Whats missing from most "indie" filmmakers? Teh HUSTLE

You know if your going to learn how to do one thing in life it would probably be HOW TO HUSTLE... Cause to get things done NO MATTER WHAT you gotta be a lil bit of a HUSTLA!

Urban dictionary describes teh Hustle as this...

Anythin you need to do to make money... be it sellin cars, drugs, ya body, ya weird ass cartoons on DVD.  If you makin money, you hustlin.
I been workin two jobs, tryna stay on my hustle and make this money, na mean?
So if you know about teh hustle you would never ask someone how they do what they do if you can't see a way to do it through non-hustla spectacles...

Skip to the 7:15 mark of this video to see an example of me hustlin...

I made almost $400 that night! ^ ^

Once you learn how to hustle you won't worry about how to make money with your film etc cause you trust your inner hustler to make it happen no matter what by any means necessary... So before you start complaining about "how hard it is to be an independent filmmaker" get out there and HUSTLE!

Your definitely going to see my hustle game in October for HSM ^ ^


  1. I wish I had an additional 17 cent value on my DVD. :(

  2. hey m dot do computer work better when they're turned upside down or right side up?

  3. A great example of hustling is the RedvsBlue web site:
    Like, wow! In terms of hustling, it's over the top, but in a good way.

  4. Mdot...I know this video is older...but I must warn you...watch out for girls on bikes....

    Anyone remember ye olde wizard of oz?


  5. hey m dot i was putting my WATS extras disc to watch the extras
    And i though
    "Gee i hope M Dot doesn't cheap out on HSM cases cause this ones awesome"

    Long story short
    Please make awesome cases again :D

  6. Okay... Well I must thank you for making me laugh... your "hustling" Sounds MUCH too rehearsed... but... it made me laugh so its all good!



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