The Strange school of filmmaking cont'D

So I've done more thinkiN and planning about how I want to do my new school thing...

After checking things out a bit I decided that I will record all the lesson/tutorial vids and post them on youtube instead of doing them live... there are a few reasons for this as I want them to be archived on youtube and I will be able to make them much more focused this way.... I will have a blog where I will post the supplemental written materials and project files for each lesson... Once I start posting the new lessons I'll host a live Ustream show a few times a week for a month or a supplement to the lessons where you'll be able to ask me about any of the things I cover or anything filmmaking/3d etc and I'll be able to switch over to my computer screen to show and tell thangs...techniques etc... I'll only do this for a limited time before I disappear to start work on the new film in new places so don't miss it when I doeS iT!

In the end I want to make it so you can bundle the videos with the written materials and project files and share them freely... So I'm going to make like a 3d animated feature film school in a box... NOW its going to be pretty thorough BUT I can't cover EVERYTHING so I won't touch much on the beginner stuff...the fundamentals... there are a TON of resources for that already out there... I'm going to cover the advanced stuff that there isn't much material about... and the esoteric things that are important that no one talks about...

Now it's not going to take anything away from the film as I won't start working on the school stuff till the film is completed BUT I know I'm going to get a lot of HOW DID YOU DO THIS?!?!? So I'll just be able to point people toward my film school and be like " there it is! You go do it too! NO EXCUSES THIS TIME! ^ ^ " So I would hope in a few years new 3d films would be made by ARTISTS helped somehow by my schooLagE

Thank you for your continued support and ULTIMATE patience! It will all be worth the wait I PROMISE!


  1. Thankyyou a ton man! I definitely want to take part in this!

    The ye olde film schools you made have helped me so much already so I'm dead excited for new ones!

    I'm not completely sure if I have anything specific in mind that I want you to cover other then animation..but you'll probably already be doing that..
    Maybe go over making rigs? sometime?

    My latest problem has been trying to figure out if you can render stuff in flat shading on cinema 4d for a really retro look..but I'm not sure an entire film school thing could even be dedicated to just that or not..
    Maybe something on story design?

    I'll let you know if I come up with anything else!


  2. Great ideas on the tutorials, Mdot. I particularly like the live follow up idea. Thank you for putting the energy into giving back your knowledge and talent to the community.

    Couple ideas on what to cover:

    -I'd like info on how you developed your script.
    -Character animation inside of C4D.
    -Plug-ins in C4D (esp rigging)
    -Project organizing and scheduling.


  3. I'd like info on where is the door to 11th dimension
    and I'd like to know WHO THA FUCK in 11th dimension can help me with 3Ds f*kin' MAX ????!!!!!!!

    I'd like to know this little fucking thing!!!

  4. I'm more interested in your approach to film making than any specific technique or software. Though I'm sure you're doing some pretty sweet tricks here and there to be efficient as well. I guess some of my questions would be:

    > How the hell do you pay your bills? I'm trying to figure out how to have enough cash to start my own projects but it's tough! Did you start off part-time?
    > What's your pre-production like? Do you make full-on storyboards, animatics, how do you know which shots to keep or toss?
    > What about tests, do you bother testing ideas first? Or do you just jump right in and try to get it done the way you see it?
    > A full lesson on managing yourself would be awesome, like how to create an appropriate schedule and keep track of everything.

    That's all I can think of for now. Just want to say this school idea is awesome!! Good luck with the rest of the film, looking forward to it!

  5. good stuff! much love and respect. great idea.

  6. Grant Moore pretty much covered all, or most of all, that I had in my head for question, in a much better spoken and concise manner than I would've put it! Maybe I'll have more ?s of mine own. I'm gonna keep an eye on this, and am gonna love being a part of it, and truly learning from it hopefully!

  7. @ Drainage if you'll be here..
    yes it was my secret I was born as a dream terrorist
    to stop this mess between dreams and reality that will be
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  8. Been writing like crazy, and i find your concepts of film makign apply to writing often enough.

    Thanks dude.

    This is AAAhmed by the way. You know i love your film school stuff.

  9. Great idea on the film school. Your first student can be this person:

  10. Make a film school video about how to get awesome socks like yours
    that's got everything to do with filmmaking can't make movies without awesome socks
    (in all seriousness you might want to also make a film school video about hardware stuffs)

  11. This is a very important question that I need help with.

    I want to quit my job, but I'm skeptical. I have all the determination I need, but I feel that financially I'm not ready to take the plunge...

    What do I need to do before I become a starving artist? Can I avoid the "STARVING" part at all?

  12. @funy_mony Well I was working other jobs till I was almost finished with WATS then luckily DVD sales and stuff took over... So I would say if you have a part time job that doesn't suck your soul.. hang on to it till you got somethin out thats giving you some income... OR move to a country with awesome government support ^ ^

  13. @funy_mony
    M dots got the right idea theres people in Canada who do nothing but smoke weed and play video games on their big screen tv's
    Cause the government pays them too (no seriosuly i'm not even kidding my dad come home complaining about having to do heating stuff for those government houses)

  14. @mdotstrange
    I was getting a little frustrated at the hotel I work at.

    But now that you mention it, it doesn't drain my soul like my previous job at Subway, in fact it gives me just enough wiggle room to sketch here and there, but not always.

    With that in mind I will work hard and take advantage of any free time to work on my cartoons!

    College is almost over, I should at least hold out until then.


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