Run from the truth! SEEK out disempowerment If that makes you feel better 0_o

Ya know in the world of DIY filmmaking and animation it seems that the people who are the most dishonest on the state of this lil world... are the ones with the most followers... By this lil world I mean filmmaking and animation etc... Theres TONS of TECHNOLOGY AND TECHNIQUE preachers out there who see the glass as half empty and TONS of people who want to agree with them.. WHY because THEY ARE AFRAID...this can be applied to bigger populations but I'll stick to the film angle...

If you were forced to say to yourself its not the technology that's stopping me from making great things...and its not the technique that's stopping me from making great would have to look in the mirror and say ITS MY FAULT I'M NOT MAKING GREAT THINGS... and of course through my time in this life I have learned that humans really REALLY hate facing the truth...especially about themselves... we love to make excuses and blame other people and other things never wanting to look in the mirror because we are uncomfortable with what we see... but until you face that thing and admit teh truth to yourself nothing will change....

Whenever I go check out most filmmaking and animation blogs I just see a load of BULLSHIT... I just see EXCUSES... I just see FEAR... I just see tons of people banding together...consoling each other about how hard it is to make the things they want to make... and of course they lay blame on the technology or technique... for either making or distributing thangs... to put it another way... its a cesspool of mediocrity... wallowing in it....breeding it...

That's why I always feel so compelled to speak my truth here about filmmaking and stuff...Cause there's life 4 people saying the same thing in the world and 1000 wiF the oppositE?! haha I posted this before but to those of you who havent seen this Bakshi thang check it out...

I mean WTF how am I making this epic amazing thing that looks like it cost 100 million dollars here in my bedroom?! What do I have that no one else does?! NOTHING! There is nothing I have that you don't! I'm just focused and I work hard every day... you can do that too and theres nothing to buy to make it happen either ^ ^ Except maybe a "new lease on life" awwww how corny ^ ^ I mean I'm serious when people see what I've done they are gonna be like WTF HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?! And I'm just gonna be like I sat in a room for a year with computers and clicked on em DUH! BUT I mean how did I have the time??!! How many people do you know that don't use Facebook or Twitter? Or that don't have a mobile phone (I have a NexusOne with no sim card so its a lil computer ^ ^) Well I'm one of those four people who don't have those things... All the other film type people I see writing about they dis-empowerment speak spit mad tweet's and seem pretty busy on facebook... So to make great films I think you should focus on the filmmaking part... So what if you have 100,000 twitter followers?! Your going to have the WORK REALLY HARD to try to get them to be impressed with your mediocre film! AND is that going to show up in the opening credits in your film?

Directed by: Social Media MAster Guy
Who has 100,000 twitter followers

 So like when people see that they are going to go "OH this film is sure to be GREAT I already love it!" FAWK no! It's like people are not able to see through the fad's....yes they will always be around BUT they are not going to change things so much that all of a sudden your LEAD will turn into GOLD... I gotS some old alchemy book and it doesn't mention facebook ^ ^  Whats that other saying?... No matter how much you polish a turd its still a turd? AWWW YEH THERE'S TONS OF SHINY TURDS OUT THERE RIGHT NOW! Look around! Why do they have to WORK so hard to promote them? And spend SO MUCH MONEY to do so? AND DON'T BUY that "there's so much noise out there so many films bla bla..." Yeh there's so much crap... your crap won't stand out amongst the sea of crap... BUT HEY WHAT IF YOU DON'T MAKE CRAP!?! OMG?!

If you make gold in the first place... then you don't have to waste any energy trying to make it seem like its something that its not... doesn't this seem like a smarter strategy? I mean the film biz has been based on POLISHING POO! I mean I know all the people in Hollywood who can't explain what they job really is as "senior executive creative ultimate adviser consultant liaison" are super busy going to parties and soliciting sexual favors to actually work hard to make gold... but SOMEBODY HAS GOT TO DO IT... So why not you?!

So FAWK all the social media bullshit and the naysayers who say the tech is "almost good enough" and the people who say your technique "isn't Pixar quality" or whatever...FAWK THOSE PASSIONLESS DRONES and do your thang! After you do let's hang out and wreck shit together eh? ^_^

Back to werk....


  1. i would animate an entire film in PIVOT
    Before i made some high quality animation film

    I play games on the 360
    something capable of achieving of some great graphics
    but what am i playing?
    DOOM, castlevania, etc
    i think we really should take away the tech so people can figure out what the fuck a story is again
    Pac man has a better fucking plot then most movies i've seen

  2. See, because of the consistency of shit, it would be impossible to polish just gets smushed and stains everything around it...thats the problem with putting ANYTHING on a pedestal. Look at LADY GAGA, KANYE WEST, anything MTV shits out their hairy asteriks asshole...

    Im just sick of people lacking any opinion. Good artist can make bad shit, but shitty ones, lazy ones, cowordly ones, will never make anything great...

    So, Im down with Bakshi. Particularly AMERICAN POP, such a badass movie, and im also down with his mindset. He is the shit. Thank you for sharing another awesome post M dot M...Im like hyper pumped now after experiencing it.

    On the subject of new producs old audiences will buy...what do you think of things like XAVIER RENEGADE ANGEL, and adult swim stuff, like Venture Bros, etc? Im interested to know

  3. It's not crumbling, YOUR CRUMBLING!

    WOW Stuff like that gets me all excited XD

    I'm gonna make something!..and then I'll make MY OWN FANCY PANTS >:D
    harharhar but yeah...
    Glad I'm still young!

    That was like my first animation software ever!
    Well...unless you count windows movie maker and mspaint. Those were the real first ones I guess :)

  4. Yeah, Bakshi's got it down right.. that video is on my list of 'constant rotation' that I watch every now and then to keep focused.

    I've had lots of people come up to me lately wanting me to do animations for their films. They go sulking away when I say I'm working on my own film and I don't want to spread myself too thin... I always tell them to learn how to do it themselves: jump in feet first, learn what you have to learn to get the results you want... that's how I did it.

    You don't make your film by sitting around wanting to make your film, you have to actually put the work into it...


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