How awesome is this!

So as you proB know there are a bunch of law firms working for the media congloM_whorebag's suing individuals for "pirating" er whatever... NOW the internetS has aimed they lasers at one of the law firms and scored a big WIN ^ ^

Check out this article about a law firm getting PWNED bad ^ ^

And THIS is what "crowdsourcing" is all about...

People DO have POWER when they work together in these ways... AND I do believe that the TRUTH will all come out in time caused by things like this... all these greedy douchebags in power who are some of the WORST humans there is will ALL be exposed in time ^ ^


  1. Yes, Truth always shows up ^________^

    and if these guys are to show's that it can come up at very inconvenient times XD

    Score 1, internet? Maybe more like 9001? Ofcourse that's against the bad ppls score of "0"

    I think that I never want internets to point it's lasers at me 0____o but I am internet too!! so yeh!!


    Did the victim ppl freak out? Are they gonna?

    This is gonna be interesting? Lets see what happens?!

  2. haha awesome. all the grey hats pulling together.

    afact are going dooooown.

    ps. have you guys checked out the R.I.P doco on remix culture?

    it'd be an interesting watch if you're into this issue.

  3. D64 what will happen?

    I told yall my experience in TAO

    "they are and the not"

    but two of them will stay!!! >:D
    and this drives me WILD lol jk

    maybe jk

    and the survival instinct is the strongest feeling of the left brained animals and they will eat
    because they need to survive and will and will and will
    because if they don't the little animals will become big

  4. corporations are nothing for the eternity

    corporations are nothing foe^ ^ the eternity

  5. D64

    M. leads masses far from regress through the fast way
    he IS that WAY

    that's why he was the 'hand on the high hill'

    like jump ya know

  6. I'll show you the way
    the dream evolves

  7. hehehe
    i just might join in in their next attack
    why not it'll be fun to fight for the file sharing community them greedy bastards want to destroy

  8. data survivalness

    DATAVIOLENCE realm!! my super plasma blaster at the ready


  9. my psychotherapist's favourite film is Arizona Dream
    cuz she likes Johnny
    idiotic actor
    where Iggi Pop's soundtrack in the death car we're alive lol

    but in some things she is right yeah lol


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