Fx exports/fixing done+ notes

So I finished going through and fixing the shots that had proBs or needed object buffers or mattes exported for fx work... all in all it was 212 shots which will take awhile to render... I'm guessing 2-4 weeks... theres a few shots in there that took 3-4 days on they OWN and it will take longer now that I can't render 24/7 since the power company here PG&E installed these "Smart Meters" and they charge you insane rates if you use a lot of power during "peak hours" which is between 12pm and 6pm so I have to turn all the render nodes off except one during those hours...

My next focus will be on compositing... I've been thinking about how I'm going to handle the color correction for awhile now... or let me rephrase that... how to make sure my blacks are really black... I'm concerned about the gamma and not the colors... last time I borrowed a friends MacPro and NTSC monitor....and Blackmagic Design was nice enough to give me a card to hook it up too... but now that I have no friends ^ ^ and I don't want to invest in a bunch of gear just to check black levels since I learned that's only really important if your going out to tape or too DVD... I also learned how to use pluGE bars... so I just calibrated all my LCD's with Pluge bars using standard srgb profiles... So the images all look the same and the way I want them on all my PC's and Mac using S-rgb profiles... My thought process is this... as long as my levels are consistent for the whole of the film... If I ever do need to go to HDCAM or somethin... then the tech at the post house only need to apply one gamma correction to the whole film to get the levels where they need to be for desired output format... also when I did the DVD's I made a bunch of test encodes and tested them on TV's and adjusted the gamma accordingly... so my goal is to make sure the film as a whole has consistent gamma...

So the film exists as Exr sequences right now... at the comp phase those will become quicktime mov's using the Sheer Video 10bit rgb codec... I will build the master mov's using the Sheer mov's... then I can export any format I wish from that master...

Up until now I've been looking at the film in its "raw" state... no dof blurring...no motion blur... no color correction.. no grain.. no visual fx... and it still looks amazing in some places to my new scrutinizing eyes ^ ^ I can't WAIT to see it all FULLY PROCESSED... I have a knack for taking plain looking footage and adding lots of flavor in After Effects and I don't think I've ever had raw footage with this much flavor... so yeh I'm excited...

I'm glad the fixing work is over...it was really boring and a drain 0_o Two shots from the end of the film are still rendering now... when those are done I'll move and backup all those shots... then generate QT proxies for the offline edit... THEN animate the Prologue and the two other loGUE type things in the film ^ ^ they are pretty simple shots and there's only 38 shots total so I plan to finish those before I take my 2 week break at the start of October...

I haven't checked too see how much raw footage there is for the film now but my guess would be around 4 hours... which I will cut down too two... SO if I wouldn't have done so many extra shots I probably could have finished animation in 6 months instead of around 11... next film..next film...

Oh yeh I got an idea for a stereoscopic 3d film that uses the 3d as part of the storytelling technique..it would be a REAL mindfuck ^ ^...I've never seen anyone do what I came up with before so I'm going to create an outline for that as well as the like future cyber espionage idea I came up with in the past month...again something else I've never seen before so I must develop it further.... I can do Stereo 3d really easily with Cinema 4d so I'm throwing the idea around as a short for the time being...


    they did that smart meter bullshit in Canada as well
    a while ago actually
    now we can't afford to do laundry or most stuff around those peak hours

    but you know humans

    anyway glad the borin shit is over for you!
    can't wait till i can get my hands on the DVD
    imma watch that one first so there's no distortion like WATS on youtube
    (couldn't believe the difference between the DVD and youtube it was nuts....)


  2. Keep up the awesome work MDot. You're a MACHINE.

    BTW, are you going to consider BluRay this time around?

  3. I'm glad the fixing is over too...wait...it w-was a dr-a draIn?!
    A DRAINN?! 0_o

    YES IT WAS I! >:D Hiding inside your monitor! ..............or that blue phone both outside your window...actually ya that was me ^___^ ....but don worrys...I left XD

    3D and Mdot? That would neat to see >:D

  4. man, that really stinks with the power company. sorry to hear that. very excited about how good the footage looks and in your progress. I second the note on a bluray release although I think it might cost too much. wish I had all of the equipment you need as I'd loan it to you in a second.

