Ya know if your going to get in on this one man army 3d filmmaker thing you better LOVE computers because your going to spend a lot of time using them... fixing them... thinking about them...... reinstalling software on them... checking them... worrying about them... sitting on front of them again for 12 hours like yesterday and the 90 days in a row just like yesterday 0_o Talking about them to people who don't really care about them... riding your bike to Fry's to get hard drives to install in them.... and yeh after all the time and energy I spend on them... I STILL LOVE THEM! I LOVE HARDWARE I LOVE SOFTWARE (MAKES OUT WITH WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE DISK) ^ ^

Seriously after HSM I'm looking forward to using Zbrush 4, learning Houdini and Nuke, the NEXT version of Cinema 4d 0_0 and of course building a new rig ^ ^

GEEK LIFE MAYNE! Imma tattoo a heatsink across my chest er something....


    (btw whats your secret to living 90 days in one day?)
    I take all my tech apart then reassemble it just for kicks

    I look forward to cleaning out computers ^_^
    I can;t wait till i get enough money to start building my own work station iz gun be so cool

    And i thought you were using windows XP until you were done with HSM? or do you just have it and want to make out with it
    (by the way you sound like you'd make a great computer repair man.... i'm glad your not though lol)

  2. Yeah I can understand most of that.

    I'm still learning the hardware side of computers cause before I got this computer I had being using a family one so I wasn't allowed to basically do anything to it besides use the internet or paint or something XD

    Now that I have my own I've being getting to do whatever to it XD
    but I got a laptop...seemed like a good idea at first but not as customizable at all -___-
    well I guess if I got good at soldering then maybe I could do stuff to this...

    BUT this has some good power to it so I'm still happy ^__^

  3. Hells yeah, I can't wait to build a render farm for myself. It's going to be HELLA-Cheap, but UBER-fast! Just gotta save up some cash and get my ass into gear making some shite to render!

  4. Take it from a girl who makes her living in computers... after a while (No mater how kick ass Win 7 is...) You want to throw them out the window...

    Or maybe its just the customers that thing when you say F8 that you mean hit the letter F and number 8... Who knows...


  5. Oh and hopefully that Houdini 3d gets their site back up before you decide to learn it....
    After reading this I decided to look into it and I was downloading the trial stopped downloading half way through and turns out the sites the old sitcom words of steve urkel...
    Did I do that?!....

    (i really want one of these lol)

    PS The word verification things been giving me some funny words recently right now it says diess

  7. technically I mean
    People if who decided to install Win XP+ Ubuntu
    never make my err! better to install Win 7

  8. I for one love serving my fickle Robotic Overlord.

  9. Agree with Tori...however for a 3d animator you need realtime response when animating (wherever system+64bits+multicore, it´s a pain to "Preview render" each time you make a tiny speed change...I think M dot talk about it some posts ago. I´m not even thinking about cloth or hair, just 2 simple characters interacting.


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