Keep it undercoveR

This is why I haven't shown anything from the new film..and why I won't until it is complete...

How many times have you seen it... A person announces they are going to make some animated film and they release still images, a teaser trailer and all that stuff and everyone goes "Omg thats AMAZING etc" and then the person NEVER finishes it? I've seen it MANY MANY TIMES...Rustboy COUGH...

Delayed gratification is the BEST... you keep working harder and harder until the day is upon you to finally share the thang yer workin on... don't get desperate and show something to get some attention and praise...just keep grindinG


  1. I've been doing this for the past 2 years without even knowing I was supposed to be doing it! ...And reflecting on that... my music is the only thing I've stuck with for 2+ years. As my Chinese friend would say... HORY SHET

  2. Keep it secret, keep it safe!

    I understand completely >:)

  3. Hell yeah. You've been saying this for years! I'm not saying shit about my movie until it's finished and in the can. Great advice amigo.

  4. Oh please do not show us anything, I do not want my Christmas
    gift again Santa would bring earlier Xmas

  5. wait.. I have a strange feeling that Google reads everything we write on their products 0_0

    some days ago I wrote about Zome
    on Reyori's blog today they made Zome in google search 0_0 they scare me

    they read everything!!? it was my idea they stole it lol
    oh so I think yes it's better not to say anything anybody xD
    even Google steal ideas
    and their products are everywhere
    every thing is Google
    so be careful xD

  6. I like the word : "They STEAL MY IDEA " haha xD I always laugh from that
    I like to laugh from that word really
    nobody can steal yer idea becuase all of the ideas do exist before
    outer space
    haha xD

  7. " this... topsy-turvy world,
    where up is down and animals talk."<--- Great! haha , yes it's true

  8. You should not allways keep things undercover! cause when you make new sketches, that do not have a direct relation with your big project, just to train your skill. or small side projects, to help you gain a little experience animating, also not related to your big project, are also not bad to show.
    I got like a 1000 sketches in my book, and it would be impossible to make a finished painting out of every sketch. even tho they can be really good sketches. I'm making new ones every day. So it's not so bad to show little things, little creations on the way, that dont have anything to do with the big thang.
    But you are right about the Big Thangs, they should be finished before showing,
    but i would download HSM if the download would be there first,
    but i would buy it if I could buy it before i could download it.
    U know what i mean. If i wana be the first do i have to be a DLer or a Buyer?


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