ACTA: Final Boss of the Internet

Since yall are in the know you probably already know about ACTA It's pretty much the end of the internet as we know it... its an attempt to lockdown and control the internet much like what was done to radio and television in the past... It's being created right now in secret meetings AND it affects the whole world... Its pretty much like the last gasp FINAL ATTACK by the old media companies... if they succeed then they win and turn the internet into a controlled wasteland void of freedom and filled with CRAP like television and radio... if they lose.. they are DEAD forever...

I'm just an animator d00d in a room so I don't know what can be done to prevent ACTA from pwning everyone... but I do know that ACTA combined with the Net "Neutrality" funny business goinGs on recently doesn't bode well for online "freedom" in the future...

Online freedom is one thing... here in the U.S. our like real world freedom is leaking away slowly if you follow what is going on under the guise of "national security"...

People have lived for a long time with they "real world" freedom infringed upon.... the internet has been a great escape for ME and many other people...if they take our internet freedom away too... it's not going to be pretty 0_o

I can't even ride my bike here late at night cause they cops stop me and treat me like a slave "where are you going?! What are you doing?!" Searching my shit, wasting my time... now if I couldn't even go online and do what I want when I want... that's not a nice futurE...

So if anyone knows how to stop these final bosses and needs the help of an animator d00d/ media propagandist let meh know ^ ^


  1. HOLYSHIT O.O!, hell no man!, that shit is gonna separate the world forever >.<!, something must be done, if they succed it's gonna suck D:, it's another way to take the freedom away from people! man this is information that everybody must know!

  2. Maybe you can use your bit of Youtube fame to spread the word on this. Today, one of the biggest enemies we have is our own ignorance.

    I didn't even know about ACTA until now :/

  3. My history teacher was comparing the internet to the renaissance today, and I really wanted to raise my hand and ask, "Did the old media try and stop the renaissance too?"

    He later explained that the Catholic Church did everything in their power to stop it, but failed. I hope this will work out the same way.

  4. Ive been fearing something like this for many years now. You can already see regulation starting to develop on sites like youtube. No nudity, No copyrighted materials, and if your opinions are unpopular enough you'll get flagged or banned. It's not a big deal since I can get my boobies and music videos elsewhere. But it seems the people of the world actually WANT to be policed and restricted - "protected" i guess.

  5. I'm not sure how it is in the states
    But here in Canada we can only be searched by police under reasonable suspicion for illegal activities
    and riding a bike at night isn't grounds for a search so we have the right to e a duck to police if they be mean to us lol

    those old media bastard will know the wrath of Anonymous if this happens and not just anons either
    this isn't the information super highway anymore
    it's a whole community it;s a world in it's own

    I hate to ask you for such a big favour M
    But can you go back to the future and bring back a robot army to destroy the acta?

  6. "According to the leaked discussion paper the draft agreement would also set up an international agency that could force Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide information about subscribers suspected of copyright infringers without a warrant.[35]"
    When i read that i called out BULL SHIT


  7. Actually now that i've calmed down and think with a clear mind
    This shit won't fly
    because of pirates
    Pirates are pirates till the day they die
    And theres millions of people who are file sharing daily
    They can't throw everyone in jail
    They'll never be able to enforce it properly

    The part that pisses me off is that the file sharing community will be impacted greatly
    By file sharing i don't mean
    "Give me the latest 50 cent CD and I'll give you avatar"
    i mean people who want to share their work for free

    Acta is charting into our territory
    and in our world we've always been 5 steps ahead of those bureaucrats and companies
    How many times has the pirate bay been supposedly Shut down? to many to count
    our world is ours
    they;re silly words will never take that away


    You are spreading the word man, thats a good start :)

  9. Way to go Europe!

    That's a pretty big place!
    Now lets get America off of it's butt and vote ACTA out too!

    All us countries need to combine like Zords to stop the ACTA menace!

  10. I can safely say I'm not worried about Canada because our constitution protects us quite a bit
    i bet it's kind of frustrating being a cop in Canada... lol

  11. I hate how all this internet censorship shit never even gets mentioned on the news, we just had an election and they never mentioned anything about how they're planning to control our web. nobody I know has even heard about it. I guess they figured they'd lose too many votes.


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