So I'm animating the prologue for the film now while the fx shots/redo's are rendering... I should finish the prologue stuff in a week or so...

Every once in a while I get offered lil animation gigs but because of the film work I have to turn them down BUT I got offered something this week that I couldn't say no too... so I'll be doing another music video for that crazy Jimmy Urine guy ^ ^ I'll have that out in about a month... I'm going to do it in a style different from HSM but I had about 6 characters left over from HSM that I never used so I'll probably use them in this music video... so my 3d models that ended up being "extra's" need not fret they will also get they shot in the spotlighT...

Here's a few animation_E thangs I'd like to share...

Here is the new masterpiece of horror and mayhem by my paL Screamerclauz...

Screamerclauz has also joined the voice cast of HSM

Here is what I think is a trailer to some Japanese d00d's awesome 3d project... really tite stuff reminds me of the 1980's anime I love...

I love the energy of this hand drawn short...

I really like the style and energy of this trailer from the Netherlands...

And THIS is just GENIUS and hilarious! The PERFECT summation of the youtube experience right here!


  1. omg yesterday I watched "The Hurt Locker" 'the winner' hollywoodfilmsIambored.com ^ ^

  2. Hey dot, you heard of ENTER THE VOID? Guess you might like this ill shit my gaspar noe (seen IRREVERSIBLE?). check out the trailer:

    and the SUUUPER ILL opening credits:

    greets from germany

  3. dunno why yesterday laying on the couch I was remembering Frederick

    I think the clue is a spot light render ^ ^


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