You can do more than you think you can these dayS

If I were still making live action films I'd be pretty excited about the no budget possibilities or today... I wouldn't shoot it all on a green screen as real lighting/shadows/interaction with the subjects is important to me... BUT with a little 3d knowledge and a good grasp of compositing you can pull off some amazing stuff today... This was posted on a thread at cgsociety... will give you great ideas about what you can do with some matchmoving, camera mapping and comP... AND this is stuff ANY of you can do... with live action stuff the barrier was always the camera and ridiculous details aside DSLR optics pwn today and so do the images you can get off of them... So shoot with a DSLR and get smart and creative in comP and you can make a "big budget" film for nothing today... you just need some skills...

So start at Video Copilot BUT don't stop there or else the only effects you'll know how to do are the ones everyone else who goes there knows so then all yer films will have the same effects and like yeh... But Video Copilot is an AMAZING resource for filmmakers! I wish I had something like that when I started...

If you want some footage to play with to practice all the fancy comP stuff check this also posted to same thread

So if your doing or want to make live action films I'd say learn After Effects really well.. and add some basic 3d skills to start with C4d... if you haven't seen the magic of "Projection Man" in c4d check it out as your set extensions will never be the same ^ ^

But ya know I think it all leads back to true 3d animation anyway... as human actors and physical places have become less and less important to contemporary films... why shoot it all on a green screen just to be hampered by 2.5d restrictions? Why take all the trouble to get your flat live action actors in 3d scenes? Why take all this trouble to match the tiny amount of live action material to cg environments? As the quality of the new generation of humans "acting" has gotten so bad... I'd say they are not even actors but "reactors"....  Since you or I can't get an awesome actor like Robert Downey Jr.... our options are usually reactor or a 3d character we do the acting for... well you know which one I chose....

I mean after watching the GARBAGE that are these films don't you think it would have been better to ditch the horrible acting caused by disoriented humans talking to tennis balls on the ends of sticks in an entire green room?

So if you got some real ACTORS get busy with your DSLR and comP skills and make somethin great!

Ok I get back to werK....


  1. Now that gives me ideas, Like if my computer couldn't handle a million ppl crowds in my animation, I could make a few separate groups of people (like 5-20) and then comp them all in around each other to look like a crowd,...(comps the right word right?)

    Actually didn't you say something about using animation cards or something for crowds, is that what you meant?!

    and that guy was right XD

    I loved the old starwars but the new ones...ehh...

    Not even half as good!

  2. heh I mos def gots a lotsa learning to do for sure!!! Xo

  3. falloff hotspot is this real world?

  4. umm..Star Wars - a space junk

    around the Earth that were created BY HUMANS but no longer serve any useful purpose.

    Universe of Star Wars Toothbrush Sanitizer'S City of future, a Robot -hybrid of a Vacuum Cleaner + Trashcan very useful thing I think names R2D2

    they had a trip to the space because they were kicking out from the Earth
    and I imagine there is somewhere the whole planet of Garbage
    consisting of garbage that was kicking out from the other planets too

    it might be even the whole Universe of Garbage

  5. once I walked down the street watching the boy was hiting the sewer wiT a Jedi lightsaber and says:"Protect yourself R2D2"

    even kids fight with contamination

    Attack of the Clones
    Man's ability to imitate is not exceptional. This gift has a monkey, and a parrot

    but I can understand them really

    this things try to evolve

  6. nothing bad with that really
    and it's no good to laugh at ideas
    every spiece has a chance for existense

    but anyway I am buying lamps
    because of my cat hates Star Wars
    and my cat is the best filmmaker ever! He helps me to buy lamps

    I know it's not a Hollywood triangle
    but it's better than nothing
    when the sun shines and that's all

  7. because falloff and hotspot they look like real world but they are not
    and I want the real

    not a mirror

  8. and yeah really Video Copilot amazed me the spells that I had to learn, they were very useful to me, why I haven't seen them before
    but I know linkbaiting and all that xD
    but truly if you truly said that if you had something like Video Copilot maybe I would never seen
    WATS U_U I would be so crying

  9. omg contemporary films this tears my soul
    no more physical places U_U
    reactor " Rope" and a soup


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