  5. Power company assholes...

    Anyways, M, did you already record all the voices before animating or are you going to record them afterwards and edit around them?

  6. @bluray As far as I know there is no affordable way for me to produce high quality full featured blu-ray DVD's as a nobody independent...

    @voiCEs The voices I recorded before animation were just temp tracks as a guide for the lip sync... I have yet to record the final voice acting...I can't do that until I have a cut.. and I can't cut till I have the music...

    @Help we are confused 0_o Whats going on here with boxes and time travel and the like!?!? ^ ^

  7. And after your 3d film we can have M dot movie marathons ^^

  8. it would be interesting to know how you make the qt proxies for the offline edit. i assume that's because the 10bit exr sequences will end up being beefy quicktime files and grindy to edit?

    can't wait to see the final product!

    go go mdot!

  9. I've seen the stereoscopic game on NIN

    first time I've seen that I thought it would be fun if someone would make such a movie

    half of the the year I was trying to tell you that ^ ^

  10. because I've seen some points closed to that in WATS

    it's really yeah , good idea

  11. and yeah you were right it was about time travel ^ ^

    that's why it made me choke on my juice when I 've seen yer answer

    actually who'dju always understand anything from this mess of comments? ^ ^

  12. cuz I always was CRAZY really crazy at virtual reality
    at 13 years old girl
    dreaming of VFX 3D better than they do exist now
    and gloves

    I 've found in the beginning of the year that guy

    Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemote


    and by that link I found 3D stereoscopic Wii game
    but I can't find that link now
    it's hard
    I don't remember through what path I walked that time

    and I thought it's 'd so simple to make it in c4D

    I think it really 'd be great if you'd make a movie

  13. virtual reality engines is weak now

    really was trying to write virtual reality engines

    really I think all of our generation of 80's is crazy at cyberpunk

    like Blade Runner and Shadow Run

    and our movies we had :( and now still I miss those times

  14. omg Im in TAO
    now for me the same time all do exist and non exist

    it's not black or white

    it's all of the colors and nothing

    it's something and nothing the same time

    the force that exists in every thing that lives

    and it's not an object and not a subject it's just

    nothing and something

    it exists and not

    but still keeps the harmony

    no one subject could be evil

    no one subject could be absolute good

    it doesn't have boundaries

    because subject and object have boundaries

    it's existence of the path

    and the great sense in small things that don't have great sense

    that move to fast and now they here and then they are not

    I don't know like that has happend to me Im not even a buddhist

    its everything + nothing
    it's empty +full

    it's one

    non dual

    we just live

    we just spirits of all and all in spirits

    in every thing there is a spirit he is everywhere and nowhere

    for some
    for some somewhere

    I can't fight against the corporations
    cuz they are- and they not

  15. i wish you knew how pumped i am to experience this film. ^_^ i look forward to doing my part when it comes time to promote it. what's awesome is at my new job one of my students that found out about my youtube videos said "you know that m... dot... something guy???" and i was like "mdotstrange?" and he goes "yea! i saw your one vid about that WATS movie and i checked it out. it was awesome!" and it seriously made my day hah this student is obviously avant-garde ;D

  16. OMG Mr strange you made 4 hours of footage~!?! I'm so looking forward to the movie cause I liked WATS so much!! So I want to see all of it so much!! T^T

  17. Yeah they stuck us with 'smart meters' up here in Canada last month. It's going to be a real pain in a few months once I ramp up to production again :(

    4 hours of footage eh? wow, that's really over-rendering. I always try to render only shots that I'm actually going to use in the film.

  18. Röyksopp and CoffeeCup ^ ^ rulEZ!
    dunno who is better

  19. life hits with a wrench

  20. stand-alone application,-- OSEE what is that? please where are you?
    wait now I guess I m wrong
    where are you
    n of n ? omg

  21. can Blackmagic from MPEG Video 320 x 240 make a 720 x 480 fps 29.97 ?I tried 3Ds Max's render lol it was so fun xD even not about FHD 1920 x 1080 dunno what magic it might be to resurrect my favorite movie lol

    to make from a little a big you might call a golem from nether land

    oops from neverland xD haha

  22. Very very neat stuff. Always.

    Film baby again?


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