Love your villainS

As I'm working on the last scenes of the film with of course some type of final showdown with the "villain"... I realized that I really love my "bad guys" I love them almost as much as the "hero" characters... I mean they are portrayed as "evil" but I'm kind of evil myself so I relate to them ^ ^ My darkside goes into them... The borinGesT films are the ones with the one dimensional "bad guys"... like they are so bad and they plots are so ridiculously evil NO ONE could ever relate to them so there's no interesting gray area too ponder..and that's what makes films AND arguments interesting... if both sides of an argument are well balanced the conversation continues...its is ridiculously one sided the conversation ends quickly WITHOUT DRAMA...

Imagine your film is a conversation... yer bad guy comes out and is CLEARLY %100 evil cause they doing cliche "evil" things... the conversation about them is OVER...its like "OK BAD GUY" done

So I don't think you should hate your should love them too... make them awesome as well...give them lots of appeal too...almost as awesome as your hero...and not just in like pwwweR level nah mean? They should be just as sly and the like as well...

If you have 100 points of love to give out between your hero and villain.... give your villain 49 and your hero 51 and it should be pretty good me thinks ^ ^

I think the best DRAMA goes on when you have lots of gray... not just pure black and white... its just like using a linear workflow... you get more gray and for some REASON its GREAT ^ ^


  1. i've always been able to relate to villians a little more than good guys, i can't wait to see what kind of evil's in HSM

  2. Kinda like the fight between pain and naruto. Sounds great man, can't wait to feel the loving hate for the vil-lian

  3. I've heard that your antagonist needs to be a match for the protagonist. I think most people are like "Well Geez I'll make him just as strong then!" way that works..
    This might not be the best example but Batman Dark Night,
    I wasn't sure if I wanted Batman or the Joker to win.
    One guy stands for a chaotic freedom of sorts where as the other one stands for a peaceful control..

    One guy had technology of all kinds at his disposal and the other was able to almost turn the whole city against it self..

    Very neat to me. Do I sound like a batman fan? lol


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