mdot. i'm proud of ya.

  4. For some reason it's weird imagining you lifting weights... O_o

  5. Good to hear you quit coffee
    I've been hearing so many bad things about caffeine
    You'll be so much more energetic throughout the day just from eating good foods
    Caffeine is an artificial energy that you crash off of and of course get addicted to
    That's why i avoided the stuff altogether

    Good to hear you keep your health in mind i hate going anywhere in the day i always go for walks at night/early morning (if i'm outta bed haha)
    Keep up the work m dot your a tank

  6. Oh yeah quitting the sugar filled stuff can help a lot.
    I've recently given up drinking soda for a while and I'm already doing a lot better!
    Plus my doctor's been having me walking 3 days a week so that's helping too! ^__^

    I always seem to keep myself up way to late working on things like my computer and stuff...Maybe it would be smarter to call it quits by a certain time..

  7. Just curious though, what got you wanting to go into Kinesiology?

  8. yo mdot check this animation out:

  9. ^ ^ Psychedelic

    Trance PoRT

    Trance mission

  10. OMG I see 90%
    or am I hallucinating 0_0
    Oh yes CongratZ

  11. Making quotas is a good way of working what you need, instead of sleeping over the keyboard...
    Which is what happening to me.



    ^ ^

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  15. Vegabond is the coolest damn manga ever.

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  16. hey stranger~

    your words are a comfort to this working professional ALL THE WAY over in MALAYSIA!!!

    i was sitting on the toilet the other day trying to think of ONE person who lives like i do ... monk-like devotion to creativity, no REAL job (of the soulless kind), just art for a living- - -

    and damn it all if i didn't think of YOU, and how much i miss chatting ...

    luckily your BLOG exists to remind me you are still toiling away creating masterworks and that i have a cosmic soul-mate in you, even while i tackle my hopes and fears all the way across the world.




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