I haven't forgotten you ^_^

You know I've been lucky enough to travel to a few different countries because of my last film....Thanks to the people who invited me to those places! ... and in all of those places there were always some really nice people that went out of their way to show me around and other fun thangs... I just wanted to say that I haven't forgotten any of you and thanks ^ ^

I haven't replied to 0_o or contacted many peoples because I feel like until I have my new film to show I kinda like have no purpose 0_0 So when HSM is ready to be unveiled I'll like become social again... so my apologies if I disappeared on anybody out there... I haven't forgotten ANYONE who has gone out of their way to do something nice for me and I will does my best to repay yall for your kindness...

So I aint hatiN I'm just animatiN...

ALSO to all the people who have donated to my lil studio fund or hooked me up with stuff... I'm very thankful and I'll do my best to do somethin special for yaLL...

Sorry for being sentimental and all that... now that I'm coming close to completing the film I can become human again for a little while 0_0


  1. will you start the podcast too when you're finished? My mp3 misses the weirdness x_0

  2. lol, it's ok M :P, i actually sent u an invitation for an event that's going to be here in mexico near of the frontier but it's ok :), i know you are busy at this moment but i'll try to get you to come the next time something like this happens :P. I'm so excited yo be finally able to see your movie :D.


  3. Real excited to hear about what it was like in the depths of your work.

  4. Off topic, but did you hear about Satoshi Kon dying? How terrible is that? :(

  5. @Dmitrij

    When I'm done with HSM I'll go back into social mode do the show again ^ ^


    Yeh I did... suX...he made some interesting stuff and was a master animator and artist... thats why you gotta make your movies however you can cause you never know when your time will end.

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  7. @Mdot
    I always thought that was really cool how you got to go all over the world cause of that film, That sounds like a bit of an adventure in it self,

    Mdot becoming human again...Who woulda thought it?! XD


    I'm not sure I understand, What's wrong?!


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