These plastic toys prove character ruleS

I just watched "A town called Panic" and it was GREAT! ^_^ Here's the trailer...

Those little toys had so much character I was into it from the first minute... this film is so ridiculous and hilarious! FIGHT SWORD FISH WITH COWS! ^ ^ The people who made it sure know something a lot of blokes obsessed with "pixar quality" 3d don't... this film was about as low tech as you could get BUT it had TONS of character, the writing was awesome, the voice actors perfect, and the story was compelling...

I mean I've always known that character, mood and story outweigh technical complexity...cause after all we should be making films that connect with and communicate with living people NOT demo reels!

I enjoyed this film more than any big budget animated feature I have seen since the "Were-rabbit" I hope these guys make more ^_^


    i can't bare it anymore
    make the can go away

    Excuse me for the capslocking but I used to watch these little short films of this series and loved them! Then the channel stopped showing them and I just figured that it was over and was sad about it.
    I'm gonna have to see this now aren't I?!

  3. Saw it last year, is great...first thought it would be impossible to keep 90 minutes with such a basic characters but as M. says the script wins. In some interview the creators say they refuse to coproduce with Aardman to do it "clean".

  4. Good find mdot... that was great...
    100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 bricks :D hehehe

    Yeah, story is what carries the film, too bad it's lacking in 95% of the films out there.

  5. sorry for the comment i wasn't exactly all there when i wrote it
    stupid painkillers lol

  6. lol looks awesome! very original. i dig it. ^_^

  7. parallel world ^ ^

  8. really I liked that it simply works only altogether

    through all things there

  9. all have unique characteristics that are revealed only in relationship to other objects

    very healthy composition

    -Turn the lights off
    -Turn the lights off

    -stupid cows

    -thank you

    ^ ^ it was so fun for me still now I can't forget it , they have very much human side ^ ^

    I think they got a lot from Futurama mutants in the pond like from" old NYC"
    and cryogenic snowballS ^ ^, penguin-technologies, kung-fu professors

    anyway it is not stupid at all, every thing has its own logic

  10. 0_0 oh I forgot about 3d expansion program and two characters there
    a family
    and about Atlantis

    and this thing -

  11. don't laugh from were-rabbits please they may exist

  12. minotous

    don't worry m dot nobody posts comments except me cuz nobody have seen yet "a town called painc" the full vers. I think they are busy now watching

  13. Hey m dot remember back in 2008 Christmas radio show?
    When you asked people in the chat room what you should talk about
    and i was all like
    "You should talk about losing the game!"
    and you were all like
    "i typed in god mode!"

    that was great

  14. @Reyori

    yeh actually this his hidden mode

    always salesman Universal cheating lol

  15. terminal "Insight"

  16. You’re a good man Charlie tell me the future
    Darwy said:" sweet in you nextstep you will create Windows"
    monkey : "Oh my god"
    Charlie:" No, I am 64-bit hybrid"
    BSD trident , kidding ^ ^ I got just demon's cap on Xmas I am just PureDarwin XMas
    "no prays roll around"

    Goddamn Monkeys!

    older versions of Darwin are still available in Binary form

  17. I just thought I should tell you truth, my friends do not exist, I just cut cardboard robots-models from the cardboard
    and black nylon pen forced them to smile with a kindly robotic smile, and I nailed them in a middle of the head

    and they always sit now near nailed to the wall and laugh

    and honestly, I was just reading how to untwist the blogs -o_0

    little electrical fire in yer LCD and
    20ty-pointed head a gigantic serial killer wifi's telepath-rabbit screams "Yer dead"and
    contaminate Earth with nuclear radiation

  18. @Drainage have you watched now" A town called panic?"
    yeah actually the full vers. differs of the series
    "Card Thieves" and "Big Sleep" when they have awaken in new century
    yeah you gonna have to see this it's really interesting
    Have you ever heard about Hollow Earth ? ?
    and Lost Atlantida ?
    a lot of adventures

  19. Drainage and yeh will you give me a link on that movie?
    I can give you on" a town called panic" ^ ^ if you haven't seen it yet on youtube actually o_0 just I don't know is there a full vers. or not 0_o

  20. financial system is awful but we can't make anything with that

  21. @16bit, I haven't seen the full movie yet but I did see the shorts they did on tv a while back. Well I don't have any links to the movie or anything but I haven't checked youtube yet either.

  22. The film finally played near where I live. Really enjoyed it massively and got me super excited!


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