If yer doing live action don't lie to yourself

If yer doing your own live action stuff today YOU NEED to get become a compositing ninja... and a little 3d helps too... I'd seen what this one d00d was doing with After Effects, Photoshop and a little 3dsMax awhile back...

And then he made a new film called "Monsters" that comes out soon... NOW I haven't seen any of the films so I cannot comment on them as films BUT you cannot discount the guys technical ingenuity! With all the tools available today people say "You could do this" "You could do that" BUT this guy is DOING IT!

I saw a thread full on aint it cool news about his new film and it was FULL of people who are "indie filmmakers" er whatever and they were whining about how his film was a LIE and there was NO WAY he could have made it for $15,000...there were like "you couldn't even PAY the effects artists to do that with 15k" So I guess they missed the part where the d00d does ALL THE FX HIMSELF... and he SHOOTS IT himself too...

BUT this is what people do... they LIE to themselves as they don't want to face the truth... the truth usually is "I COULD DO THAT TO BUT I'M LAZY" Instead they make a myriad of excuses as too why they can't do it BUT if they were able to do it..IT WOULD BE THA BEST THING EVAR!

This is an unfortunate side effect of this new "FAIL" culture... everyones missteps, mistakes and failures ARE SO MAGNIFIED in todays world... people have a HUGE fear of "failure" ... So what happens when you are SO AFRAID of failure? YOU DON'T EVEN TRY! If you don't try you can't fail right?

So we end up with TONS of people standing on the sidelines just waiting to ridicule the people who step onto the field and play... it makes for FEWER creators and MORE critics... Or let me rephrase that...its makes for fewer PRODUCERS and more CONSUMERS...

If you are afraid to "fail" you will never experience the highs of real life... you probably won't experience the lows either... you'll just be stuck in the somewhat uncomfortable middle forever... mmmmmmmm MEDIOCRITY----> VOMIT!!

"Failure" is not death... DEATH is DEATH... I FAILED a million times at EVERYTHING before I was able to WIN at a few things... I still FAIL sometimes as its PART OF LIVING and I keep TRYING...

The important thing is to make the attempt... its not as hard as you think...and once you get going you'll have so much fun you won't hear the voices of the "FAIL" police anymore...

ALSO try quitting Facebook and all your social networks as well... the "FAIL" seems to reverberate for a long time in those places... and WHAT are they really doing for you besides WASTING YOUR TIME while generating ad revenue and mining your data for FAcebook Inc and its advertisers? YOU COULD BE BECOMING A COMPOSITING NINJA AND WORKING ON YOUR FILM but instead your replying to a reply on your status of "I'm bored"?

Since I'm from the future... I'll tell you... these trends will all pass but not before MANY MANY people hit mid life and realize that they wasted they lives typing and talking about living and NEVER REALLY LIVING... what can be worse than REGRET? Nothing if you ask me... So yeh thats gonna be the "mid-life" crisis web 2.0 style..."It appears as if I was doing all this exciting stuff in life but in the end I know it was a LIE"

So yeh don't be SCURRED! GO FOR TEH WIN!!!!!


  1. Truer words were never spoken,


    Sheeple don't get it. We are being run by consumerism and the status quo. America stopped being "for the people and by the people" a long time ago - this country is owned by corporations and run by corporate mind-sets - "Go along to Get along" to the point where individualism and creativity are seen as things to fear. If I could give one message to America it would be: WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

  2. With all this live action talk, you thinking about doing another live action movie?! We should do one on Project Superman. You, Ed, and me.

  3. I just made a blog post about how once you get going at anything nothings all that hard
    why should i do it? when someone else will?
    And people get ridiculed because they got ridiculed they're afraid if you don't fit in the fail police will stone them to death with they're calls of FAIL
    like Max Brooks wrote in World War Z theres people so afraid of Zombies that they themselves became zombies! not literally they just got into the mindset they were and just shambled around the city's eating whatever life they come across
    but this is real life where it;s demons feeding of peoples hopes and dreams ridiculing them with failure
    I say punch the fail police in the throat and develop selective hearing (great skill to have IMO)

  4. *Asking girl out tomorrow*

    I'd have something more film-related to say but I'm not really interested in film-making so this is the best I could do. ._.

  5. @Veruon96 - What he is talking about doesn't have to be applied to film making, but anything you want to do. So go ahead and ask that girl out, don't worry about what other people think or whether you will succeed or fail... what's the worst that happens, she says no? Big deal, so ask another one out. That's what he's trying to say with this post, going out and trying despite the defeatist mentality that exists in the majority of people these days.

  6. @Andrew Yeh I have been thinking about doing a live action somethin in between animated films... haha that sounds like a GREAT idea...we might just have to do that ^ ^

    @Veruon96 Yeh Grant is right...it applies to everything..So GO FOR IT! ^ ^

  7. I read this short story for English class that really reminded me of this post. If you want to read it then.



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