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You know working on this thang that is coming to an end soon... I've learned to deal with the cycles of inspiration--->boredom---> burnout---inspiration---> and so on... There comes times when even if what your doing is exciting and fun your brain will be all MEH and want you to procrastinate... this is where the quotas come in handy... On those days you do whatever you have to do to grind through X number of shots required to stay on task and forget about it...

I'm in a burnout phase right now 0_0 So I hit my quota and do other stuff... I don't stress out about the why's I'm feeling bored and burnt out... I just go on... and after about a week the inspiration will be back and all will seem great... I think most people QUIT when they hit the boredom... and the few that make it through that quit at the burnout phase... the few that make it through that are guaranteed to complete the task...

In these bored or burnt out phases...I'm NOT bored WHILE I'm working...it's the feelings that KEEP YOU FROM SITTING DOWN AND WORKING...

So only about a month and a half more animation then its on to editing and compositing... the funnest parts for me! ^ ^

I've learned SO MUCH MORE while making this film I look forward to applying the new stuff to my next film as well as learning some new things in between films...

I know yer like "Ummm M dot we haven't even seen ANYTHING from this film yet!??!?" I know SORRY...soon enough you'll be able to explore this new world I've created and all the characters in it ^ ^


  1. I've often wondered how you manage to maintain your focus/interest with such a huge workload. Now I know you have to deal with boredom and procrastination like the rest of us. This is excellent advice for solo filmmakers: get your quota set and get it done each day because your inspiration will come back once you get going. I"m gonna write this down and put it over my workstation. Thanks!

  2. Dude almost there! The inspiration cycles thing makes sense..Since I'm trying to learn a few things at once, if I get all burntout on one thing I may focus more on the other subject and keep switching back and forth...I'm not sure if that's the best thing to do but it keeps me from not doing anything.

    Also I know you're still hard at work on the film and all that but are you still doing that Wats minisequel thing with Rain and Ori?
    Maybe I dreamt that up but I thought I remembered you talking about doing that a while back..
    either way I'm excited to see the film itself mainly..

    ...actually don't tell me..."surprise" is the keyword in my mind.

  3. Thanks for sharing this advice, M. I intend to use it!

  4. looks like theres a new power glove gangsta in town
    nobody can beat the original

  5. I jsut thought i'dlet you know
    When iw as at the dentist getting loaded up on drugs so i can have my wisodm teeth removed

    Apparently i started laughing like LAff like A BOSS and made the dentist guy REALLY uncomfortable
    Normal people just dunno what to do with weirdos XD

  6. @Reyori

    Now that would have been fun to watch, the looks on that mans face

    I liked that song too ^__^
    Thanks Mdot for giving us creepy to laughs for dentists disturbance

  7. ofcourse everybody knows it's an evil laugher of super villians, reveling in their own evilness .
    ..but now I know why they are so laughing holding their teeth in the hand

  8. @Drainage64 Yeah he said that on Youtube I think. Hope he hasn't dropped it. Maybe it'll be his next short film :D

  9. Drainage-. Training feelings (shinren), training the body (tairen) and training the mind (chiren).
    those you reach you are free and you will know how it's done
    My staff is my blade
    any templates deprive me of the freedom

    yes I've heard about your Samurai Master M.^ ^
    I appreciate your master very
    he is a good teacher

  10. @16bitI don't what you mean by Samurai Master...

    I see you've been reading up on your Ninja stuff lately though

  11. actually m dot's film skool 0_0 you've told

    I don't watch him on youtube ^ ^

    he doesn't like


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